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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: TP548 .M4687 2002
Title: Bacchus & me : adventures in the wine cellar / Jay McInerney.

Call Number: PS3569.N88 B33 2007
Title: Back on the fire : essays / Gary Snyder.

Call Number: DC373.D353 C36 2006
Title: Bad faith : a forgotten history of family, fatherland and Vichy France / Carmen Callil.

Call Number: HD57.7 .K47 2004
Title: Bad leadership : what it is, how it happens, why it matters / Barbara Kellerman.

Call Number: DR45 .L36 2006
Title: Balkans into southeastern Europe : a century of war and transition / John R. Lampe.

Call Number: GV1788 .W44 1982
Title: Ballet body book";"Leigh Welles' Ballet body book : exercises to reshape your body--and free your spirit / by Leigh Welles edited by Jessica Deutsch.

Call Number: PR6052.U617 B3626 2007
Title: Bangkok haunts / John Burdett.

Call Number: HG2613.T65 M47 2004
Title: Banksters, bosses, and smart money : a social history of the great Toledo bank crash of 1931 / Timothy Messer-Kruse.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, P3564
Title: Banners of the king : counter-revolutionary movements in France, 1789-1795 / by Steven W. Palmer.

Call Number: D135 .G65 2006
Title: Barbarian tides : the migration age and the later Roman Empire / Walter Goffart.

Call Number: GV877 .B255 2006
Title: Baseball between the numbers : why everything you know about the game is wrong / by the experts at Baseball Prospectus, James Click ... [et al.] edited by Jonah Keri.

Call Number: PM7831 .B53 2008
Title: Bastard tongues : a trailblazing linguist finds clues to our common humanity in the world's lowliest languages / Derek Bickerton.

Call Number: HV8148.C42 K87 2004
Title: Battleground Chicago : the police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention / Frank Kusch.

Call Number: GN671.M3 D45 2004
Title: Beach crossings : voyaging across times, cultures, and self / Greg Dening.

Call Number: PS323.5 .E67 2006
Title: Beautiful enemies : friendship and postwar American poetry / Andrew Epstein.

Call Number: LG421.K35 S53 2005
Title: Becoming an African university : Makerere, 1922-2000 / Carol Sicherman.

Call Number: BF637.C6 F576 2007
Title: Becoming culturally oriented : practical advice for psychologists and educators / Nadya A. Fouad and Patricia Arredondo.

Call Number: BR1495.N5 R63 2003
Title: Becoming sinners : Christianity and moral torment in a Papua New Guinea society / by Joel Robbins.

Call Number: TP577 .B34 2003
Title: Beer : tap into the art and science of brewing / by Charles Bamforth.

Call Number: F1923 .G25 2006
Title: Before Haiti : race and citizenship in French Saint-Domingue / John D. Garrigus.

Call Number: PR9369.3.B7 B44 2007
Title: Before I forget / André Brink.

Call Number: PS3566.A46 A17 2001
Title: Begin again : collected poems / Grace Paley.

Call Number: DS740.5.V5 B44 2006
Title: Behind the bamboo curtain : China, Vietnam, and the world beyond Asia / edited by Priscilla Roberts.

Call Number: BJ1012 .B535 2001
Title: Being good : an introduction to ethics / Simon Blackburn.

Call Number: BT82.7 .H655 2005
Title: Being human : race, culture, and religion / Dwight N. Hopkins.

Call Number: QP411 .M485 2003
Title: Being no one : the self-model theory of subjectivity / Thomas Metzinger.

Call Number: PS3570.R433 B45 2002
Title: Bellocq's Ophelia : poems / by Natasha Trethewey.

Call Number: F189.R69 P75 1999
Title: Beloved sisters and loving friends : letters from Rebecca Primus of Royal Oak, Maryland and Addie Brown of Hartford, Connecticut, 1854-1868 / edited by Farah Jasmine Griffin.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.C8693 Bel 2006
Title: Below / Nina Crews.

Call Number: KF8202 2006
Title: Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the first nations: the treaties of 1736-62 / edited by Susan Kalter.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.C44625 Be 2006
Title: Best best friends / Margaret Chodos-Irvine.

Call Number: Ref B741 .B56 2006
Title: Best practices in writing instruction / edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, Jill Fitzgerald

Call Number: LB1576 .B487 2007
Title: Best practices in writing instruction / edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, Jill Fitzgerald.

Call Number: PR6003.E77 Z95 2006
Title: Betjeman : a life / by A.N. Wilson.

Call Number: UC23 2003 .R37 2007
Title: Betraying our troops : the destructive results of privatizing war / Dina Rasor and Robert Bauman.

Call Number: PS3607.O452 B48 2007
Title: Better than chocolate / by Bruce Golden.

Call Number: NK4210.T265 A4 2005
Title: Between clouds of memory : Akio Takamori, a mid-career survey / edited by Peter Held essays by Garth Clark ... [et al.].

Call Number: DS849.K7 K64 2007
Title: Between discord and cooperation : Japan and the two Koreas / Byung Chul Koh.

Call Number: DJK76.4 .F47 2005
Title: Between the woods and the water : on foot from Constantinople the Middle Danube to the Iron Gates / by Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Jan Morris.

Call Number: PN56.P93 M45 2006
Title: Beyond Lacan / James M. Mellard.

Call Number: LC212.2 .B49 2005
Title: Beyond silenced voices : class, race, and gender in United States schools / edited by Lois Weis and Michelle Fine.

Call Number: E98.E85 F58 2007
Title: Beyond white ethnicity : developing a sociological understanding of Native American identity reclamation / Kathleen J. Fitzgerald.

Call Number: BR115.I7 A53 2005
Title: Biblical interpretation and Middle East policy : the promised land, America, and Israel, 1917-2002 / Irvine H. Anderson.

Call Number: BS521.7 .K38 2004
Title: Biblical narrative and the death of the rhapsode / Robert S. Kawashima.

Call Number: TN805.A5 G665 2006
Title: Big coal : the dirty secret behind America's energy future / Jeff Goodell.

Call Number: D838.A86 R44 2004
Title: Bigger than Gallipoli : war, history, and memory in Australia / Liz Reed.

Call Number: TP248.2 .B37495 1995
Title: Biopolitics : a feminist and ecological reader on biotechnology / edited by Vandana Shiva & Ingunn Moser.

Call Number: HQ766.5.G7 F57 2006
Title: Birth control, sex and marriage in Britain, 1918-1960 / Kate Fisher.

Call Number: PL248.S474 B5813 2004
Title: Bit palas. English";"The flea palace / by Elif Shafak translated by Müge Göçek.

Call Number: LC3733.E93 S36 2004
Title: Black and brown : race, ethnicity, and school preparation / William A. Sampson.

Call Number: BX8643.A35 B57 2004
Title: Black and Mormon / edited by Newell G. Bringhurst and Darron T. Smith.

Call Number: GV863.I32 C453 2006
Title: Black baseball and Chicago : essays on the players, teams, and games of the Negro leagues' most important city / edited by Leslie A. Heaphy.

Call Number: PS3545.R815 Z96 2005
Title: Black boy : (American hunger) : a record of childhood and youth / Richard Wright foreword by Edward P. Jones.

Call Number: PR120.M55 S74 2004
Title: Black British literature : novels of transformation / Mark Stein.

Call Number: PT345 .Y68 2005
Title: Black devil and iron angel : the railway in nineteenth-century German realism / Paul A. Youngman.

Call Number: PS338.N4 W48 2003
Title: Black Dionysus : Greek tragedy and African American theatre / Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr.

Call Number: PR9199.3.S51135 B57 1993
Title: Black light : ten stories and a novella / by Ron W. Shaw.

Call Number: BL65.P7 G69 2007
Title: Black mass : apocalyptic religion and the death of utopia / John Gray.

Call Number: CMC Juv PE1591 .S445 2006
Title: Black? white! day? night! : a book of opposites / by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Call Number: DS79.76 .S322 2007
Title: Blackwater : the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army / Jeremy Scahill.

Call Number: BF724 .B487 2003
Title: Blackwell handbook of adolescence / edited by Gerald R. Adams and Michael D. Berzonsky.

Call Number: HD30.37 .F59 2006
Title: Blog rules : a business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues / Nancy Flynn.

Call Number: TK5105.8884 .H65 2006
Title: Blogging for business : everything you need to know and why you should care / Shel Holtz + Ted Demopoulos.

Call Number: HD9566 .K58 2004
Title: Blood and oil : the dangers and consequences of America's growing petroleum dependency / Michael T. Klare.

Call Number: HD5325.M616 1913 M37 2007
Title: Blood passion : the Ludlow Massacre and class war in the American West / Scott Martelle.

Call Number: ML420.D66 C65 2006
Title: Blue Monday : Fats Domino and the lost dawn of rock 'n' roll / Rick Coleman.

Call Number: PR6064.I2 B57 1996
Title: Blue murder : a play or two / Peter Nichols.

Call Number: ML3521 .W45 2005
Title: Blues : the basics / Dick Weissman.

Call Number: QP401 .C76 2006
Title: Blushing and the social emotions : the self unmasked / W. Ray Crozier.

Call Number: E840.8.K4 H47 2007
Title: Bobby and J. Edgar : the historic face-off between the Kennedys and J. Edgar Hoover that transformed America / Burton Hersh.

Call Number: PN2270.A35 B77 2006
Title: Bodies in dissent : spectacular performances of race and freedom, 1850-1910 / Daphne A. Brooks.

Call Number: PR9499.3.T535 Z465 2005
Title: Bookless in Baghdad : reflections on writing and writers / by Shashi Tharoor.

Call Number: PR468.R65 W65 2006
Title: Borderlines : the shiftings of gender in British romanticism / Susan J. Wolfson.

Call Number: GV415 .F68 2005
Title: Boston's ballparks & arenas / Alan E. Foulds.

Call Number: QK45.2 .G57 2006
Title: Botany illustrated : introduction to plants, major groups, flowering plant families / Janice Glimn-Lacy and Peter B. Kaufman.

Call Number: P53.775 .C37 2006
Title: Boys and foreign language learning : real boys don't do languages / Jo Carr and Anne Pauwels.

Call Number: HM831 .W48 2006
Title: Brain and culture : neurobiology, ideology, and social change / Bruce E. Wexler.

Call Number: GV865.R45 L68 2007
Title: Branch Rickey : baseball's ferocious gentleman / Lee Lowenfish.

Call Number: HF6146.P78 L43 2007
Title: Branded entertainment : product placement & brand strategy in the entertainment business / Jean-Marc Lehu.

Call Number: ML3487.B7 C76 2005
Title: Brazilian music : northeastern traditions and the heartbeat of a modern nation / Larry Crook.

Call Number: RC488.5 .A65 1994
Title: Bread & spirit : therapy with the new poor : diversity of race, culture, and values / Harry J. Aponte.

Call Number: GV994.B53 A3 2007
Title: Breaking back : how I lost everything and won back my life / James Blake, with Andrew Friedman.

Call Number: BL2775.3 .D46 2006
Title: Breaking the spell : religion as a natural phenomenon / Daniel C. Dennett.

Call Number: BX830 1962 .A55 2006
Title: Breve storia del Concilio Vaticano II. English";"A brief history of Vatican II / Giuseppe Alberigo translated by Matthew Sherry.

Call Number: Ref PN43 .B65 2005
Title: Brewer's dictionary of phrase & fable.

Call Number: DF229.T6 B75 2006
Title: Brill's companion to Thucydides / edited by Antonios Rengakos and Antonis Tsakmakis.

Call Number: QA135.6 .S427 2007
Title: Bringing out the algebraic character of arithmetic : from children's ideas to classroom practice / Analúcia D. Schliemann, David W. Carraher, Bárbara M. Brizuela.

Call Number: BL65.I55 F69 2004
Title: Bringing religion into international relations / Jonathan Fox and Shmuel Sandler.

Call Number: DA566 .M66 2007
Title: Britain in the twentieth century / Charles More.

Call Number: DA47.9.K4 P47 2004
Title: Britain, Kenya, and the Cold War : imperial defence, colonial security, and decolonisation / David A. Percox.

Call Number: Folio ND461 .W738 2006
Title: British and Irish paintings in public collections : an index of British and Irish oil paintings by artists born before 1870 in public and institutional collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland / compiled by Christopher Wright with Catherine Gordon and Mary Peskett Smith.

Call Number: PA3465 .A2 2007
Title: Broken laughter : select fragments of Greek comedy / edited with introduction, commentary, and translation, S. Douglas Olson.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, A436
Title: Brothers in arms : the Daley boys in the First World War / by Robert W. Alcock.

Call Number: BQ4630 .S43 2006
Title: Buddhist goddesses of India / Miranda Shaw.

Call Number: BQ1172.E5 S43 2006
Title: Buddhist meditation : an anthology of texts from the Pāli canon / [selected and translated by] Sarah Shaw.

Call Number: SB413.B86 S78 2006
Title: Buddlejas / David D. Stuart foreword by Michael A. Dirr.

Call Number: HJ2053.A1 B74 2006
Title: Budgeting in the states : institutions, processes, and politics / edited by Edward J. Clynch and Thomas P. Lauth.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, M844
Title: Building a software project measurement plan / by Mark H. Muehlhausen.

Call Number: LB1072 .B85 2004
Title: Building academic success on social and emotional learning : what does the research say? / edited by Joseph E. Zins ... [et al.] foreword by Daniel Goleman.

Call Number: LB3013.3 .O77 2006
Title: Bullying prevention : creating a positive school climate and developing social competence / Pamela Orpinas, Arthur M. Horne.

Call Number: PS153.I8 V57 2006
Title: Buried Caesars, and other secrets of Italian American writing / Robert Viscusi.

Call Number: E185.61 .J37 2007
Title: Buried in the bitter waters : the hidden history of racial cleansing in America / Elliot Jaspin.

Call Number: BQ5680.S45 B46 2007
Title: Burning for the Buddha : self-immolation in Chinese Buddhism / James A. Benn.

Call Number: HC110.C6 S46 2004
Title: Business, not politics : the making of the gay market / Katherine Sender.

Call Number: HV9304 .T68 2005
Title: But they all come back : facing the challenges of prisoner reentry / Jeremy Travis.

Call Number: PS3545.I5286 B8 2007
Title: Butcher's Crossing / John Williams introduction by Michelle Latiolas.

Call Number: CMC Juv PS3569.I295 B88 2006
Title: Butterfly eyes and other secrets of the meadow / written by Joyce Sidman illustrated by Beth Krommes.

Call Number: GV1588.6 .C53 2004
Title: Butting out : reading resistive choreographies through works by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Chandralekha / Ananya Chatterjea.

Call Number: HC110.D4 B596 1994
Title: Buying for Armageddon : business, society, and military spending since the Cuban missile crisis / John L. Boies.

Call Number: PR6119.T33 B92 2007
Title: By George : a novel / Wesley Stace.

Call Number: BX300 .B99 2006
Title: Byzantine Christianity / Derek Krueger, editor.