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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: PS3568.U298 M33 2007
Title: Mad professor : the uncollected short stories / of Rudy Rucker.

Call Number: NE771.4 .V65 2005
Title: Made in Japan : the postwar creative print movement / Alicia Volk with a contribution by Helen Nagata.

Call Number: PL248.S474 M3413 2006
Title: Mahrem. English";"The gaze / by Elif Shafak translated from the Turkish by Brendan Freeley.

Call Number: PS303 .W44 2006
Title: Making a poem : some thoughts about poetry and the people who write it / Miller Williams.

Call Number: PN1972 .C87 2004
Title: Making and manipulating marionettes / David Currell.

Call Number: BF575.H85 L56 2006
Title: Making enemies : humiliation and international conflict / Evelin Lindner foreword by Morton Deutsch.

Call Number: P53 .R49 2003
Title: Making it happen : from interactive to participatory language teaching : theory and practice / Patricia A. Richard-Amato.

Call Number: Q125 .B678 2005
Title: Making modern science : a historical survey / Peter J. Bowler and Iwan Rhys Morus.

Call Number: GE180 .M33 2003
Title: Making sense of intractable environmental conflicts : frames and cases / edited by Roy J. Lewicki, Barbara Gray, Michael Elliott.

Call Number: E49.2.F85 P63 2006
Title: Making the voyageur world : travelers and traders in the North American fur trade / Carolyn Podruchny.

Call Number: QL708 .M35 2005
Title: Mammal species of the world : a taxonomic and geographic reference / edited by Don E. Wilson and DeeAnn M. Reeder.

Call Number: CMC Juv QE882.P8 W48 2006
Title: Mammoths on the move / Lisa Wheeler illustrated by Kurt Cyrus.

Call Number: SF355.M3 O97 2006
Title: Man o' War : a legend like lightning / Dorothy Ours.

Call Number: PS3611.R38 M36 2002
Title: Man walks into a room / Nicole Krauss.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, I446
Title: Managing business changes in a resistive culture / by Timothy L. Imhoff.

Call Number: DF901.M34 F47 2006
Title: Mani : travels in the southern Peloponnese / Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Michael Gorra.

Call Number: PS374.W4 L45 2004
Title: Manifest and other destinies : territorial fictions of the nineteenth-century United States / Stephanie LeMenager.

Call Number: HM851 .S73 2006
Title: Manuel Castells : the theory of the network society / Felix Stalder.

Call Number: BL540 .S23 2006
Title: Mapping paradise : a history of heaven on earth / Alessandro Scafi.

Call Number: Folio ND699.C5 H37 2006
Title: Marc Chagall and the lost Jewish world : the nature of Chagall's art and iconography / Benjamin Harshav.

Call Number: QH91.8.B6 M37 2005
Title: Marine conservation biology : the science of maintaining the sea's biodiversity / edited by Elliott A. Norse and Larry B. Crowder foreword by Michael E. Soulé.

Call Number: QH541.5.S3 M284 2006
Title: Marine metapopulations / editors, Jacob P. Kritzer, Peter F. Sale.

Call Number: PS1332 .F26 2003
Title: Mark Twain and Orion Clemens : brothers, partners, strangers / Philip Ashley Fanning foreword by Alan Gribben.

Call Number: HQ1031 .C38 2007
Title: Married to a daughter of the land : Spanish-Mexican women and interethnic marriage in California, 1820-1880 / María Raquél Casas.

Call Number: PS3563.U837 Z47 2002
Title: Married to the Icepick Killer : a poet in Hollywood / Carol Muske-Dukes.

Call Number: Ref RS141.3 .M3 2006
Title: Martindale : the complete drug reference.

Call Number: NK9198.B57 H67 2005
Title: Mary Black's family quilts : memory and meaning in everyday life / Laurel Horton foreword by Michael Owen Jones.

Call Number: QD22.H15 C48 2005
Title: Master mind : the rise and fall of Fritz Haber, the Nobel laureate who launched the age of chemical warfare / Daniel Charles.

Call Number: Folio NE1321.8 .Y638 2002
Title: Masterful illusions : Japanese prints in the Anne Van Biema collection / Ann Yonemura contributions by Donald Keene ... [et al.].

Call Number: PN1994 .M365 2006
Title: Masterpieces of modernist cinema / edited by Ted Perry.

Call Number: N6537.P63 A3 2005
Title: Material witness : the selected letters of Fairfield Porter / edited by Ted Leigh introduction by David Lehman with additional notes by Justin Spring.

Call Number: QA19.C45 A47 2006
Title: Math made visual : creating images for understanding mathematics / Claudia Alsina and Roger B. Nelsen.

Call Number: PS3568.U298 M38 2006
Title: Mathematicians in love / Rudy Rucker.

Call Number: State E 506 .M312 2006
Title: Mathematics framework for California public schools : kindergarten through grade twelve / developed by the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commision adopted by the California State Board of Education.

Call Number: Q375 .B3613 2006
Title: Mathematics of uncertainty : ideas, methods, application problems / H. Bandemar.

Call Number: QE33.2.M3 T73 2006
Title: Matlab recipes for earth sciences / Martin Trauth.

Call Number: F1435.3.C14 J45 1998
Title: Maya cosmogenesis 2012 : the true meaning of the Maya calendar end-date / John Major Jenkins [introduced by Terence McKenna].

Call Number: F68 .P44 2006
Title: Mayflower : a story of courage, community, and war / Nathaniel Philbrick.

Call Number: PT8176.18.O335 M3713 1994
Title: Måske egnede. English";"Borderliners / Peter Høeg translated by Barbara Haveland.

Call Number: PS2472 .M37 1950
Title: McTeague : a story of San Francisco / Frank Norris edited with an introduction by Carvel Collins.

Call Number: PS1541.Z5 M583 2005
Title: Measures of possibility : Emily Dickinson's manuscripts / Domhnall Mitchell.

Call Number: QK46.5.D58 S86 2007
Title: Measuring plant diversity : lessons from the field / by Thomas J. Stohlgren.

Call Number: DS559.46 .R68 2006
Title: Media and the politics of failure : great powers, communication strategies, and military defeats / Laura Roselle.

Call Number: R853.H8 W37 2006
Title: Medical apartheid : the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present / Harriet A. Washington.

Call Number: U37 .M433 2006
Title: Medieval warfare, 1000-1300 / edited by John France.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, P738
Title: Memories, dreams, reflections : an archetypal and para-rational analysis / by Richard Prater.

Call Number: PS3562.E8544 M46 2004
Title: Men and cartoons : stories / Jonathan Lethem.

Call Number: RT41 .M46 2007
Title: Men in nursing : history, challenges, and opportunities / edited by Chad E. O'Lynn and Russell E. Tranbarger.

Call Number: Q130 .M46 2005
Title: Men, women, and the birthing of modern science / edited by Judith P. Zinsser.

Call Number: RC451.5.I5 M463 2006
Title: Mental health care for urban Indians : clinical insights from Native practitioners / edited by Tawa M. Witko.

Call Number: KFI1785 .S27 2005
Title: Mercy on trial : what it means to stop an execution / Austin Sarat.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.D5455 Me 2006
Title: Mercy Watson goes for a ride / Kate DiCamillo illustrated by Chris Van Dusen.

Call Number: HV6433.I742 Q35 2005
Title: Messages to the world : the statements of Osama Bin Laden / edited and introduced by Bruce Lawrence translated by James Howarth.

Call Number: E184.M5 P425 2006
Title: Mestizaje : critical uses of race in Chicano culture / Rafael Pérez-Torres.

Call Number: NC1002.C3 V55 2006
Title: Mexican calendar girls = Chicas de calendarios Mexicanos : golden age of calendar art, 1930-1960 = la época de oro del arte de los calendarios, 1930-1960 / by/por Angela Villalba foreword/prólogo, Carlos Monsiváis.

Call Number: ML419.D75 A3 2005
Title: Mi vida saxual. English";"My sax life : a memoir / Paquito D'Rivera foreword by Ilan Stavans translated by Luis Tamargo.

Call Number: HB3505 .P44 2007
Title: Microtrends : the small forces behind tomorrow's big changes / Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne.

Call Number: QD262 .B65 2005
Title: Microwave-assisted organic synthesis : one hundred reaction procedures / Dariusz Bogdal.

Call Number: DS61.6 .M534 2006
Title: Middle East historiographies : narrating the Twentieth Century / edited by Israel Gershoni, Amy Singer, Y. Hakan Erdem.

Call Number: PR3588 .M487 2006
Title: Milton in the age of Fish : essays on authorship, text, and terrorism / edited by Michael Lieb and Albert C. Labriola.

Call Number: TR647.R62 H47 2006
Title: Milton Rogovin : the making of a social documentary photographer / Melanie Anne Herzog foreword by Douglas R. Nickel afterword by Catherine Linder Spencer.

Call Number: PR3588 .B87 2007
Title: Milton the dramatist / Timothy J. Burbery.

Call Number: PS261 .S44 2006
Title: Minstrelsy and murder : the crisis of Southern humor, 1835-1925 / Andrew Silver.

Call Number: HD9576.M52 K43 2005
Title: Mirage : power, politics, and the hidden history of Arabian oil / Aileen Keating.

Call Number: BF337.C63 T38 2007
Title: Mistakes were made (but not by me) : why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts / Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.

Call Number: N6537.5 .L5 1990
Title: Mixed blessings : new art in a multicultural America / Lucy R. Lippard.

Call Number: PS169.S57 E75 2005
Title: Mixed bloods and other crosses : rethinking American literature from the Revolution to the culture wars / Betsy Erkkila.

Call Number: HT1521 .M58 2006
Title: Mixed messages : multiracial identities in the color-blind era / edited by David L. Brunsma.

Call Number: NK4285 .R53 2006
Title: Mocha and related dipped wares, 1770-1939 / by Jonathan Rickard principal color photography by Gavin Ashworth foreword by David Barker.

Call Number: QC6.4.R42 B53 2004
Title: Modeling reality : how computers mirror life / Iwo Białynicki-Birula, Iwona Białynicka-Birula.

Call Number: DK907 .S34 2004
Title: Modern clan politics : the power of blood in Kazakhstan and beyond / Edward Schatz.

Call Number: QA279 .R93 2007
Title: Modern experimental design / Thomas P. Ryan.

Call Number: JC585 .F7575 2007
Title: Modern liberty : and the limits of government / Charles Fried.

Call Number: HQ1075.5.G7 C66 2006
Title: Modern love : personal relationships in twentieth-century Britain / Marcus Collins.

Call Number: DS798.84 .R67 2005
Title: Modern Mongolia : from khans to commissars to capitalists / Morris Rossabi.

Call Number: DS827.D4 B47 2006
Title: Modern passings : death rites, politics, and social change in Imperial Japan / Andrew Bernstein.

Call Number: PR888.A7 R67 2005
Title: Modernism and the architecture of private life / Victoria Rosner.

Call Number: Folio NK7112 .S74 2005
Title: Modernism in American silver : 20th-century design / by Jewel Stern edited by Kevin W. Tucker and Charles L. Venable.

Call Number: B831.2 .M633 2005
Title: Modernity and the problem of evil / edited by Alan D. Schrift.

Call Number: CMC Juv SF315 .K33 2008
Title: Molly the pony : a true story / Pam Kaster.

Call Number: QH362 .H86 2007
Title: Monkey girl : evolution, education, religion, and the battle for America's soul / Edward Humes.

Call Number: E99.P58 U55 2005
Title: Montana 1911 : a professor and his wife among the Blackfeet : Wilhelmina Maria Uhlenbeck-Melchior's diary and C.C. Uhlenbeck's original Blackfoot texts and a new series of Blackfoot texts / edited by Mary Eggermont-Molenaar with contributions by Alice Kehoe, Inge Genee, and Klaas van Berkel translation from Dutch by Mary Eggermont-Molenaar.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, S6584
Title: Montparnasse of the 1920s as the catalyst for Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises / by Olive C. R. Smith.

Call Number: PR428.C48 C44 2004
Title: Moral identity in early modern English literature / Paul Cefalu.

Call Number: BJ1012 .H348 2006
Title: Moral minds : how nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong / Marc D. Hauser.

Call Number: TJ163.2 .M657 1982
Title: More than enough? : an optimistic assessment of world energy / edited by Robin Clarke.

Call Number: ML417.R74 M67 2006
Title: Moriz Rosenthal in word and music : a legacy of the nineteenth century / edited and with an introduction by Mark Mitchell and Allan Evans preface by Charles Rosen.

Call Number: PS508.T44 M67 2006
Title: Mortified : real words. real people. real pathetic. / David Nadelberg associate editors, Neil Katcher ... [et al.].

Call Number: CMC Juv E444.T82 W43 2006
Title: Moses : when Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom / Carole Boston Weatherford illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

Call Number: NB468 .W34 2005
Title: Mother stone : the vitality of modern British sculpture / Anne Middleton Wagner.

Call Number: PS3562.E8544 M68 1999
Title: Motherless Brooklyn / Jonathan Lethem.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, F558
Title: Motivating factors in the benevolent treatment of slaves in the antebellum South / by Wendy FitzHenry.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ8.3.B3845 Mov 2006
Title: Move over, Rover / Karen Beaumont illustrated by Jane Dyer.

Call Number: PR6060.A477 M7 2002
Title: Mr. and Mrs. Scotland are dead : poems, 1980-1994 / Kathleen Jamie selected by Lilias Fraser.

Call Number: E471 .M37 2006
Title: Mr. Lincoln goes to war / William Marvel.

Call Number: BP75 .W45 2006
Title: Muhammad / Eliot Weinberger.

Call Number: LC1099.3 .A66 2002
Title: Multicultural and diversity education : a reference handbook / Peter Appelbaum.

Call Number: ML3917.C9 M66 2006
Title: Music and revolution : cultural change in socialist Cuba / Robin D. Moore.

Call Number: ML3830 .S87 1992
Title: Music and the mind / Anthony Storr.

Call Number: ML3575.B6 S76 2006
Title: Music and the poetics of production in the Bolivian Andes / Henry Stobart.

Call Number: MT6.H565 M87 1999
Title: Music listening today / by Charles R. Hoffer.

Call Number: ML3917.G3 M8 2006
Title: Music, theatre and politics in Germany : 1848 to the Third Reich / edited by Nikolaus Bacht.

Call Number: ML82 .M798 2005
Title: Musical voices of early modern women : many-headed melodies / edited by Thomasin LaMay.

Call Number: ML3830 .S13 2007
Title: Musicophilia : tales of music and the brain / by Oliver Sacks.

Call Number: GN641 .M87 2006
Title: Muslim diaspora : gender, culture and identity / edited by Haideh Moghissi.

Call Number: BP161.3 .M85 2005
Title: Muslim networks from Hajj to hip hop / edited by Miriam Cooke & Bruce B. Lawrence.

Call Number: E184.M88 H34 2006
Title: Muslim women in America : the challenge of Islamic identity today / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, Jane I. Smith, Kathleen M. Moore.

Call Number: SF293.M9 S75 2008
Title: Mustang : the saga of the wild horse in the American West / Deanne Stillman.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.B13213 Myc 2006
Title: My cat, the silliest cat in the world / written and illustrated by Gilles Bachelet.

Call Number: E185.96 .D285 2006
Title: My Confederate kinfolk : a twenty-first century freedwoman confronts her roots / Thulani Davis.

Call Number: QC16.E5 M9 2006
Title: My Einstein : essays by twenty-four of the world's leading thinkers on the man, his work, and his legacy / edited by John Brockman.

Call Number: D810.S8 F734 2007
Title: My father's secret war : a memoir / Lucinda Franks.

Call Number: KF8745.T48 A3 2007
Title: My grandfather's son : a memoir / Clarence Thomas.

Call Number: RD594 .D85 2007
Title: My lobotomy : a memoir / Howard Dully and Charles Fleming.

Call Number: QA29.B697 D35 1999
Title: Mystic, geometer, and intuitionist : the life of L.E.J. Brouwer / Dirk van Dalen.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, T566
Title: Myth as the social contract : a synthesis of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's concept of the origins of society with René Girard's theory of mythology / by Jeffrey E. Thompson.