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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: LA2317.K64 A3 2007
Title: Painting Chinese : a lifelong teacher gains the wisdom of youth / Herbert Kohl.

Call Number: D840 .P26 2006
Title: Palgrave advances in Cold War history / edited by Saki R. Dockrill and Geraint Hughes.

Call Number: D210 .P72 2006
Title: Palgrave advances in intellectual history / edited by Richard Whatmore and Brian Young.

Call Number: D156.58 .P35 2005
Title: Palgrave advances in the Crusades / edited by Helen J. Nicholson.

Call Number: HQ16 .P35 2006
Title: Palgrave advances in the modern history of sexuality / edited by H.G. Cocks and Matt Houlbrook.

Call Number: BT846.3 .R87 2006
Title: Paradise mislaid : how we lost heaven--and how we can regain it / Jeffrey Burton Russell.

Call Number: LC214.22.S6 B35 2006
Title: Paradoxes of desegregation : African American struggles for educational equity in Charleston, South Carolina, 1926-1972 / R. Scott Baker.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, T365
Title: Parental challenges to educational and legal definitions of their children's special education needs : an examination of decision-making in the field of special educational needs / by Lawrence A. Taniform.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, I764
Title: Parents guide : online math resources / by Peter U. Iroekwe.

Call Number: TR72.P37 T73 2005
Title: Paris : photographs from a time that was / David Travis.

Call Number: Folio QL696.P7 F64 2006
Title: Parrots of the world : an identification guide / Joseph M. Forshaw illustrated by Frank Knight.

Call Number: HV6594 .P36 2006
Title: Partner stalking : how women respond, cope, and survive / TK Logan ... [et al.].

Call Number: LB1028.3 .C813 2007
Title: Partners in literacy : schools and libraries building communities through technology / Sondra Cuban and Larry Cuban.

Call Number: GT3203 .H65 2002
Title: Passed on : African American mourning stories : a memorial collection / Karla FC Holloway.

Call Number: PS3569.A7897 E53 2000
Title: Pastoralia : stories / by George Saunders.

Call Number: HC107.A18 B63 2007
Title: Pathways to the present : U.S. development and its consequences in the Pacific / Mansel G. Blackford.

Call Number: Q172.5.C45 H69 2006
Title: Pattern formation : an introduction to methods / Rebecca Hoyle.

Call Number: RJ496.L4 P38 2006
Title: Patterns of learning disorders : working systematically from assessment to intervention / David L. Wodrich, Ara J. Schmitt.

Call Number: BH301.N3 E36 2007
Title: Patterns of the Earth / Bernhard Edmaier with commentaries by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, P355
Title: Paul of Tarsus : a critical look at his letter to the Galatians / by Matthew A. Pailes.

Call Number: Ref RS75 .P37
Title: PDR guide to drug interactions, side effects, and indications.

Call Number: BL410 .K37 2007
Title: Peace be upon you : the story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish coexistence / Zachary Karabell.

Call Number: ML3918.J39 T7 2007
Title: Pearl Harbor jazz : change in popular music in the early 1940s / Peter Townsend.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.H732226 Pen 2006
Title: Penny from heaven / by Jennifer L. Holm.

Call Number: HB2045 .P467 2005
Title: People and migration / editor, Roma Chappell.

Call Number: BL2525 .E47 2006
Title: People of the dream : multiracial congregations in the United States / Michael O. Emerson with Rodney M. Woo.

Call Number: PN4888.U5 O88 2006
Title: People's movements, people's press : the journalism of social justice movements / Bob Ostertag.

Call Number: SB434 .K557 2006
Title: Perennial garden design / Michael King.

Call Number: ML3918.F65 B83 2006
Title: Performing democracy : Bulgarian music and musicians in transition / Donna A. Buchanan.

Call Number: PN2287.W56 C48 2003
Title: Perpetually cool : the many lives of Anna May Wong (1905-1961) / Anthony B. Chan.

Call Number: BF698 .N393 2007
Title: Personality : what makes you the way you are / Daniel Nettle.

Call Number: BX1912.9 .F74 2007
Title: Perversion of power : sexual abuse in the Catholic Church / Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea.

Call Number: HD9560.6 .C54 2005
Title: Petrodollar warfare : oil, Iraq and the future of the dollar / William R. Clark.

Call Number: PQ2469.P4 E5 2007
Title: Phare du bout du monde. English";"Lighthouse at the end of the world = Le phare du bout du monde : the first English translation of Verne's original manuscript / Jules Verne translated and edited by William Butcher.

Call Number: PS3568.O855 Z845 2006
Title: Philip Roth's rude truth : the art of immaturity / Ross Posnock.

Call Number: QD6 .P456 2006
Title: Philosophy of chemistry : synthesis of a new discipline / edited by Davis Baird, Eric Scerri and Lee McIntyre.

Call Number: CC79.5.P5 P57 2006
Title: Phytoliths : a comprehensive guide for archaeologists and paleoecologists / Dolores R. Piperno.

Call Number: PL856.U696 P5313 2007
Title: Piasshing. English";"Piercing / Ryu Murakami translated by Ralph McCarthy.

Call Number: N6853.P5 G74 2005
Title: Picasso : architecture and vertigo / Christopher Green.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, Q563
Title: Picasso and five women who inspired him / by Rebecca T. Quimby.

Call Number: E78.E2 L45 2002
Title: Picture rocks : American Indian rock art in the Northeast woodlands / Edward J. Lenik.

Call Number: PR2017.D45 Z44 2006
Title: Piers Plowman and the medieval discourse of desire / Nicolette Zeeman.

Call Number: QL696.C63 B58 2006
Title: Pigeons : the fascinating saga of the world's most revered and reviled bird / Andrew D. Blechman.

Call Number: F3430.1.H83 P55 2005
Title: Pikillacta : the Wari Empire in Cuzco / edited by Gordon F. McEwan.

Call Number: PS3554.I825 P56 1991
Title: Pious secrets / Irene Dische.

Call Number: BX8129.A5 M27 2007
Title: Plain secrets : an outsider among the Amish / Joe Mackall.

Call Number: QB15 .H59 2006
Title: Planetary motions : a historical perspective / Norriss Hetherington.

Call Number: LB1027.4 .J35 2007
Title: Planning for learning : collaborative approaches to lesson design and review / Mary Renck Jalongo, Sue A. Rieg and Valeri R. Helterbran.

Call Number: QK50 .K59 2003
Title: Plant discoveries : a botanist's voyage through plant exploration / Sandra Knapp.

Call Number: QK97.5 .L39 2006
Title: Plant identification : creating user-friendly field guides for biodiversity management / Anna Lawrence and William Hawthorne.

Call Number: QK162 .J66 2005
Title: Plant life of Kentucky : an illustrated guide to the vascular flora / Ronald L. Jones with the assistance of John W. Thieret and Charles J. Lapham.

Call Number: JC71.P6 B57 2007
Title: Plato's Republic : a biography / Simon Blackburn.

Call Number: GV863.795.A1 Y8 2007
Title: Playing in isolation : a history of baseball in Taiwan / Junwei Yu.

Call Number: PG3456 .A19 2006
Title: Plays. English";"The complete plays / Anton Chekhov translated, edited, and annotated by Laurence Senelick.

Call Number: LC1091 .P514 2007
Title: Pledging allegiance : the politics of patriotism in America's schools / Joel Westheimer, editor foreword by Howard Zinn.

Call Number: PG7178.Z9 A222 2006
Title: Poems. English & Polish. Selections";"Monologue of a dog : new poems / Wisława Szymborska translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh and Stanisław Barańczak.

Call Number: PG7167.E64 A2 2007
Title: Poems. English";"The collected poems, 1956-1998 / Zbigniew Herbert translated and edited by Alissa Valles with additional translations by Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott introduction by Adam Zagajewski.

Call Number: PR9272.9.W3 A6 2007
Title: Poems. Selections";"Selected poems / Derek Walcott edited by Edward Baugh.

Call Number: RA395.A3 P588 2005
Title: Policy challenges in modern health care / David Mechanic ... [et al.].

Call Number: JQ1758.A58 P65 2006
Title: Political handbook of the Middle East 2006.

Call Number: BR115.P7 G315 2005
Title: Politics as a Christian vocation : faith and democracy today / Franklin I. Gamwell.

Call Number: LB3060.83 .M33 2004
Title: Politics, persuasion, and educational testing / Lorraine M. McDonnell.

Call Number: DG70.P7 L56 2005
Title: Pompeii : history, life & afterlife / Roger Ling.

Call Number: RA418.5.P6 A58 2006
Title: Poor families in America's health care crisis / Ronald J. Angel, Laura Lein, Jane Henrici.

Call Number: HV4028 .V65 2007
Title: Poor people / by William T. Vollmann.

Call Number: N6512.5.P6 P74 2007
Title: Pop art : contemporary perspectives : Princeton University Art Museum / preface by John Wilmerding introduction by Hal Foster essays by Johanna Burton ... [et al.].

Call Number: PN1993.5.B6 D47 2004
Title: Popular cinema in Brazil, 1930-2001 / Stephanie Dennison and Lisa Shaw.

Call Number: PN1993.5.S7 M2939 2006
Title: Popular Spanish film under Franco : comedy and the weakening of the state / Steven Marsh.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.M478693 Por 2006
Title: Porch lies : tales of slicksters, tricksters, and other wily characters / by Patricia C. McKissack illustrated by André Carrilho.

Call Number: LB1715 .P63 2005
Title: Portraits of teacher preparation : learning to teach in a changing America / edited by Patrick M. Jenlink, Karen Embry Jenlink.

Call Number: SD387.S87 M389 2004
Title: Positive impact forestry : a sustainable approach to managing woodlands / Thom J. McEvoy foreword by Senator James Jeffords.

Call Number: PR5343.S3 M33 2005
Title: Possible Scotlands : Walter Scott and the story of tomorrow / Caroline McCracken-Flesher.

Call Number: NK4645 .T377 2007
Title: Pots & plays : interactions between tragedy and Greek vase-painting of the fourth century B.C. / Oliver Taplin.

Call Number: HC110.P6 L36 2007
Title: Poverty and discrimination / Kevin Lang.

Call Number: JQ1629.C6 M82 2006
Title: Power and pork : a Japanese political life / Aurelia George Mulgan.

Call Number: DS63.2.U5 O54 2007
Title: Power, faith, and fantasy : America in the Middle East, 1776 to the present / Michael B. Oren.

Call Number: E183.8.K6 S84 2007
Title: Power, interest, and identity in military alliances / Jae-Jung Suh.

Call Number: D627.R8 R33 2002
Title: POWs and the Great War : captivity on the Eastern Front / Alon Rachamimov.

Call Number: ML419.K97 A3 2007
Title: Practicing : a musician's return to music / Glenn Kurtz.

Call Number: DS588.T45 S2713 2005
Title: Prawattisāt Lānnā. English";"History of Lan Na / Sarassawadee Ongsakul translated by Chitraporn Tanratanakul edited by Dolina W. Millar, Sandy Barron.

Call Number: HV6433.L32 O64 2005
Title: Predatory states : Operation Condor and covert war in Latin America / J. Patrice McSherry.

Call Number: LB2805 .P765 2006
Title: Preparing school leaders : defining a research and action agenda / Joseph Murphy.

Call Number: ML3527.8 .D36 2006
Title: Presence and pleasure : the funk grooves of James Brown and Parliament / Anne Danielsen.

Call Number: HV4999.Y68 P745 2007
Title: Preventing youth substance abuse : science-based programs for children and adolescents / edited by Patrick Tolan, José Szapocznik, and Soledad Sambrano.

Call Number: BV4627.P7 D97 2006
Title: Pride : the seven deadly sins / Michael Eric Dyson.

Call Number: QL737.P96 P738 2007
Title: Primate perspectives on behavior and cognition / edited by David A. Washburn.

Call Number: QL737.P9 P679 2007
Title: Primates in perspective / edited by Christina J. Campbell ... [et al.].

Call Number: LB1632 .P75 2006
Title: Principled practices for adolescent literacy : a framework for instruction and policy / Elizabeth G. Sturtevant ... [et al.] with Patricia L. Anders ... [et al.].

Call Number: QD96.F56 L34 2006
Title: Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy / Joseph R. Lakowicz.

Call Number: GB2403.2 .H66 2005
Title: Principles of glacier mechanics / Roger LeB. Hooke.

Call Number: QE651 .C35 2006
Title: Principles of sequence stratigraphy / Octavian Catuneanu.

Call Number: KF4749 .B327 2006
Title: Privacy rights : cases lost and causes won before the Supreme Court / Alice Fleetwood Bartee.

Call Number: PR678.W6 S77 2004
Title: Privacy, playreading, and women closet drama, 1550-1700 / Marta Straznicky.

Call Number: PS153.I78 E24 2005
Title: Private histories : the writing of Irish-Americans, 1900-1935 / by Ron Ebest.

Call Number: QA273 .O46 2007
Title: Probabilities : the little numbers that rule our lives / Peter Olofsson.

Call Number: QA273 .K74 2006
Title: Probability and random processes / Venkatarama Krishnan.

Call Number: QA273 .S7745 2005
Title: Probability and statistics by example / Y. Suhov, M. Kelbert.

Call Number: Ref F859.3 .P76 2007
Title: Profiles of California / [editor, David Garoogian].

Call Number: BL51 .S426 2005
Title: Prolegomena to a philosophy of religion / J.L. Schellenberg.

Call Number: E840.8.B54 A3 2007
Title: Promises to keep : on life and politics / Joe Biden.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, M64
Title: Property rights at the founding : a study of property rights at the constitutional convention and beyond / by Darrick Moe.

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 B37734 2006
Title: Protecting your PC / Ian Barile.

Call Number: HV640 .L635 2005
Title: Protracted refugee situations : domestic and international security implications / Gil Loescher and James Milner.

Call Number: F74.P96 K73 2005
Title: Provincetown : from Pilgrim landing to gay resort / Karen Christel Krahulik.

Call Number: HT609 .L67 2007
Title: Psychology and economic injustice : personal, professional, and political intersections / Bernice Lott and Heather E. Bullock.

Call Number: BL53 .F57 2003
Title: Psychology, religion, and spirituality / David Fontana.

Call Number: RC489.S676 E67 2007
Title: Psychotherapy without the self : a Buddhist perspective / Mark Epstein.

Call Number: PQ7422 .J36 2005
Title: Puerto Rican nation-building literature : impossible romance / Zilkia Janer.

Call Number: HD69.S8 L35 2006
Title: Pull : networking and success since Benjamin Franklin / Pamela Walker Laird.

Call Number: PS374.D4 H38 1995
Title: Pulp culture : hardboiled fiction and the Cold War / Woody Haut.

Call Number: HV9471 .W47 2006
Title: Punishment and inequality in America / Bruce Western.

Call Number: PN1972 .B57 2005
Title: Puppetry : a world history / Eileen Blumenthal.

Call Number: HQ1220.U5 K56 2006
Title: Pure beauty : judging race in Japanese American beauty pageants / Rebecca Chiyoko King-O'Riain.

Call Number: DK510.763 .P88 2003
Title: Putin's Russia : past imperfect, future uncertain / [edited by] Dale R. Herspring.

Call Number: PL4200 .N4513 2005
Title: Pāk kai læ bair̄ưa. English";"Pen and sail : literature and history in early Bangkok including the history of Bangkok in the chronicles of Ayutthaya / by Nidhi Eoseewong edited by Chris Baker and Ben Anderson with Craig J. Reynolds ... [et al.].