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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: HF1359 .B3613 2004
Title: Hacia un despiporre global de excelencia y calidad. English";"How to succeed at globalization : a primer for roadside vendors / El Fisgón translated by Mark Fried.

Call Number: HD8039.T162 U66 2007
Title: Hack : how I stopped worrying about what to do with my life and started driving a yellow cab / Melissa Plaut.

Call Number: DS150.H4 S56 2006
Title: Hadassah and the Zionist project / Erica B. Simmons.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, B766
Title: Hagiography, iconography, and historiography / by Eric C. Brook.

Call Number: PS3615.R586 H35 2007
Title: Halflife / Meghan O'Rourke.

Call Number: R725.55 .H36 2006
Title: Handbook of bioethics and religion / edited by David E. Guinn.

Call Number: AZ191 .H36 2006
Title: Handbook of evaluation : policies, programs and practices / edited by Ian F. Shaw, Jennifer C. Greene, Melvin M. Mark.

Call Number: HQ1180 .H355 2006
Title: Handbook of gender and women's studies / edited by Kathy Davis, Mary Evans, and Judith Lorber.

Call Number: RC451.4.D57 H36 2006
Title: Handbook of international disaster psychology / edited by Gilbert Reyes and Gerard A. Jacobs preface by Charles D. Spielberger foreword by Benedetto Saraceno.

Call Number: QA612.2 .H33 2005
Title: Handbook of knot theory / editors, William Menasco, Morwen Thistlethwaite.

Call Number: BF698 .H3343 2006
Title: Handbook of personality development / edited by Daniel K. Mroczek and Todd D. Little.

Call Number: TP690 .H338 2006
Title: Handbook of petroleum processing / edited by David S.J. Stan Jones and Peter R. Pujadó.

Call Number: BL60 .H266 2005
Title: Handbook of religion and social institutions / edited by Helen Rose Ebaugh.

Call Number: HV8688 .H36 2006
Title: Handbook of restorative justice : a global perspective / edited by Dennis Sullivan and Larry L. Tifft.

Call Number: QD142 .H36 2007
Title: Handbook of water analysis / edited by Leo M.L. Nollet.

Call Number: ML410.H13 B943 2005
Title: Handel and the English Chapel Royal / Donald Burrows.

Call Number: BJ45.5 .T36 2005
Title: Hardwired behavior : what neuroscience reveals about morality / Laurence R. Tancredi.

Call Number: SB439.24.C2 R69 2006
Title: Hardy Californians : a woman's life with native plants / Lester Rowntree edited by Lester B. Rowntree with contributions by Lester B. and Rowan A. Rowntree ... [et al.].

Call Number: PR6066.I53 Z655 2005
Title: Harold Pinter's politics : a silence beyond echo / Charles Grimes.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.R79835 Hak 2007
Title: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows / by J.K. Rowling illustrations by Mary GrandPré.

Call Number: F123 .S86 2005
Title: Harvest of dissent : agrarianism in nineteenth-century New York / Thomas Summerhill.

Call Number: PR9390.9.C45 H37 1990
Title: Harvest of thorns / Shimmer Chinodya.

Call Number: QL458.5 .H37 2007
Title: Harvestmen : the biology of Opiliones / edited by Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha, Glauco Machado, Gonzalo Giribet.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.L32394 Hat 2006
Title: Hattie Big Sky / Kirby Larson.

Call Number: QL696.F3 L54 2005
Title: Hawks from every angle : how to identify raptors in flight / Jerry Liguori foreword by David A. Sibley.

Call Number: PS1892.E8 D388 2005
Title: Hawthorne's shyness : ethics, politics, and the question of engagement / Clark Davis.

Call Number: QD33 .B48 2006
Title: Hazardous materials chemistry / Armando S. Bevelacqua.

Call Number: QL751 .C8825 2005
Title: Headless males make great lovers : & other unusual natural histories / Marty Crump with illustrations by Alan Crump.

Call Number: JA76 .M88 2006
Title: Hearing the other side : deliberative versus participatory democracy / Diana C. Mutz.

Call Number: RC682 .H383 1984
Title: Heart disease in the elderly / edited by Anthony Martin and A. John Camm.

Call Number: HV636 2005 .N4 C595 2007
Title: Heart like water : surviving Katrina and life in its disaster zone / Joshua Clark.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.L97914 Hea 2006
Title: Heat / Mike Lupica.

Call Number: B3279.H49 L25313 2007
Title: Heidegger. English";"Heidegger and the politics of poetry / Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe translated and with an introduction by Jeff Fort.

Call Number: DT378.3 .H35 2007
Title: Held at a distance : my rediscovery of Ethiopia / Rebecca G. Haile.

Call Number: DT92 .B54 2007
Title: Hellenistic Egypt : monarchy, society, economy, culture / Jean Bingen edited with an introduction by Roger S. Bagnall.

Call Number: TR647 .C365 2005
Title: Henri Cartier-Bresson and Alberto Giacometti la décision de l'oeil = the decision of the eye / edited by Tobia Bezzola.

Call Number: ND553.R67 A4 2006
Title: Henri Rousseau : jungles in Paris / edited by Frances Morris and Christopher Green catalogue by Nancy Ireson essays by Claire Frèches-Thory ... [et al.].

Call Number: E302.1 .A2538 2005
Title: Henry Adams and the making of America / Garry Wills.

Call Number: D15.B86 M35 2004
Title: Herbert Butterfield : historian as dissenter / C.T. McIntire.

Call Number: QL795.D6 M3 2003
Title: Herr und Hund. English";"Bashan and I / Thomas Mann translated by Herman George Scheffauer.

Call Number: E98.M6 Z3713 2005
Title: Herrnhuter Indianermission in der Amerikanischen Revolution. English";"The Moravian mission diaries of David Zeisberger, 1771-1781 / edited by Hermann Wellenreuther, Carola Wessel translated by Julie Tomberlin Weber.

Call Number: E78.C2 H49 2005
Title: Hidden in plain sight : contributions of Aboriginal peoples to Canadian identity and culture / edited by David Newhouse, Cora Voyageur, Daniel Beavon.

Call Number: DS318.825 .T355 2006
Title: Hidden Iran : paradox and power in the Islamic Republic / Ray Takeyh.

Call Number: GV706.5 .C869 2004
Title: High stakes : big time sports and downtown redevelopment / Timothy Jon Curry, Kent Schwirian, and Rachael A. Woldoff.

Call Number: E887.C55 T76 2006
Title: Hillary Rodham Clinton : polarizing first lady / Gil Troy.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.N47984 Hi 2006
Title: Hippo! No, rhino / Jeff Newman.

Call Number: PN2657 .G73 2006
Title: Historical dictionary of German theater / William Grange.

Call Number: Ref DS119.7 .K85 2006
Title: Historical dictionary of the Arab-Israeli conflict / P.R. Kumaraswamy.

Call Number: D16.9 .M299 2007
Title: Historical knowledge, historical error : a contemporary guide to practice / Allan Megill with contributions by Steven Shepard and Phillip Honenberger.

Call Number: D13.5.E85 M39 2004
Title: History and memory in the Carolingian world / Rosamond McKitterick.

Call Number: LA212 .R424 2007
Title: History, education, and the schools / William J. Reese.

Call Number: D13 .C5827 2004
Title: History, theory, text : historians and the linguistic turn / Elizabeth A. Clark.

Call Number: ML2075 .S89 2006
Title: Hitchcock's music / Jack Sullivan.

Call Number: DD253.5 .K28 2004
Title: Hitler youth / Michael H. Kater

Call Number: DR262.A5 D45 2006
Title: Hitler's forgotten ally : Ion Antonescu and his regime, Romania 1940-44 / Dennis Deletant.

Call Number: PN1995.9.A78 C58 2006
Title: Hollywood Asian : Philip Ahn and the politics of cross-ethnic performance / Hye Seung Chung.

Call Number: D804.348 .M52 2003
Title: Holocaust historiography : a Jewish perspective : conceptualizations, terminology, approaches, and fundamental issues / Dan Michman.

Call Number: F2230.2.K4 B88 2006
Title: Holy intoxication to drunken dissipation : alcohol among Quichua speakers in Otavalo, Ecuador / Barbara Y. Butler.

Call Number: BL65.C75 H65 2005
Title: Holy tears : weeping in the religious imagination / edited by Kimberley Christine Patton and John Stratton Hawley.

Call Number: QK604.2.W65 S3513 2006
Title: Holz- und Baumpilze. English";"Wood and tree fungi : biology, damage, protection, and use / Olaf Schmidt [editor, Dieter Czeschlik].

Call Number: HV4493 .H68 2007
Title: Homelessness handbook / David Levinson and Marcy Ross, editors.

Call Number: E155 .U75 2006
Title: Hometown revelations : legendary folklore : how America's cities, towns & states acquired their names / [Mark Usler].

Call Number: SF360.3.U6 M67 2006
Title: Honest horses : wild horses in the Great Basin / Paula Morin.

Call Number: PL2687.H887 Z72 2006
Title: Hong Mai's Record of the listener and its Song dynasty context / Alister David Inglis.

Call Number: HV6250.4.W65 H66 2005
Title: Honour : crimes, paradigms, and violence against women / edited by Lynn Welchman and Sara Hossain.

Call Number: PS3618.I36 H66 2007
Title: Hooked : a thriller about love and other addictions / Matt Richtel.

Call Number: PS3612.A543 H68 2005
Title: Hope & other dangerous pursuits / Laila Lalami.

Call Number: DS79.76 .H67 2007
Title: Hope is not a plan : the war in Iraq from inside the Green Zone / edited by Thomas Mowle foreword by Larry Diamond.

Call Number: R726.8 .P88 2002
Title: Hospice or hemlock? : searching for heroic compassion / Constance E. Putnam foreword by Timothy E. Quill.

Call Number: BF311 .T416 2006
Title: Hot thought : mechanisms and applications of emotional cognition / Paul Thagard in collaboration with Fred Kroon ... [et al.].

Call Number: Folio QH75 .H675 2004
Title: Hotspots revisited / Russell A. Mittermeier ... [et al.] preface, Peter A. Seligmann foreword, Harrison Ford.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.H83727 Hou 2006
Title: Houndsley and Catina / James Howe illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.S15225 Hou 2006
Title: House of the red fish / Graham Salisbury.

Call Number: HC106.3 .B47 2007
Title: Household accounts : working-class family economies in the interwar United States / Susan Porter Benson afterword by David Montgomery.

Call Number: BF723.S6 C37 2006
Title: How children develop social understanding / Jeremy Carpendale and Charlie Lewis.

Call Number: PE1129 .S8 H85 2007
Title: How I learned English : 55 accomplished Latinos recall lessons in language and life / edited by Tom Miller [foreword by Ray Suarez afterword by Frank McCourt].

Call Number: KF5130 .O78 2006
Title: How many judges does it take to make a Supreme Court? : and other essays on law and the constitution / John V. Orth.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, K56
Title: How much money do you have? / by Christine Youngna Kim.

Call Number: GE199.I4 G84 2006
Title: How much should a person consume? : environmentalism in India and the United States / Ramachandra Guha.

Call Number: BT198 .H86 2005
Title: How on earth did Jesus become a god? : historical questions about earliest devotion to Jesus / Larry W. Hurtado.

Call Number: ML410.S6872 S93 2005
Title: How Sondheim found his sound / Steve Swayne.

Call Number: CT275.G4163 A3 2007
Title: How Starbucks saved my life : a son of privilege learns to live like everyone else / Michael Gates Gill.

Call Number: Z271 .S63 2007
Title: How to make books / Esther K. Smith illustrations, Lindsay Stadig photographs by David Michael Zimmerman.

Call Number: TX391 .P37 2007
Title: How to pick a peach : the search for flavor from farm to table / Russ Parsons.

Call Number: Folio QB500.268 .C486 2006
Title: Hubble : 15 years of discovery / by Lars Lindberg Christensen & Bob Fosbury illustrations and layout by Martin Kornmesser.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.B8179 Hu 2006
Title: Hugging the rock / Susan Taylor Brown.

Call Number: NC760 .R54 2006
Title: Human anatomy : from the Renaissance to the digital age / Benjamin A. Rifkin Michael J. Ackerman biographies by Judith Folkenberg.

Call Number: HF5821 .G87 2006
Title: Humor in advertising : a comprehensive analysis / Charles S. Gulas and Marc G. Weinberger.

Call Number: HF5821 .B37 2008
Title: Humor in the advertising business : theory, practice, and wit / Fred K. Beard.

Call Number: TP359.H8 S68 2005
Title: Hydrogen and fuel cells : emerging technologies and applications / Bent Sørensen.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, R588
Title: Hydrogen chloride purification, reducing moisture to obtain higher quality epitaxial film deposition / by Mark Rittgers.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, P363
Title: Hyper-Surrealism : a successor to postmodernism / by Matthew Pamatmat.