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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: E185.61 .E76 2005
Title: I am a man! : race, manhood, and the civil rights movement / Steve Estes.

Call Number: BF311 .H64 2007
Title: I am a strange loop / Douglas R. Hofstadter.

Call Number: PN6165 .I25 2007
Title: I am America (and so can you!) / written and edited by Stephen Colbert ... [et al.]

Call Number: F2520.1.K45 O35 2005
Title: I foresee my life : the ritual performance of autobiography in an Amazonian community / Suzanne Oakdale.

Call Number: PS3551.N464 Z466 1997
Title: I know why the caged bird sings / Maya Angelou.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.D54153 Iae 2006
Title: I lost my tooth in Africa / by Penda Diakité illustrated by Baba Wagué Diakité.

Call Number: LB1027 .K59 1994
Title: I won't learn from you : and other thoughts on creative maladjustment / Herbert Kohl.

Call Number: ML420.Z475 Z58 2007
Title: I'll sleep when I'm dead : the dirty life and times of Warren Zevon / Crystal Zevon foreword by Carl Hiassen.

Call Number: PR868.B56 T74 2006
Title: I'm no angel : the blonde in fiction and film / Ellen Tremper.

Call Number: PN2287.G687 A3 2007
Title: I, California : the occasional history of a childhood actress, tap dancer, record store clerk, Thai waitress, Playboy reject, nightclub booker, Daily show correspondent, sex columnist, recurring character, etc. / Stacey Grenrock-Woods.

Call Number: BF697 .I3492 2006
Title: Identity and story : creating self in narrative / edited by Dan P. McAdams, Ruthellen Josselson, and Amia Lieblich.

Call Number: PS3552.U3479 I34 1999
Title: If I told you once / Judy Budnitz.

Call Number: HD8072.5 .L357 2005
Title: If the workers took a notion : the right to strike and American political development / Josiah Bartlett Lambert.

Call Number: B2430.F723 F3813 2003
Title: Il faut défendre la société. English";"Society must be defended : lectures at the Collège de France, 1975-76 / Michel Foucault edited by Mauro Bertani and Alessandro Fontana general editors, François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana translated by David Macey.

Call Number: KF3831 .M33 2005
Title: Illegal beings : human clones and the law / Kerry Lynn Macintosh.

Call Number: ND2935 .K63 2006
Title: Illuminated haggadot from medieval Spain : biblical imagery and the Passover holiday / Katrin Kogman-Appel.

Call Number: DS560.72.T66 G54 2004
Title: Imagined ancestries of Vietnamese communism : Ton Duc Thang and the politics of history and memory / Christoph Giebel.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, T587
Title: Imagined natsionalnosti : the constructed nature of nationalism in the early Soviet Union / by James Thurman.

Call Number: PR878.S6 M67 2004
Title: Imagining inclusive society in nineteenth-century novels : the code of sincerity in the public sphere / Pam Morris.

Call Number: DK510.764 .G65 2005
Title: Imitation in international relations : observational learning, analogies, and foreign policy in Russia and Ukraine / Benjamin E. Goldsmith.

Call Number: Q181 .I624 2005
Title: Improving urban science education : new roles for teachers, students, and researchers / edited by Kenneth Tobin, Rowhea Elmesky, and Gale Seiler.

Call Number: JV6465 .F66 2005
Title: In a new land : a comparative view of immigration / Nancy Foner.

Call Number: PR6052.O35 I49 1994
Title: In a time of violence / Eavan Boland.

Call Number: GV1785.A1 F57 2006
Title: In Balanchine's company : a dancer's memoir / Barbara Milberg Fisher.

Call Number: PS3535.I82 Z86 2006
Title: In Capra's shadow : the life and career of screenwriter Robert Riskin / Ian Scott.

Call Number: RA784 .P643 2008
Title: In defense of food : an eater's manifesto / Michael Pollan.

Call Number: PA3952 .A1 2006
Title: In Demosthenem commenta. English";"Didymos on Demosthenes / introduction, text, translation, and commentary by Phillip Harding.

Call Number: QC945 .J63 2006
Title: In Katrina's wake : portraits of loss from an unnatural disaster / photographs by Chris Jordan essays by Bill McKibben and Susan Zakin poems by Victoria Sloan Jordan.

Call Number: PS3569.A7897 I5 2006
Title: In persuasion nation : stories / by George Saunders.

Call Number: BJ1838 .R44 2007
Title: In praise of flattery / Willis Goth Regier.

Call Number: BJ1498 .H66 2005
Title: In praise of slowness : challenging the cult of speed / Carl Honoré.

Call Number: QB791.3 .F74 2006
Title: In search of dark matter / Ken Freeman and Geoff McNamara.

Call Number: HC435.3 .L83 2007
Title: In spite of the gods : the strange rise of modern India / Edward Luce.

Call Number: PR6113.A87 I515 2007
Title: In the country of men / Hisham Matar.

Call Number: PR6069.I4226 I58 2007
Title: In the driver's seat : stories / Helen Simpson.

Call Number: HC110.I5 R478 2006
Title: Income and wealth / Alan Reynolds.

Call Number: QA29.G58 G65 2005
Title: Incompleteness : the proof and paradox of Kurt Gödel / Rebecca Goldstein.

Call Number: DS480.853 .S55 2005
Title: India divided : diversity and democracy under attack / Vandana Shiva.

Call Number: DS427 .I59 2006
Title: India's Islamic traditions, 711-1750 / edited by Richard M. Eaton.

Call Number: E98.B3 S43 2006
Title: Indian baskets of central California : art, culture, and history : Native American basketry from San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay north to Mendocino and east to the Sierras / Ralph Shanks Lisa Woo Shanks, editor.

Call Number: ND3247 .C86 2006
Title: Indian painting : from cave temples to the colonial period / Joan Cummins.

Call Number: DS480.842 .V66 2007
Title: Indian summer : the secret history of the end of an empire / Alex von Tunzelmann.

Call Number: E98.S67 D46 2004
Title: Indians in unexpected places / Philip J. Deloria.

Call Number: LB1031 .T55
Title: Individualizing instruction in the elementary school / George I. Thomas and Joseph Crescimbeni.

Call Number: HQ777.35 .S44 2005
Title: Indivisible by two : lives of extraordinary twins / Nancy L. Segal.

Call Number: BF723.S6 L44 2005
Title: Infants' sense of people : precursors to a theory of mind / Maria Legerstee.

Call Number: BD581 .H85 2006
Title: Infinite nature / R. Bruce Hull.

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 S69 2006
Title: Information security : principles and practice / Mark Stamp.

Call Number: E441 .D2495 2006
Title: Inhuman bondage : the rise and fall of slavery in the New World / David Brion Davis.

Call Number: QC174.12 .S3213 2006
Title: Initiation á la physique quantique. English";"Quantum physics : a first encounter : interference, entanglement, and reality / Valerio Scarani translated by Rachael Thew.

Call Number: HC110.T4 L47 2004
Title: Innovation, the missing dimension / Richard K. Lester & Michael J. Piore.

Call Number: JC328.5 .W45 2007
Title: Inside rebellion : the politics of insurgent violence / Jeremy M. Weinstein.

Call Number: ML420.W5525 L36 2007
Title: Inside the music of Brian Wilson : the songs, sounds, and influences of the Beach Boys' founding genius / Philip Lambert.

Call Number: E183.8.V5 I575 2004
Title: Inside the Pentagon papers / edited by John Prados and Margaret Pratt Porter.

Call Number: HV6432 .S22 2005
Title: Inside the wire : a military intelligence soldier's eyewitness account of life at Guantanamo / Erik Saar and Viveca Novak.

Call Number: DS79.76 .H3758 2006
Title: Insurgency and counter-insurgency in Iraq / Ahmed S. Hashim.

Call Number: LB2157.A3 I57 2007
Title: Intercultural student teaching : a bridge to global competence / edited by Kenneth Cushner, Sharon Brennan.

Call Number: K3791 .V73 2006
Title: International law, museums and the return of cultural objects / Ana Filipa Vrdoljak.

Call Number: HV41 .L98 2006
Title: International perspectives on social work : global conditions and local practice / Karen Lyons, Kathleen Manion, and Mary Carlsen.

Call Number: QB500.26.I58 P47 2005
Title: International regimes for the final frontier / M.J. Peterson.

Call Number: DS526.7 .W44 2005
Title: International relations in Southeast Asia : the struggle for autonomy / Donald E. Weatherbee with Ralf Emmers, Mari Pangestu, and Leonard C. Sebastian.

Call Number: HQ1236.5.C6 F75 2006
Title: Intimate politics : marriage, the market, and state power in southeastern China / Sara L. Friedman.

Call Number: QA279 .J36 2005
Title: Introduction to linear models and statistical inference / Steven J. Janke, Frederick Tinsley.

Call Number: QD381 .C473 2006
Title: Introduction to polymer science and chemistry : a problem solving approach / Manas Chandra.

Call Number: QH353 .I5825 2005
Title: Invasive alien species : a new synthesis / edited by Harold A. Mooney ... [et al.].

Call Number: QH353 .I598 2006
Title: Invasive species in the Pacific Northwest / edited by P.D. Boersma, S.H. Reichard, and A.N. Van Buren Rebecca L. Gamboa, photo editor.

Call Number: TD883.7.G7 T48 2006
Title: Inventing pollution : coal, smoke, and culture in Britain since 1800 / Peter Thorsheim.

Call Number: PN221 .Y37 2006
Title: Inventive intercourse : from rhetorical conflict to the ethical creation of novel truth / Stephen R. Yarbrough.

Call Number: PS3569.H4865 I59 2003
Title: Invisible gardens / Julie Shigekuni.

Call Number: NA705 .C38 2005
Title: Invitation to vernacular architecture : a guide to the study of ordinary buildings and landscapes / Thomas Carter and Elizabeth Collins Cromley.

Call Number: QA445 .I59 2002
Title: Invitations to geometry and topology / edited by Martin R. Bridson and Simon M. Salamon.

Call Number: BF431 .M825 2007
Title: IQ : a smart history of a failed idea / Stephen Murdoch.

Call Number: DS79.65 .D63 2005
Title: Iraq's future : the aftermath of regime change / Toby Dodge.

Call Number: PQ2627.E4 Z9513 2007
Title: Irène Némirovsky. English";"Irène Némirovsky : her life and works / Jonathan Weiss.

Call Number: PR9265.8 .I76 2006
Title: Iron balloons : hit fiction from Jamaica's Calabash Writer's Workshop / edited by Colin Channer.

Call Number: QA308 .B67 2004
Title: Irresistible integrals : symbolics, analysis, and experiments in the evaluation of integrals / George Boros, Victor H. Moll.

Call Number: QB602.9 .W45 2007
Title: Is Pluto a planet? : a historical journey through the solar system / David A. Weintraub.

Call Number: R724 .M833 2005
Title: Is there an ethicist in the house? : on the cutting edge of bioethics / Jonathan D. Moreno.

Call Number: CMC Juv QC16.N7 K78 2006
Title: Isaac Newton / by Kathleen Krull illustrated by Boris Kulikov.

Call Number: CT1837.5.M39 B47 2005
Title: Isami's house : three centuries of a Japanese family / Gail Lee Bernstein.

Call Number: BP190.5.V56 M55 2006
Title: Islam and violence in the modern era / Beverley Milton-Edwards.

Call Number: QC173.65 .M47 2005
Title: It's about time : understanding Einstein's relativity / N. David Mermin.

Call Number: GV415 .S65 2003
Title: It's hardly sportin' : stadiums, neighborhoods, and the new Chicago / Costas Spirou and Larry Bennett.

Call Number: P92.U5 C87 2007
Title: It's not news, it's fark : how mass media tries to pass off crap as news / Drew Curtis.

Call Number: CMC Juv HQ53 .H36 2006
Title: It's not the stork! : a book about girls, boys, babies, bodies, families, and friends / Robie H. Harris illustrated by Michael Emberley.

Call Number: ND615 .S77 2004
Title: Italian paintings, 1250-1450, in the John G. Johnson Collection and the Philadelphia Museum of Art / Carl Brandon Strehlke.

Call Number: E184.M5 P427 2005
Title: Italians then, Mexicans now : immigrant origins and second-generation progress, 1890 to 2000 / Joel Perlmann.

Call Number: D764 .M395 2006
Title: Ivan's war : life and death in the Red Army, 1939-1945 / Catherine Merridale.

Call Number: DS61.9.U6 K73 2001
Title: Ivory towers on sand : the failure of Middle Eastern studies in America / Martin Kramer.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.B27576 Ivy 2006
Title: Ivy + Bean / written by Annie Barrows illustrated by Sophie Blackall.