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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: PR533 .E17 2007
Title: Early modern English poetry : a critical companion / edited by Patrick Cheney, Andrew Hadfield, Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr.

Call Number: ND635 .O4513 2005b
Title: Early Netherlandish paintings : rediscovery, reception, and research / edited by Bernhard Ridderbos, Anne van Buren and Henk van Veen [translated into English by Andrew McCormick and Anne van Buren].

Call Number: BR530 .W45 2005
Title: Early New England : a covenanted society / David A. Weir.

Call Number: QE28.3 .F66 2004
Title: Earth : an intimate history / Richard Fortey.

Call Number: DA962 .T685 2006
Title: Easter 1916 : the Irish rebellion / Charles Townshend.

Call Number: PS3626.U26 E25 2003
Title: Eating in the underworld / Rachel Zucker.

Call Number: GE42 .C85 2006
Title: Ecological ethics : an introduction / Patrick Curry.

Call Number: HB3743 .B76 2006
Title: Economic turbulence : is a volatile economy good for America? / Clair Brown, John Haltiwanger, and Julia Lane.

Call Number: HB72 .N445 2006
Title: Economics for humans / Julie A. Nelson.

Call Number: HC424.Z9 D44 2004
Title: Economy, culture, and civil war in Sri Lanka / edited by Deborah Winslow and Michael D. Woost.

Call Number: PN2287.S3445 S84 1994
Title: Edie : American girl / by Jean Stein edited with George Plimpton.

Call Number: TR681. W6 P35 2006
Title: Edie : girl on fire / By Melissa Painter & David Weisman.

Call Number: PN6727.K274 E36 2007
Title: Edmund and Rosemary go to hell : a story of our times with (hopefully) some hope for us all / Bruce Eric Kaplan.

Call Number: B3279.H94 B73 2004
Title: Edmund Husserl and Eugen Fink : beginnings and ends in phenomenology, 1928-1938 / Ronald Bruzina.

Call Number: LC215 .G47 2006
Title: Education and community / Dianne Gereluk.

Call Number: E184.P33 S254 2002
Title: Edward Said : criticism and society / Abdirahman A. Hussein.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, D553
Title: Effectiveness of software use for first grade math : greater and less than / by Pablo J. Diaz.

Call Number: PR915 .B73 2006
Title: Eighteenth-century letters and British culture / Clare Brant.

Call Number: QC16.E5 N4413 2007
Title: Einstein. English";"Einstein : a biography / Jürgen Neffe translated from the German by Shelley Frisch.

Call Number: KF8700 .E35 2004
Title: Elders on trial : age and ageism in the American legal system / Howard Eglit.

Call Number: JF1001 .E386 2006
Title: Electoral authoritarianism : the dynamics of unfree competition / edited by Andreas Schedler.

Call Number: PT345 .S356 2005
Title: Electra after Freud : myth and culture / Jill Scott.

Call Number: ML3534 .S914 2005
Title: Electric folk : the changing face of English traditional music / Britta Sweers.

Call Number: GV1785.F8 G37 2007
Title: Electric Salome : Loie Fuller's performance of modernism / Rhonda K. Garelick.

Call Number: PR6118.O247 E44 2007
Title: Electricity / Ray Robinson.

Call Number: QA76.17 .H35 2005
Title: Electronic brains : stories from the dawn of the computer age / Mike Hally.

Call Number: PR6003.O6757 Z625 2003
Title: Elizabeth Bowen : the shadow across the page / Maud Ellmann.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, S764
Title: Ellis Island during World War II : the detainment and internment of German and Italian aliens / by Mary Barron Stofik.

Call Number: NA737.K3 S74 2006
Title: Ely Jacques Kahn, architect : beaux-arts to modernism in New York / Jewel Stern and John A. Stuart.

Call Number: E445.N56 G45 2006
Title: Emancipating New York : the politics of slavery and freedom, 1777-1827 / David N. Gellman.

Call Number: Q225 .K48 2006
Title: Embargoed science / Vincent Kiernan.

Call Number: BV3777.N56 E46 2004
Title: Embodying the Spirit : new perspectives on North American revivalism / edited by Michael J. McClymond.

Call Number: B2430.L484 M3413 2006
Title: Emmanuel Lévinas. English";"Emmanuel Levinas : his life and legacy / Salomon Malka foreword by Philippe Nemo translated by Michael Kigel & Sonja M. Embree.

Call Number: E895 .P67 2006
Title: Empire and superempire : Britain, America and the world / Bernard Porter.

Call Number: D869 .I36 2003
Title: Empire lite : nation building in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan / Michael Ignatieff.

Call Number: Ref HM671 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of activism and social justice / editors, Gary L. Anderson & Kathryn G. Herr.

Call Number: Ref GR105 .E53 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of American folklife / Simon J. Bronner, editor.

Call Number: Ref E174 .E53 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of American history / Gary B. Nash, general editor.

Call Number: E184.A1 E573 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of American race riots / edited by Walter Rucker and James Nathaniel Upton foreword by Dominic J. Capeci, Jr.

Call Number: Ref PN2860 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of Asian theatre / edited by Samuel L. Leiter.

Call Number: Ref BQ128 .E617 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of Buddhism / edited by Damien Keown, Charles S. Prebish.

Call Number: Ref TC203.7 .E53 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of coastal science / edited by Maurice L. Schwartz.

Call Number: Ref HV1568 .E528 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of disability / general editor, Gary L. Albrecht.

Call Number: Ref HD2324 .E528 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of emerging industries.

Call Number: Ref PN56.E7 E53 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of erotic literature / Gatan Brulotte, John Phillips, editors.

Call Number: Ref PN1995.9.F54 M39 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of film noir / Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell.

Call Number: Ref TH9116 .N65 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of fire protection / Dennis P. Nolan.

Call Number: Ref RA1017 .E53 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of forensic and legal medicine / edited by Jason Payne-James ... [et al.].

Call Number: Ref HF5548.8 .E498 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology / edited by Steven G. Rogelberg.

Call Number: Ref QL462.3 .E483 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of insects / editors, Vincent H. Resh, Ring T. Cardé.

Call Number: Ref BM50 .K37 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of Judaism / Sara E. Karesh and Mitchell M. Hurvitz.

Call Number: Ref GV875.A1 E52 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball clubs / edited by Steven A. Riess.

Call Number: Ref BR115.P7 E58 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of modern Christian politics / edited by Roy P. Domenico and Mark Y. Hanley.

Call Number: Ref E81 .E98 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of Native American wars and warfare / general editors, William B. Kessel, Robert Wooster.

Call Number: TR9 .H25 2008
Title: Encyclopedia of nineteenth-century photography / John Hannavy, ed.

Call Number: F254 .E54 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of North Carolina / William S. Powell, editor Jay Mazzocchi, associate editor.

Call Number: Ref TP1110 .E53 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology

Call Number: Ref JC596.2.U5 E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of privacy / edited by William G. Staples.

Call Number: Ref QE741 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of Quaternary science / editor-in-chief Scott A. Elias.

Call Number: Ref BV3773 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of religious revivals in America / edited by Michael McClymond.

Call Number: Ref HT108.5 .E63 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of the city / edited by Roger W. Caves.

Call Number: Ref QB501 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of the solar system / editors, Lucy-Ann McFadden, Paul R. Weissman, Torrence V. Johnson.

Call Number: E450 .H855 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of the underground railroad / J. Blaine Hudson.

Call Number: Ref KZ4968 .O84 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of the United Nations and international agreements / Edmund Jan Osma?cyzk edited by Anthony Mango

Call Number: Ref P40.5.L33 E45 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of the world's endangered languages / edited by Christopher Moseley.

Call Number: Ref QC854 .E526 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of world climatology / edited by John E. Oliver.

Call Number: TJ163.2 .S33 2007
Title: Energieautonomie. English";"Energy autonomy : the economic, social and technological case for renewable energy / Hermann Scheer.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.M8646 Pu 2006
Title: Enfant océan. English";"The pull of the ocean / Jean-Claude Mourlevat translated from the French by Y. Maudet.

Call Number: F1465.2.C3 C36 2006
Title: Engendering Mayan history : Kaqchikel women as agents and conduits of the past, 1875-1970 / by David Carey, Jr.

Call Number: T65.3 .H49 2005
Title: Engineering education : research and development in curriculum and instruction / John Heywood.

Call Number: PE3502.J3 L66 2007
Title: English on the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands / Daniel Long.

Call Number: PN56.R52 C66 2006
Title: Enigmas and riddles in literature / Eleanor Cook.

Call Number: F2276 .P2413 2006
Title: Entre la legitimidad y la violencia. English";"Between legitimacy and violence : a history of Colombia, 1875-2002 / Marco Palacios translated by Richard Stoller.

Call Number: PS3551.N95 Z66 2005
Title: Entre mundos/among worlds : new perspectives on Gloria E. Anzaldúa / edited by AnaLouise Keating.

Call Number: TJ163.2 .O3835 2007
Title: Environment, power, and society for the twenty-first century : the hierarchy of energy / Howard T. Odum.

Call Number: PS3563.A67 E75 2007
Title: Epitaph for a tramp & Epitaph for a dead beat : the Harry Fannin detective novels / David Markson.

Call Number: QK671 .E94 2006
Title: Esau's Plant anatomy : meristems, cells, and tissues of the plant body : their structure, function, and development / Ray F. Evert with the assistance of Susan E. Eichhorn.

Call Number: CMC Juv GV1545.H8 F55 2006
Title: Escape! : the story of the great Houdini / Sid Fleischman.

Call Number: PL2869.O128 A6 2007
Title: Essays. English. Selections";"The case for literature / Gao Xingjian translated from the Chinese by Mabel Lee.

Call Number: Q180.55.S7 C87 2005
Title: Essential mathematics and statistics for science / Graham Currell, Antony Dowman.

Call Number: DS272 .C58 2005
Title: Eternal Iran : continuity and chaos / Patrick Clawson and Michael Rubin.

Call Number: D804.7.M67 R68 2005
Title: Ethics during and after the Holocaust : in the shadow of Birkenau / John K. Roth.

Call Number: E184.K45 H45 2006
Title: Ethnic origins : the adaptation of Cambodian and Hmong refugees in four American cities / Jeremy Hein.

Call Number: GN645 .E8323 2004
Title: Ethnicity & democracy in Africa / edited by Bruce Berman, Dickson Eyoh & Will Kymlicka.

Call Number: PS3529.N5 Z5555 2005
Title: Eugene O'Neill's last plays : separating art from autobiography / Doris Alexander.

Call Number: D208 .S57 2006
Title: Europe and the Americas : state formation, capitalism and civilizations in Atlantic modernity / by Jeremy Smith with an introduction by S.N. Eisenstadt.

Call Number: HC240 .D3795 2006
Title: Europe at the crossroads : will the EU ever be able to compete with the United States as an economic power? / Guillermo de la Dehesa.

Call Number: D511 .F746 2004
Title: Europe's last summer : who started the Great War in 1914? / David Fromkin.

Call Number: HV6439.E8 E865 2005
Title: European street gangs and troublesome youth groups / edited by Scott H. Decker and Frank M. Weerman.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, A483
Title: Evaluating instructional technology training sessions for teachers / by Olga Alvarez.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, Z865
Title: Evaluating the effectiveness of an Excel logical functions tutorial on beginning Excel college students / by Lizbeth R. Zuniga.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.Y125 Eve 2007
Title: Every Friday / Dan Yaccarino.

Call Number: PQ305 .S46 2006
Title: Everyday life : theories and practices from surrealism to the present / Michael Sheringham.

Call Number: PN1995.9.A68 S46 2006
Title: Evil Arabs in American popular film : orientalist fear / Tim Jon Semmerling.

Call Number: F2273 .H94 2006
Title: Evil hour in Colombia / Forrest Hylton.

Call Number: PS374.S33 B46 2004
Title: Evolution and the sex problem : American narratives during the eclipse of Darwinism / Bert Bender.

Call Number: B818 .W665 2007
Title: Evolution for everyone : how Darwin's theory can change the way we think about our lives / David Sloan Wilson.

Call Number: Folio QL468.7 .G75 2005
Title: Evolution of the insects / David Grimaldi, Michael S. Engel.

Call Number: QA76.618 .D45 2006
Title: Evolutionary computation : a unified approach / Kenneth A. De Jong.

Call Number: QH390 .E94 2006
Title: Evolutionary genetics : concepts and case studies / edited by Charles W. Fox, Jason B. Wolf.

Call Number: QH367.5 .A88 2006
Title: Evolutionary pathways in nature : a phylogenetic approach / John C. Avise illustrations by Trudy Nicholson.

Call Number: LB1707 .E93 2006
Title: Excellence in teaching and learning : bridging the gaps in theory, practice, and policy / edited by Adnan Salhi.

Call Number: PS2386 .M487 2006
Title: Exiled royalties : Melville and the life we imagine / Robert Milder.

Call Number: PS3568.O855 E95 2007
Title: Exit ghost / Philip Roth.

Call Number: Q127.G7 G73 2006
Title: Explaining the cosmos : the Ionian tradition of scientific philosophy / Daniel W. Graham.

Call Number: QC20 .K615 2006
Title: Explorations in mathematical physics : the concepts behind an elegant language / Don Koks.

Call Number: G635.K2 C43 2004
Title: Exploring other worlds : Margaret Fox, Elisha Kent Kane, and the antebellum culture of curiosity / David Chapin.

Call Number: GB5014 .E98 2006
Title: Extreme events in nature and society / S. Albeverio, V. Jentsch, H. Kantz (eds.).

Call Number: PS3606.O38 E97 2005
Title: Extremely loud & incredibly close / Jonathan Safran Foer.

Call Number: TR140.S637 A3 2004
Title: Eyes of memory : photographs from the archives of Herbert and Leni Sonnenfeld / text by Leni Sonnenfeld forward by James E. Young.