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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: N6739.G44 A4 2005
Title: Sabiduras and other texts : writings by Gego / edited by María Elena Huizi and Josefina Manrique introduction by Mari Carmen Ramírez.

Call Number: KF224.S2 W38 2007
Title: Sacco and Vanzetti : the men, the murders, and the judgment of mankind / Bruce Watson.

Call Number: HV6432 .S23 2005
Title: Safe : the race to protect ourselves in a newly dangerous world / by Martha Baer ... [et al.].

Call Number: HQ767.5.U5 R65 2007
Title: Safe, legal, and unavailable? : abortion politics in the United States / Melody Rose.

Call Number: ND237.G45 A4 2005
Title: Sam Gilliam : a retrospective / Jonathan P. Binstock forewords by Walter Hopps and Jacquelyn D. Serwer.

Call Number: PR3534 .J67 2005
Title: Samuel Johnson and the art of sinking, 1709-1791 / Freya Johnston.

Call Number: GT3370 .S265 2007
Title: Sati : a historical anthology / edited by Andrea Major.

Call Number: DS244.52 .S28 2005
Title: Saudi Arabia in the balance : political economy, society, foreign affairs / Paul Aarts, Gerd Nonneman, editors.

Call Number: HG4523 .R345 2003
Title: Saving capitalism from the capitalists : unleashing the power of financial markets to create wealth and spread opportunity / Raghuram G. Rajan & Luigi Zingales.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.W33225 Sc 2006
Title: Scaredy squirrel / by Mélanie Watt.

Call Number: DS119.7 .B3826 2006
Title: Scars of war, wounds of peace : the Israeli-Arab tragedy / Shlomo Ben-Ami.

Call Number: LB1027.9 .A24 2005
Title: School choice and the future of American democracy / Scott Franklin Abernathy.

Call Number: LC2683.4 .S35 2004
Title: School connections : U.S. Mexican youth, peers, and school achievement / edited by Margaret A. Gibson, Patricia Gándara, Jill Peterson Koyama foreword by Jeannie Oakes.

Call Number: Q125 .M414 2006
Title: Science and technology in world history : an introduction / James E. McClellan III and Harold Dorn.

Call Number: Q180.55.F5 G74 2007
Title: Science for sale : the perils, rewards, and delusions of campus capitalism / Daniel S. Greenberg.

Call Number: Q183.3.A1 S93 2006
Title: Science safety in the community college / by John Summers, Juliana Texley, and Terry Kwan.

Call Number: Q130 .T36 2006
Title: Scientific pioneers : women succeeding in science / Joyce Tang.

Call Number: T11 .S386 2006
Title: Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers / Style Manual Committee, Council of Science Editors.

Call Number: PN2091.S8 E17 2006
Title: Sculpting space in the theater : conversations with the top set, light and costume designers / Babak Ebrahimian.

Call Number: GC30.C73 A3 2003
Title: Sea legs : tales of a woman oceanographer / Kathleen Crane.

Call Number: UA23.6 .S74 2006
Title: SECDEF : the nearly impossible job of Secretary of Defense / Charles A. Stevenson.

Call Number: PN6071.G3 S43 2007
Title: Secret ingredients : the New Yorker book of food and drink / edited by David Remnick.

Call Number: DS558 .E44 2002
Title: Secrets : a memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon papers / Daniel Ellsberg.

Call Number: QC173.6 .B47 2006
Title: Secrets of the old one : Einstein, 1905 / Jeremy Bernstein.

Call Number: UA845 .S328 2007
Title: Securing Japan : Tokyo's grand strategy and the future of East Asia / Richard J. Samuels.

Call Number: SB439.28 .K56 2006
Title: Seedheads in the garden / Noël Kingsbury photographs by Jo Whitworth.

Call Number: BX6153.2 .B85 2007
Title: Seeking a sanctuary : seventh-day Adventism and the American dream / Malcolm Bull and Keith Lockhart.

Call Number: PS3361 .B74 2004
Title: Selections. 2004";"Constance Fenimore Woolson : selected stories and travel narratives / edited by Victoria Brehm and Sharon L. Dean.

Call Number: E302 .M192 2006
Title: Selections. 2006";"Selected writings of James Madison / edited, with introduction, by Ralph Ketcham.

Call Number: E185.6 .S33 2006
Title: Selections. 2006";"The works of William Sanders Scarborough : Black classicist and race leader / edited by Michele Valerie Ronnick foreword by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Call Number: PH3291.N297 A2 2007
Title: Selections. English. 2007";"Fire and knowledge : fiction and essays / Péter Nádas translated from the Hungarian by Imre Goldstein.

Call Number: BF697.5.S65 S45 2006
Title: Self and relationships : connecting intrapersonal and interpersonal processes / edited by Kathleen D. Vohs, Eli J. Finkel.

Call Number: HD9666.5 .M69 2005
Title: Selling sickness : how the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients / Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels.

Call Number: NX556.A1 S75 2005
Title: Serfdom, society, and the arts in imperial Russia : the pleasure and the power / Richard Stites.

Call Number: PS3552.A7327 S47 2002
Title: Servants of the map : stories / Andrea Barrett.

Call Number: LB2837 .N65 2004
Title: Servants of the poor : teachers and mobility in Ireland and Irish America / Janet Nolan.

Call Number: PR2992.S47 W45 2005
Title: Service and dependency in Shakespeare's plays / Judith Weil.

Call Number: DK288 .B763 2007
Title: Seven years that changed the world : perestroika in perspective / Archie Brown.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, ENG, T553
Title: Sex and politics in Cyclops and Circe : Bloom's bid for a non-binary world / by Michele A. Thibeault.

Call Number: HQ21 .S4716 2006
Title: Sex and sexuality / edited by Richard D. McAnulty and M. Michele Burnette.

Call Number: DS556.58 .K46 2002
Title: Shadow of the dragon : Vietnam's continuing struggle with China and its implications for U.S. foreign policy / Henry J. Kenny.

Call Number: PS3505.A87 S5 2005
Title: Shadows on the rock / Willa Cather historical essay by John J. Murphy and David Stouck explanatory notes by John J. Murphy and David Stouck textual editing by Frederick M. Link.

Call Number: PR2880.A1 T43 2006
Title: Shakespeare and the American popular stage / Frances Teague.

Call Number: PR2976 .H48 2006
Title: Shakespeare and youth culture / Jennifer Hulbert, Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr., and Robert L. York.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, W588
Title: Shakespeare's Hamlet : renaissance ruling on revenge and religious redemption / by Michele Witte.

Call Number: PS3569.E425 S47 2007
Title: Shakespeare's kitchen : stories / Lore Segal.

Call Number: DS119.76 .M44413 2006
Title: Shalom shavur. English";"Peace in tatters : Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East / Yoram Meital.

Call Number: DS480.45 .W55 2006
Title: Shameful flight : the last years of the British Empire in India / Stanley Wolpert.

Call Number: PL2920.E512445 S464 2001
Title: Shanghai baby / Wei Hui translated from the Chinese by Bruce Humes.

Call Number: ML82 .O27 2002
Title: She bop II : the definitive history of women in rock, pop, and soul / Lucy O'Brien.

Call Number: PR9369.3.M4 S48 2004
Title: She plays with the darkness : a novel / by Zakes Mda.

Call Number: ML394 .G28 2002
Title: She's a rebel : the history of women in rock & roll / Gillian G. Gaar preface by Yoko Ono.

Call Number: CMC Juv PS586.3 .S47 2006
Title: She's all that! : poems about girls / selected by Belinda Hollyer illustrated by Susan Hellard.

Call Number: PS3501.N4 Z5484 2006
Title: Sherwood Anderson : an American career / John E. Bassett.

Call Number: CT275.S4268 A3 2007
Title: Shoot the widow : adventures of a biographer in search of her subject / Meryle Secrest.

Call Number: E748.M143 W53 2006
Title: Shooting star : the brief arc of Joe McCarthy / Tom Wicker.

Call Number: QL681 .P37 2005
Title: Shorebirds of North America : the photographic guide / Dennis Paulson.

Call Number: PS1556 .A4 2005
Title: Short stories";"The complete stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar / edited by Gene Andrew Jarrett and Thomas Lewis Morgan foreword by Shelley Fisher Fishkin.

Call Number: PL2840.J6 A6 2004
Title: Short stories. English. Selections";"The execution of mayor Yin and other stories from the great proletarian Cultural Revolution / Chen Ruoxi edited by Howard Goldblatt with a new introduction by Perry Link translated from the Chinese by Nancy Ing and Howard Goldblatt.

Call Number: PN6727.T64 S56 2007
Title: Shortcomings / Adrian Tomine.

Call Number: PN1009.5.R32 K64 2007
Title: Should we burn Babar? : essays on children's literature and the power of stories / Herbert Kohl introduction by Jack Zipes.

Call Number: QC16.E5 D35813 2006
Title: Si Einstein m'était conté. English";"Once upon Einstein / Thibault Damour translated by Eric Novak.

Call Number: BH301.J8 L67 2005
Title: Sight and sensibility : evaluating pictures / Dominic McIver Lopes.

Call Number: CMC Juv BF109.F74 K78 2006
Title: Sigmund Freud / by Kathleen Krull illustrated by Boris Kulikov.

Call Number: Folio PN1995.75 .K63 2007
Title: Silent movies : the birth of film and the triumph of movie culture / Peter Kobel and the Library of Congress foreword by Martin Scorsese introduction by Kevin Brownlow.

Call Number: PN2287.C5 B35 2006
Title: Silent traces : discovering early Hollywood through the films of Charlie Chaplin / John Bengtson foreword by Kevin Brownlow.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, H365
Title: Similarities between the Ku Klux Klan and the Texas Rangers : uncovering the racist mind / by Crystal Marie Hamilton.

Call Number: HQ146.C4 A23 2007
Title: Sin in the Second City : madams, ministers, playboys, and the battle for America's soul / Karen Abbott.

Call Number: GR345 .V357 2004
Title: Singing story, healing drum : shamans and storytellers of Turkic Siberia / Kira Van Deusen.

Call Number: ML338.1 .W45 2006
Title: Singing the classical, voicing the modern : the postcolonial politics of music in South India / Amanda J. Weidman.

Call Number: QA614.58 .W35 2004
Title: Singular points of plane curves / C.T.C. Wall.

Call Number: QH325 .D418 2005
Title: Singularities : landmarks on the pathways of life / Christian de Duve.

Call Number: Q225.5 .W35 2006
Title: Sins against science : the scientific media hoaxes of Poe, Twain, and others / Lynda Walsh.

Call Number: PE1375 .F56 2006
Title: Sister Bernadette's barking dog : the quirky history and lost art of diagramming sentences / by Kitty Burns Florey.

Call Number: PS350 .J64 2006
Title: Sisters in sin : brothel drama in America, 1900-1920 / Katie N. Johnson.

Call Number: QP84 .H35 2006
Title: Size matters : how height affects the health, happiness, and success of boys--and the men they become / Stephen S. Hall.

Call Number: Q162 .P37 2005
Title: Sky in a bottle / Peter Pesic.

Call Number: E441 .S625 2006
Title: Slavery and public history : the tough stuff of American memory / edited by James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton.

Call Number: GR830.V3 M23 2006
Title: Slayers and their vampires : a cultural history of killing the dead / Bruce A. McClelland.

Call Number: DR1445 .C67 2005
Title: Slovenia 1945 : memories of death and survival after World War II / John Corsellis and Marcus Ferrar.

Call Number: NX456 .B25 2005
Title: Smile of the Buddha : Eastern philosophy and Western art from Monet to today / Jacquelynn Baas foreword by Robert A.F. Thurman.

Call Number: HN9 .S62 2006
Title: Social and political life in late Antiquity / edited by Will Bowden, Adam Gutteridge, and Carlos Machado conceived and co-ordinated by Luke Lavan.

Call Number: HM1121 .P725 2004
Title: Social conflict : escalation, stalemate, and settlement.

Call Number: HD7125 .D495 2008
Title: Social security : a documentary history / Larry W. DeWitt, Daniel Béland, and Edward D. Berkowitz.

Call Number: HV3181 .M37 1995
Title: Social work and the Black experience / Elmer P. Martin, Joanne Mitchell Martin.

Call Number: HV3187.A2 D444 2007
Title: Social work with Latinos : a cultural assets paradigm / Melvin Delgado.

Call Number: PN1995.9.S45 A53 2006
Title: Soft in the middle : the contemporary softcore feature in its contexts / David Andrews.

Call Number: QB501 .S65 2006
Title: Solar system update / Philippe Blondel and John W. Mason (edirots).

Call Number: HC110.C6 M35 2006
Title: Sold American : consumption and citizenship, 1890-1945 / Charles F. McGovern.

Call Number: E302.5 .W85 2007
Title: Soldier-statesmen of the Constitution / by Robert K. Wright, Jr. and Morris J. MacGregor, Jr.

Call Number: QD478 .S53 2005
Title: Solid state chemistry : an introduction / Lesley Smart and Elaine Moore.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ8.1.O255 Sol 2006
Title: Solomon and the ant : and other Jewish folktales / retold by Sheldon Oberman introduction and commentary by Peninnah Schram.

Call Number: PR9387.9.A23 S66 2007
Title: Song for night : a novella / by Chris Abani.

Call Number: PQ9199 .A5 2005
Title: Sonnets. English & Portuguese. Selections";"Selected sonnets / Luís de Camões edited and translated by William Baer.

Call Number: F89.P953 A2 2006
Title: Sons of Providence : the Brown brothers, the slave trade, and the American Revolution / Charles Rappleye.

Call Number: ML3845 .S6833 2006
Title: Sound figures of modernity : German music and philosophy / edited by Jost Hermand and Gerhard Richter.

Call Number: F274 .R83 2006
Title: South Carolina scalawags / Hyman Rubin III.

Call Number: TL793 .M65 1969
Title: Space / Patrick Moore with illustrations by David A. Hardy.

Call Number: DG540 .S734 2007
Title: Spain in Italy : politics, society, and religion 1500-1700 / edited by Thomas James Dandelet, John A. Marino in cooperation with The American Academy in Rome.

Call Number: DP257 .S76 2005
Title: Spain, Portugal and the Great Powers, 1931-1941 / Glyn A. Stone.

Call Number: GE35 .S64 2006
Title: Speaking of Earth : environmental speeches that moved the world / edited with commentary and biographies by Alon Tal.

Call Number: ML128.M8 S68 2004
Title: Speaking of music : music conferences, 1835-1966 / general editors, James R. Cowdery, Zdravko Blažeković, Barry S. Brook.

Call Number: HD2741 .K75 2005
Title: Speculative management : stock market power and corporate change / Dan Krier.

Call Number: PS1616 .B673 2005
Title: Speeches. Selections";"The selected lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson / edited by Ronald A. Bosco and Joel Myerson.

Call Number: QE775 .R54 2006
Title: Sponges from the Reef Trail Member of the Upper Guadalupian (Permian) Bell Canyon formation, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas / J. Keith Rigby and Gordon L. Bell, Jr.

Call Number: PS3557.I2264 S66 2007
Title: Spook country / William Gibson.

Call Number: GV573 .K95 2007
Title: Sport and spectacle in the ancient world / Donald G. Kyle.

Call Number: GV571 .G88 2004
Title: Sports : the first five millennia / Allen Guttmann.

Call Number: GV712 .S66 2006
Title: Sports mega-events : social scientific analyses of a global phenomenon / edited by John Horne and Wolfram Manzenreiter.

Call Number: QA13 .S72 2003
Title: Standards-based school mathematics curricula : What are they? What do students learn? / edited by Sharon L. Senk, Denisse R. Thompson.

Call Number: PN3035 .K36 2006
Title: Stardust lost : the triumph, tragedy, and mishugas of the Yiddish theater in America / by Stefan Kanfer.

Call Number: DS672.8 .A25 2005
Title: State and society in the Philippines / Patricio N. Abinales and Donna J Amoroso.

Call Number: PT8176.18.O335 S7513 2007
Title: Stille pige. English";"The quiet girl / Peter Høeg translated from the Danish by Nadia Christensen.

Call Number: QA274 .B399 2006
Title: Stochastic processes in science, engineering, and finance / Frank Beichelt.

Call Number: HD9000.5 .S454 2000
Title: Stolen harvest : the hijacking of the global food supply / by Vandana Shiva.

Call Number: QC944 .M66 2007
Title: Storm world : hurricanes, politics, and the battle over global warming / Chris Mooney.

Call Number: KF228.U5 G65 2005
Title: Storming the court : how a band of Yale law students sued the President-- and won / Brandt Goldstein.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, ENG, C358
Title: Stowe, Poe, and the minstrel show : an observation of minstrel show stock characters in nineteenth-century American fiction / by Kimberly Calvert.

Call Number: QB981 .S535 2002
Title: Strange matters : undiscovered ideas at the frontiers of space and time / Tom Siegfried.

Call Number: PS3613.A7488 S77 2007
Title: Strange skies : a novel / Matt Marinovich.

Call Number: DU28 .S83 2006
Title: Strangers in the South Seas : the idea of the Pacific in Western thought : an anthology / edited by Richard Lansdown.

Call Number: QD262 .K86 2005
Title: Strategic applications of named reactions in organic synthesis : background and detailed mechanisms / by László Kürti and Barbara Czakó.

Call Number: QA76.88 .R65 2002
Title: Strategic computing : DARPA and the quest for machine intelligence, 1983-1993 / Alex Roland with Philip Shiman.

Call Number: PE1408 .R426 2005
Title: Strategies for successful writing : a rhetoric, research guide, reader, and handbook / James A. Reinking, Robert von der Osten.

Call Number: PR6112.E895 S77 2007
Title: Strawberry fields / Marina Lewycka.

Call Number: DS706 .B716 2007
Title: Struggling giant : China in the 21st century / Kerry Brown foreword by Jonathan Fenby.

Call Number: CT788.S533 M37 2006
Title: Stuart : a life backwards / Alexander Masters.

Call Number: BF575.H27 G55 2006
Title: Stumbling on happiness / Daniel Gilbert.

Call Number: LB1025.3 .K66 2003
Title: Stupidity and tears : teaching and learning in troubled times / Herbert Kohl.

Call Number: CMC Juv PL2685.Z5 D46 2006
Title: Su Dongpo : Chinese genius / Demi.

Call Number: GB1003.2 .P53 2006
Title: Subsurface hydrology / George F. Pinder, Michael A. Celia.

Call Number: HD992.Z63 M665 2005
Title: Suffering for territory : race, place, and power in Zimbabwe / Donald S. Moore.

Call Number: PQ2627.E4 S8513 2006
Title: Suite française. English";"Suite française / Irène Némirovsky translated by Sandra Smith.

Call Number: GR352.82.M34 S86 2004
Title: Sunjata : a West African epic of the Mande peoples / recorded, edited, and translated by David C. Conrad narrated by Djanka Tassey Condé.

Call Number: E902 .G87 2006
Title: Superpower on crusade : the Bush doctrine in US foreign policy / Mel Gurtov.

Call Number: KF8742 .G74 2007
Title: Supreme conflict : the inside story of the struggle for control of the United States Supreme Court / Jan Crawford Greenburg.

Call Number: GN799.H84 F75 2004
Title: Survival by hunting : prehistoric human predators and animal prey / George C. Frison.

Call Number: Q180.55.V6 R67 2006
Title: Survival skills for scientists / Federico Rosei, Tudor Johnston.

Call Number: TS170.5 .W45 2006
Title: Sustainable by design : explorations in theory and practice / Stuart Walker.

Call Number: GV892.2.B94 A3 2007
Title: Sweet : an eight-ball odyssey / Heather Byer.

Call Number: NC998.6.S95 H65 2006
Title: Swiss graphic design : the origins and growth of an international style, 1920-1965 / Richard Hollis.

Call Number: DS294 .A99 2006
Title: Sword of Persia : Nader Shah, from tribal warrior to conquering tyrant / Michael Axworthy.