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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: RG851 .M37 2004
Title: Dangerous motherhood : insanity and childbirth in Victorian Britain / Hilary Marland.

Call Number: PQ4394 .S76 2006
Title: Dante's pluralism and the Islamic philosophy of religion / Gregory B. Stone.

Call Number: QH31.D2 E43 2005
Title: Darwin : discovering the tree of life / by Niles Eldredge.

Call Number: QH365.O8 B76 2006
Title: Darwin's Origin of species : a biography / Janet Browne.

Call Number: PS3602.E75 D37 2007
Title: Das kapital : a novel of love and money markets / Viken Berberian.

Call Number: DA566.9.B39 H69 2007
Title: Daughter of the desert";"Gertrude Bell : queen of the desert, shaper of nations / Georgina Howell.

Call Number: HD6073.M62 U68 2006
Title: Daughters of the mountain : women coal miners in central Appalachia / Suzanne E. Tallichet.

Call Number: JC539 .C498 2007
Title: Day of empire : how hyperpowers rise to global dominance--and why they fall / Amy Chua.

Call Number: ML419.J37 H37 2006
Title: Dazzling stranger / Colin Harper.

Call Number: HV2883 .N35 2006
Title: Deaf in Japan : signing and the politics of identity / Karen Nakamura.

Call Number: E748.A15 B45 2006
Title: Dean Acheson : a life in the Cold War / Robert L. Beisner.

Call Number: PS301.P623 .D43 2002
Title: Dear editor : a history of Poetry in letters : the first fifty years, 1912-1962 / edited and compiled by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young introductions and commentary by Joseph Parisi foreword by Billy Collins.

Call Number: QB982 .T965 2007
Title: Death by black hole : and other cosmic quandaries / Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Call Number: KF9227.C2 G47 2005
Title: Death penalty on trial : a handbook with cases, laws, and documents / Gary P. Gershman.

Call Number: E185.86 .D943 2007
Title: Debating race with Michael Eric Dyson / Michael Eric Dyson.

Call Number: E839 .J46 2006
Title: Decade of nightmares : the end of the sixties and the making of eighties America / Philip Jenkins.

Call Number: QA76.76.E95 S4436 2006
Title: Decoding the universe : how the new science of information is explaining everything in the cosmos, from our brains to black holes / Charles Seife.

Call Number: HD75 .M353 2007
Title: Deep economy : the wealth of communities and the durable future / Bill McKibben.

Call Number: TL795.3 .M38 2005
Title: Deep-space probes : to the outer solar system and beyond / Gregory L. Matloff.

Call Number: KF224.O43 D38 2007
Title: Defending the damned : inside Chicago's Cook County public defender's office / Kevin Davis.

Call Number: SB451 .H45 2006
Title: Defiant gardens : making gardens in wartime / Kenneth I. Helphand.

Call Number: PR27 .A86 2005
Title: Defining literary criticism : scholarship, authority, and the possession of literary knowledge, 1880-2002 / Carol Atherton.

Call Number: HN79.A13 G54 2008
Title: Defying Dixie : the radical roots of civil rights, 1919-1950 / Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore.

Call Number: QC981.8.C5 R367 2007
Title: Degrees that matter : climate change and the university / Ann Rappaport and Sarah Hammond Creighton.

Call Number: JC423 .B3427 2005
Title: Democracy as the political empowerment of the people : the betrayal of an ideal / Majid Behrouzi.

Call Number: JN6760 .S26 2002
Title: Democratic government in Poland : constitutional politics since 1989 / George Sanford.

Call Number: CC79.D46 C47 2006
Title: Demography in archaeology / Andrew Chamberlain.

Call Number: HC106 .H535 2006
Title: Depression, war, and cold war : studies in political economy / by Robert Higgs.

Call Number: QC958 .G68 2006
Title: Desert dust in the global system / A.S. Goudie, N.J. Middleton.

Call Number: UA23 .F348 2006
Title: Desertion and the American soldier, 1776-2006 / Robert Fantina.

Call Number: T171 .M475 2004
Title: Designing MIT : Bosworth's New Tech / Mark Jarzombek.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, M336
Title: Designing, creating and deploying the quality manual for continuous improvement for the Project Management Institute - Portland Chapter / by John C. McMichael.

Call Number: PR2248 .S28 2006
Title: Desiring Donne : poetry, sexuality, interpretation / Ben Saunders.

Call Number: PN2091.S8 J33 2006
Title: Developing and maintaining a design-tech portfolio : a guide for theatre, film, and TV / Rafael Jaen.

Call Number: TK5105.88815 .A55 2005
Title: Developing Semantic Web services / H. Peter Alesso, Craig F. Smith.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, B687
Title: Development of an internal audit checklist for simultaneous audit of integrated management systems / by Denis Robert Bourcier.

Call Number: QH546 .W45 2003
Title: Developmental plasticity and evolution / Mary Jane West-Eberhard.

Call Number: B3279.H49 B3713 2006
Title: Dialogue avec Heidegger. English";"Dialogue with Heidegger : Greek philosophy / Jean Beaufret translated by Mark Sinclair.

Call Number: GE235.L8 L47 2005
Title: Diamond : a struggle for environmental justice in Louisiana's chemical corridor / Steve Lerner.

Call Number: PN2598.P27 A3 2007
Title: Diaries 1969-1979 : the Python years / Michael Palin.

Call Number: F1505.2.C3 J64 2007
Title: Diaspora conversions : Black Carib religion and the recovery of Africa / Paul Christopher Johnson.

Call Number: Ref E174 .D52 2003
Title: Dictionary of American history / Stanley I. Kutler, editor in chief.

Call Number: Ref N40 .D5213 2006
Title: Dictionary of artists / Benezit

Call Number: BF1407 .D529 2006
Title: Dictionary of gnosis & Western esotericism / edited by Wouter J. Hanegraaff in collaboration with Antoine Faivre, Roelof van den Broek, Jean-Pierre Brach.

Call Number: Ref QH203 .H43 2005
Title: Dictionary of microscopy / Julian P. Heath.

Call Number: HC110.P6 Z83 2006
Title: Differences that matter : social policy and the working poor in the United States and Canada / Dan Zuberi.

Call Number: HV7436 .G653 2006
Title: Disarmed : the missing movement for gun control in America / Kristin A. Goss.

Call Number: PR4037 .K73 2007
Title: Disciplining love : Austen and the modern man / Michael Kramp.

Call Number: KF4755 .W36 2006
Title: Discrimination by default : how racism becomes routine / Lu-in Wang.

Call Number: TX910.5.J673 A3 2007
Title: Dishwasher : one man's quest to wash dishes in all fifty states / Pete Jordan.

Call Number: PN1993.5.Y8 L48 2007
Title: Disintegration in frames : aesthetics and ideology in the Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav cinema / Pavle Levi.

Call Number: DS797.86.D37 N67 2006
Title: Displacing desire : travel and popular culture in China / Beth E. Notar.

Call Number: BF575.T7 D57 2004
Title: Distrust / Russell Hardin, editor.

Call Number: ML1700 .G7397 2006
Title: Divas and scholars : performing Italian opera / Philip Gossett.

Call Number: LC3727 .D54 2001
Title: Diversity challenged : evidence on the impact of affirmative action / edited by Gary Orfield, with Michal Kurlaender.

Call Number: PR6070.H685 D58 2005
Title: Divided kingdom / Rupert Thomson.

Call Number: CMC Juv ML3930.G47 W56 2006
Title: Dizzy / by Jonah Winter illustrated by Sean Qualls.

Call Number: QL785 .W9525 2004
Title: Do animals think? / Clive D.L. Wynne.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.S4514 Dog 2007
Title: Dog and Bear : two friends, three stories / Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Call Number: HV9507 .M315 2006
Title: Doing time on the outside : deconstructing the benevolent community / Madonna R. Maidment.

Call Number: PR6052.O35 D66 2007
Title: Domestic violence : poems / Eavan Boland.

Call Number: PS3570.R433 D66 2000
Title: Domestic work : poems / by Natasha Trethewey selected and introduced by Rita Dove.

Call Number: PS3566.A683 D66 2007
Title: Don't make me stop now : stories / by Michael Parker.

Call Number: PS3615.N45 D66 2004
Title: Don't mean nothing : short stories of Vietnam / Susan O'Neill.

Call Number: B945.D384 L475 2007
Title: Donald Davidson's truth-theoretic semantics / Ernest Lepore, Kirk Ludwig.

Call Number: BS651 .S3167 2007
Title: Doubting Darwin? : creationist designs on evolution / Sahotra Sarkar.

Call Number: QL520.2.A1 G37 2006
Title: Dragonfly genera of the New World : an illustrated and annotated key to the Anisoptera / Rosser W. Garrison, Natalia von Ellenrieder, and Jerry A. Louton.

Call Number: PN3171 .P57 2006
Title: Drama activities for K-6 students : creating classroom spirit / Milton E. Polsky, Dorothy Napp Schindel, Carmine Tabone.

Call Number: QH76.5.L8 D73 2006
Title: Drawing Louisiana's new map : addressing land loss in coastal Louisiana / Committee on the Restoration and Protection of Coastal Louisiana, Ocean Studies Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.

Call Number: Folio ND673.R9 S88 2004
Title: Drawn by the brush : oil sketches by Peter Paul Rubens / Peter C. Sutton, Marjorie E. Wieseman with Nico van Hout.

Call Number: QM25 .S267 2006
Title: Dream anatomy / Michael Sappol.

Call Number: PS3511.A738 D74 2007
Title: Dreaming baseball / by James T. Farrell edited by Ron Briley, Margaret Davidson, and James Barbour foreword by Eliot Asinof.

Call Number: Folio TR655 .P48 2006
Title: Dreaming in black and white : photography at the Julien Levy Gallery / Katherine Ware and Peter Barberie.

Call Number: QA76.76.D47 R668 2007
Title: Dreaming in code : two dozen programmers, three years, 4,732 bugs, and one quest for transcendent software / Scott Rosenberg.

Call Number: PS3569.E314 R47 2004
Title: Dress your family in corduroy and denim / David Sedaris.

Call Number: PS3554.I259 D76 1996
Title: Drown / Junot Díaz.

Call Number: HV5801 .M324 2006
Title: Drug wars and coffeehouses : the political economy of the international drug trade / David R. Mares.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.H563737 Duc 2006
Title: Duck & Goose / written & illustrated by Tad Hills.

Call Number: HV6431 .P355 2005
Title: Dying to win : the strategic logic of suicide terrorism / Robert A. Pape.

Call Number: BQ9449.D657 K563 2007
Title: Dōgen on meditation and thinking : a reflection on his view of Zen / Hee-Jin Kim.