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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, A354
Title: A balanced scorecard for the clinical laboratory / by Maureen Ahler.

Call Number: E664.M96 M37 2006
Title: A Black congressman in the age of Jim Crow : South Carolina's George Washington Murray / John F. Marszalek foreword by John David Smith.

Call Number: PS3569.H4865 B75 1995
Title: A bridge between us / Julie Shigekuni.

Call Number: JF801 .H425 2004
Title: A brief history of citizenship / Derek Heater.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, P373
Title: A CAI field test : Plate Tectonics / by Lynn Pardon.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, T334
Title: A CAI fieldtest : Rounding / by Cheryl Tabellion.

Call Number: CB251 .M284 2007
Title: A call for heresy : why dissent is vital to Islam and America / Anouar Majid.

Call Number: HQ76.3.U5 D7
Title: A Christian view of homosexuality / John W. Drakeford.

Call Number: BX946 .N66 2005
Title: A church that can and cannot change : the development of Catholic moral teaching / John T. Noonan, Jr.

Call Number: PN1993.5.S7 F338 2006
Title: A cinema of contradiction : Spanish film in the 1960s / Sally Faulkner.

Call Number: BR515 .W58 2007
Title: A city upon a hill : how sermons changed the course of American history / Larry Witham.

Call Number: LC3995.N5 K54 2007
Title: A class apart : prodigies, pressure and passion inside one of America's best high schools / Alec Klein.

Call Number: BR555.N78 C66 2006
Title: A coat of many colors : religion and society along the Cape Fear River of North Carolina / Walter H. Conser, Jr.

Call Number: E185 .C66 2005
Title: A companion to African American history / edited by Alton Hornsby, Jr.

Call Number: QB14 .L36 2006
Title: A companion to astronomy and astrophysics : chronology and glossary with data tables / Kenneth R. Lang.

Call Number: B3279.H49 C64 2005
Title: A companion to Heidegger / edited by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall.

Call Number: B2798 .C75 2006
Title: A companion to Kant / edited by Graham Bird.

Call Number: PN3433.5 .C73 2005
Title: A companion to science fiction / edited by David Seed.

Call Number: PR851 .C57 2005
Title: A companion to the eighteenth-century English novel and culture / edited by Paula R. Backscheider and Catherine Ingrassia.

Call Number: QL695 .S25 2006
Title: A complete guide to Arctic wildlife / Richard Sale photographs by Per Michelsen and Richard Sale.

Call Number: KF6464 .M66 2006
Title: A complete introduction to corporate taxation / Reginald Mombrun, Gail Levin Richmond.

Call Number: PR9450.9.G86 C66 2007
Title: A concise Chinese-English dictionary for lovers / Xiaolu Guo.

Call Number: PR3093 .C65 2006
Title: A concise companion to Shakespeare on screen / edited by Diana E. Henderson.

Call Number: PR441 .C665 2005
Title: A concise companion to the Restoration and eighteenth century / edited by Cynthia Wall.

Call Number: DS907.18 .S4 2006
Title: A concise history of Korea : from the neolithic period through the nineteenth century / Michael J. Seth.

Call Number: DU420 .M45 2005
Title: A concise history of New Zealand / Philippa Mein Smith.

Call Number: QC20 .S965 2004
Title: A course in modern mathematical physics : groups, Hilbert space, and differential geometry / Peter Szekeres.

Call Number: PN81 .C835 2004
Title: A critical and cultural theory reader / edited by Antony Easthope and Kate McGowan.

Call Number: PR2364 .C68 2006
Title: A critical companion to Spenser studies / edited by Bart van Es.

Call Number: PS3613.E46 F36 2006
Title: A family daughter : a novel / Maile Meloy.

Call Number: QL717 .R45 2006
Title: A field guide to mammals of North America north of Mexico/ Fiona A. Reid.

Call Number: BF109.H6 K57 2002
Title: A forgotten voice : the biography of Leta Stetter Hollingworth / Ann G. Klein.

Call Number: GV863.A1 M654 2006
Title: A game of inches : the stories behind the innovations that shaped baseball : the game behind the scenes / Peter Morris.

Call Number: QH429.2.C28 S76 2005
Title: A genetic and cultural odyssey : the life and work of L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza / Linda Stone and Paul F. Lurquin.

Call Number: LB1139.35.C64 S57 2006
Title: A guide to developing the ICT curriculum for early childhood education / Iram and John Siraj-Blatchford.

Call Number: GV14.5 .H245 2006
Title: A handbook of leisure studies / edited by Chris Rojek, Susan M. Shaw, A.J. Veal.

Call Number: PS3557.A66 H36 2007
Title: A handbook to luck / Cristina García.

Call Number: CT21 .R59 2005
Title: A higher form of cannibalism? : adventures in the art and politics of biography / Carl Rollyson.

Call Number: HD2741 .H568 2005
Title: A history of corporate governance around the world : family business groups to professional managers / edited by Randall K. Morck.

Call Number: DG737.4 .N35 2006
Title: A history of Florence 1200-1575 / John M. Najemy.

Call Number: DT236 .V35 2006
Title: A history of modern Libya / Dirk Vandewalle.

Call Number: HQ1061 .H54 2005
Title: A history of old age / edited By Pat Thane.

Call Number: QA76.73.J38 L362 2007
Title: A Java library of graph algorithms and optimization / Hang T. Lau.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, C776
Title: A Jungian analysis of Beowulf / by Dawn E. Crouse.

Call Number: LC191.94 .S48 2005
Title: A larger sense of purpose : higher education and society / Harold T. Shapiro.

Call Number: BF697.5.S427 W37 2007
Title: A lifetime of secrets : a PostSecret book / Frank Warren.

Call Number: QA29.G58 W357 1996
Title: A logical journey : from Gödel to philosophy / Hao Wang.

Call Number: QC271 .S44 2002
Title: A matter of degrees : what temperature reveals about the past and future of our species, planet, and universe / Gino Segrè.

Call Number: BR115.C8 M2398 2005
Title: A mosaic of believers : diversity and innovation in a multiethnic church / Gerardo Marti.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, BIO, Y363
Title: A novel putative ribosomal protein S3 in dark-adapted octopus retinal cells / by Hideki Yamamoto.

Call Number: KF8742 .I763 2006
Title: A people's history of the Supreme Court : the men and women whose cases and decisions have shaped our Constitution / Peter Irons.

Call Number: SB454.3.P34 C66 2006
Title: A philosophy of gardens / David E. Cooper.

Call Number: Folio TR680 .L377 2006
Title: A photographer's life, 1990-2005 / Annie Leibovitz.

Call Number: GV709 .18.U6 S86 2005
Title: A place on the team : the triumph and tragedy of Title IX / Welch Suggs.

Call Number: DS79.9.H27 H55 2007
Title: A poisonous affair : America, Iraq, and the gassing of Halabja / Joost R. Hiltermann.

Call Number: JC573 .S273 2006
Title: A political philosophy / Roger Scruton.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, BIO, S653
Title: A preliminary survey of the insect population associated with the Arroyo willow, Salix Lasiolepis, in southern California / by Steven Slick.

Call Number: BL2525 .A435 2007
Title: A republic of mind and spirit : a cultural history of American metaphysical religion / Catherine L. Albanese.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HEA, V376
Title: A retrospective chart review study : the incidence of musculoskeletal pain in adolescents between ages eleven to eighteen years related to faulty posture, sitting and faulty ergonomic computer use as evaluated by physical therapists / by Denisa Varnum.

Call Number: BL2747.8 .T39 2007
Title: A secular age / Charles Taylor.

Call Number: PT2361.Z5 R63 2003
Title: A study of the major novellas of E.T.A. Hoffmann / Birgit Röder.

Call Number: PN1998.3.F85 A3 2002
Title: A third face : my tale of writing, fighting, and filmmaking / Samuel Fuller with Christa Fuller and Jerome Henry Rudes.

Call Number: E741 .J43 2006
Title: A time of paradox : America since 1890 / Glen Jeansonne with David Luhrssen.

Call Number: BX2435 .F43 2007
Title: A time to keep silence / Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Karen Armstrong drawings by John Craxton.

Call Number: QA9 .W7483 2005
Title: A tour through mathematical logic / Robert S. Wolf.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, QAS, F573
Title: A universal methodology for the selection and qualification of suppliers / by Keith Scott Fischer.

Call Number: QL463 .W25 1006
Title: A walk around the pond : insects in and over the water / Gilbert Waldbauer.

Call Number: PS3562.U86 W67 2007
Title: A working man's apocrypha : short stories / William Luvaas.

Call Number: F216 .A85 2002
Title: A year in the South : four lives in 1865 / Stephen V. Ash.

Call Number: PR6052.Y2 Z62 2004
Title: A.S. Byatt and the heliotropic imagination / Jane Campbell.

Call Number: BF2050 .C56 2005
Title: Abducted : how people come to believe they were kidnapped by aliens / Susan A. Clancy.

Call Number: RA449 .W35 2006
Title: Aboriginal health in Canada : historical, cultural, and epidemiological perspectives / James B. Waldram, D. Ann Herring and T. Kue Young.

Call Number: PS3604.O34 A63 2004
Title: About Grace : a novel / Anthony Doerr.

Call Number: PS572.L6 A27 1996
Title: Absolute disaster : fiction from Los Angeles / edited by Lee Montgomery.

Call Number: PS3619.H79 A63 2006
Title: Absurdistan / Gary Shteyngart.

Call Number: QL239 .C66 2005
Title: Act III in Patagonia : people and wildlife / William Conway.

Call Number: PN1995.9.A3 G35 2006
Title: Action figures : men, action films, and contemporary adventure narratives / by Mark Gallagher.

Call Number: B828.45 .N64 2004
Title: Action in perception / Alva Noë.

Call Number: HV875.55 .A3642 2002
Title: Adoption in America : historical perspectives / edited by E. Wayne Carp.

Call Number: BF575.A86 A38 2004
Title: Adult attachment : theory, research, and clinical implications / edited by W. Steven Rholes, Jeffry A. Simpson.

Call Number: HD73 .A33 2007
Title: Advancing development : core themes in global economics / edited by George Mavrotas and Anthony Shorrocks foreword by Amartya Sen.

Call Number: RA440.5 .Z37 2006
Title: Advancing health literacy : a framework for understanding and action / Christina Zarcadoolas, Andrew F. Pleasant, David S. Greer.

Call Number: GR78 .D38 2006
Title: Adventures in unhistory : conjectures on the factual foundations of several ancient legends / by Avram Davidson illustrated by George Barr with an introduction by Peter S. Beagle.

Call Number: HF5813.U6 S77 2005
Title: Advertising on trial : consumer activism and corporate public relations in the 1930s / Inger L. Stole

Call Number: PS153.N5 .L33 2007
Title: African American atheists and political liberation : a study of the sociocultural dynamics of faith / Michael Lackey.

Call Number: E185.86 .K57 2005
Title: African American childhoods : historical perspectives from slavery to civil rights / Wilma King.

Call Number: GV1624.7.A34 G53 2007
Title: African American dance : an illustrated history / Barbara S. Glass.

Call Number: GN46.A357 A47 2006
Title: African anthropologies : history, critique, and practice / edited by Mwenda Ntarangwi, David Mills, and Mustafa Babiker.

Call Number: PN1993.5.A35 A75 2006
Title: African filmmaking : north and south of the Sahara / Roy Armes.

Call Number: DT14 .A374244 2005
Title: African intellectuals : rethinking politics, language, gender, and development / Thandika Mkandawire.

Call Number: HT384.T342 D373 2005
Title: African underclass : urbanisation, crime & colonial order in Dar es Salaam / Andrew Burton.

Call Number: PL8014.Z55 A34 2006
Title: African womanhood in Zimbabwean literature : new critical perspectives on women's literature in African languages / edited by Zifikile Mguni, Munashe Furusa, and Ruby Magosvongwe.

Call Number: DT20 .I45 2007
Title: Africans : the history of a continent / John Iliffe.

Call Number: PS310.N4 C48 2005
Title: After Mecca : women poets and the Black Arts Movement / Cheryl Clarke.

Call Number: HE5611 .A36 2006
Title: Against automobility / edited by Steffen Böhm ... [et al.].

Call Number: E661 .B37 2007
Title: Age of betrayal : the triumph of money in America, 1865-1900 / Jack Beatty.

Call Number: DC101.5.A2 C86 2005
Title: Agincourt : a new history / Anne Curry foreword by Philippe Contamine.

Call Number: S441 .W28 2007
Title: Agroecology in action : extending alternative agriculture through social networks / Keith Douglass Warner.

Call Number: PR120.C3 C76 2007
Title: Aiming at heaven, getting the earth : the English Catholic novel today / Marian E. Crowe.

Call Number: TD883.2 .A64325 2004
Title: Air quality management in the United States / Committee on Air Quality Management in the United States, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on Earth and Life Studies.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, B377
Title: Alamut between the paradise of freedom and the bastion of terror / by Tannous Bassil.

Call Number: HB119.G74 C36 2006
Title: Alan Greenspan : the oracle behind the curtain / by E. Ray Canterbery.

Call Number: PN1998.3 .O24 2006
Title: Alanis Obomsawin : the vision of a native filmmaker / Randolph Lewis.

Call Number: E78.A3 F17 2006
Title: Alaska native art : tradition, innovation, continuity / Susan W. Fair edited by Jean Blodgett.

Call Number: ND237.K33 K35 2005
Title: Alex Katz / Carter Ratcliff, Robert Storr, Iwona Blazwick.

Call Number: QA214 .B49 2006
Title: Algebra für Einsteiger. English";"Galois theory for beginners : a historical perspective / Jörg Bewersdorff translated by David Kramer.

Call Number: E99.A35 A454 2005
Title: Algonquian spirit : contemporary translations of the Algonquian literatures of North America / edited by Brian Swann.

Call Number: QA76.76.C672 S62 2006
Title: Algorithms and networking for computer games / Jouni Smed, Harri Hakonen.

Call Number: NB237.A94 H63 2005
Title: Alice Aycock : sculpture and projects / Robert Hobbs.

Call Number: TX910.5.W38 M36 2007
Title: Alice Waters & Chez Panisse : the romantic, impractical, often eccentric, ultimately brilliant making of a food revolution / Thomas McNamee foreword by R.W. Apple, Jr.

Call Number: PS3570.I66 M637 2000
Title: Alien plots : female subjectivity and the divine in the light of James Tiptree's 'A momentary taste of being' / Inez van der Spek.

Call Number: CMC Juv PN1991.77.W3 M43 2006
Title: Aliens are coming! : the true account of the 1938 War of the worlds radio broadcast / Meghan McCarthy.

Call Number: PS3560.O4813 A77 2006
Title: All Aunt Hagar's children / Edward P. Jones.

Call Number: CMC Juv TX772 .G65 2006
Title: All in just one cookie / by Susan E. Goodman illustrated by Timothy Bush.

Call Number: ML156.7.A75 W55 2006
Title: All of me : the complete discography of Louis Armstrong / Jos Willems.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.P3166 All 2006
Title: All of the above : a novel / by Shelley Pearsall illustrations by Javaka Steptoe.

Call Number: PN849.C3 M45 2007
Title: All the difference in the world : postcoloniality and the ends of comparison / Natalie Melas.

Call Number: TR647 .F46 2004
Title: All the mighty world : the photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860 / Gordon Baldwin, Malcolm Daniel, and Sarah Greenough with contributions by Richard Pare, Pam Roberts, and Roger Taylor.

Call Number: JZ1570.A57 I72613 2006
Title: Alleanza inevitabile. English";"The inevitable alliance : Europe and the United States beyond Iraq / Vittorio Emanuele Parsi.

Call Number: TX652 .A46 2007
Title: Alone in the kitchen with an eggplant : confessions of cooking for one and dining alone / edited by Jenni Ferrari-Adler.

Call Number: HD9502.U52 S544 2007
Title: Alternative energy : political, economic, and social feasibility / Christopher A. Simon.

Call Number: P90 .G4776 2006
Title: Always already new : media, history and the data of culture / Lisa Gitelman.

Call Number: Ref R119 .A533 2007
Title: AMA manual of style : a guide for authors and editors.

Call Number: KF4541 .A87 2005
Title: America's constitution : a biography / Akhil Reed Amar.

Call Number: D888.U6 S85 2004
Title: American adventurism abroad : 30 invasions, interventions, and regime changes since World War II / Michael J. Sullivan III.

Call Number: ML28.E554 C6 2007
Title: American band : music, dreams, and coming of age in the heartland / Kristen Laine.

Call Number: PS255.C6 C48 2006
Title: American Bloomsbury : Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau : their lives, their loves, their work / Susan Cheever.

Call Number: NE1336.R62 A4 2006
Title: American dream : ten years of prints, books & drawings = diez años de grabados, libros y dibujos / Artemio Rodríguez

Call Number: PS309.E4 C38 2007
Title: American elegy : the poetry of mourning from the Puritans to Whitman / Max Cavitch.

Call Number: DS63.2.U5 R84 2006
Title: American encounters with Arabs : the soft power of U.S. public diplomacy in the Middle East / William A. Rugh.

Call Number: JZ1480 .G367 2007
Title: American global strategy and the 'war on terrorism' / Hall Gardner.

Call Number: Ref E176 .L5 2006
Title: American government leaders : major elected and appointed officials, federal, state and local, 1776-2005 / Harris M. Lentz III.

Call Number: PS595.W36 A46 2006
Title: American war poetry : an anthology / edited by Lorrie Goldensohn.

Call Number: HD5724 .T34 2008
Title: American-made : the enduring legacy of the WPA : when FDR put the nation to work / Nick Taylor.

Call Number: E183.8.V5 M46 2006
Title: American-Vietnamese relations in the wake of war : diplomacy after the capture of Saigon, 1975-1979 / Cécile Menétrey-Monchau.

Call Number: E169.1 .A52 2006
Title: Americanism : new perspectives on the history of an ideal / edited by Michael Kazin & Joseph A. McCartin.

Call Number: E125.V5 F47 2007
Title: Amerigo : the man who gave his name to America / Felipe Fernández-Armesto.

Call Number: VA667.B34 W55 2007
Title: Amirs, admirals & desert sailors : Bahrain, the U.S. Navy, and the Arabian Gulf / David F. Winkler.

Call Number: ML3795 .S415 2006
Title: Among the jasmine trees : music and modernity in contemporary Syria / Jonathan Holt Shannon.

Call Number: GV943.9.F35 B84 1992
Title: Among the thugs / Bill Buford.

Call Number: U261 .A47 2005
Title: Amphibious warfare 1000-1700 : commerce, state formation and European expansion / edited by Mark Charles Fissel and D.J.B. Trim.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, L3634
Title: An analysis of the nature and limits of scientific objectivity / by Stephen Lane.

Call Number: BF105 .K34 2006
Title: An argument for mind / Jerome Kagan.

Call Number: HC240 .B395 2006
Title: An economic history of twentieth-century Europe : economic regimes from laissez-faire to globalization / Ivan T. Berend.

Call Number: BV2210 .D38 2006
Title: An empire divided : religion, republicanism, and the making of French colonialism, 1880-1914 / J.P. Daughton.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, Z865
Title: An examination of faith in Soren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling / by George Rey Levi Zuni.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, S6578
Title: An examination of the single parent role in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes were Watching God and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird / by Marsha Lynn Smith.

Call Number: CMC Juv QC981.8.G56 G668 2007
Title: An inconvenient truth : the crisis of global warming / Al Gore.

Call Number: P107 .M69 2007
Title: An introduction to the philosophy of language / Michael Morris.

Call Number: BX8231 .C73 2005
Title: An introduction to world Methodism / Kenneth Cracknell and Susan J. White.

Call Number: PS3569.H34287 O23 2000
Title: An obedient father / Akhil Sharma.

Call Number: QC855 .W35 2007
Title: An ocean of air : why the wind blows and other mysteries of the atmosphere / Gabrielle Walker.

Call Number: PR6052.O35 O75 1996
Title: An origin like water : collected poems, 1967-1987 / Eavan Boland.

Call Number: DR486.E95 D36 2006
Title: An Ottoman mentality : the world of Evliya Çelebi / by Robert Dankoff with an afterword by Gottfried Hagen.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, BIO, K455
Title: Analysis of the 3' untranslated regions of a-tubulin and s-crystallin mrna and the identification of CPEB in dark- and light-adapted octopus retinas / by Shannon D. Kelly.

Call Number: QD115 .W33 2006
Title: Analytical electrochemistry / Joseph Wang.

Call Number: HM1256 .C83 2005
Title: Analyzing oppression / Ann E. Cudd.

Call Number: BL795.P6 N35 2006
Title: Ancient supplication / F.S. Naiden.

Call Number: JK2281 .S37 2007
Title: And his lovely wife : a memoir from the woman beside the man / Connie Schultz.

Call Number: CMC Juv N6537.W28 R83 2006
Title: Andy Warhol : pop art painter / by Susan Goldman Rubin.

Call Number: QL756 .G57 2007
Title: Animal architects : building and the evolution of intelligence / James L. Gould and Carol Grant Gould.

Call Number: B832 .A55 2004
Title: Animal pragmatism : rethinking human-nonhuman relationships / edited by Erin McKenna and Andrew Light.

Call Number: HV4708 .F74 2005
Title: Animal rights and moral philosophy / Julian H. Franklin.

Call Number: S521.5.A67 K56 2007
Title: Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life / Barbara Kingsolver, with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver original drawings by Richard A. Houser.

Call Number: GN471 .H34 2006
Title: Animism : respecting the living world / Graham Harvey.

Call Number: PN2287.W56 H64 2004
Title: Anna May Wong : from laundryman's daughter to Hollywood legend / Graham Russell Gao Hodges.

Call Number: F1418 .A635 2006
Title: Anti-Americanism in Latin America and the Caribbean / edited by Alan McPherson.

Call Number: KF8745.S33 R67 2006
Title: Antonin Scalia's jurisprudence : text and tradition / Ralph A. Rossum.

Call Number: E184.M5 Q56 2007
Title: Antonio's gun and Delfino's dream : true tales of Mexican migration / Sam Quinones.

Call Number: Ref BF31 .A65 2007
Title: APA dictionary of psychology / Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief.

Call Number: K2146 .A928 2006
Title: Appointing judges in an age of judicial power : critical perspectives from around the world / edited by Kate Malleson and Peter H. Russell.

Call Number: ML3845 .A67 2006
Title: Approaches to meaning in music / edited by Byron Almén and Edward Pearsall.

Call Number: PR3588 .A68 2007
Title: Approaches to teaching Milton's shorter poetry and prose / edited by Peter C. Herman.

Call Number: NB553.R7 A4 2006
Title: Apropos Rodin / Jennifer Gough-Cooper, Geoff Dyer.

Call Number: B765.T54 H45 2007
Title: Aquinas, ethics, and philosophy of religion : metaphysics and practice / Thomas Hibbs.

Call Number: CC75.7 .O2725 2005
Title: Archaeology as a process : processualism and its progeny / Michael J. O'Brien, R. Lee Lyman, and Michael Brian Schiffer.

Call Number: CC72.4 .A738 2006
Title: Archaeology of performance : theaters of power, community, and politics / edited by Takeshi Inomata and Lawrence S. Coben.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, L585
Title: Architectural history of industrial Los Angeles : California's last railroad signal buildings Redondo Junction tower (1906-2001) and Hobart tower (1926-2002) / by David Michael Livingstone.

Call Number: N72.A75 J63 2005
Title: Architecture : art / Philip Jodidio.

Call Number: Folio QC994.8 .A695 2005
Title: Arctic climate impact assessment.

Call Number: PQ8098.29 K3 A7313 2008
Title: Ardiente paciencia. English";"The postman : a novel / Antonio Skármeta translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver.

Call Number: E169.1 .M957 2007
Title: Are we Rome? : the fall of an empire and the fate of America / Cullen Murphy.

Call Number: QD20 .A44 2006
Title: Are women achieving equity in chemistry? : dissolving disparity and catalyzing change / Cecilia H. Marzabadi, editor ... [et al.] sponsored by the ACS Women Chemists Committee ... [et al.].

Call Number: F2843 .M33 2006
Title: Argentina : what went wrong / Colin M. Maclachlan foreword by Douglas Brinkley.

Call Number: ML420.F333 O43 2004
Title: Arrest the music! : Fela and his rebel art and politics / Tejumola Olaniyan.

Call Number: NK1672 .F56 2005
Title: Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman world : toward a new Jewish archaeology / Steven Fine.

Call Number: N7483.G73 M37 2006b
Title: Art czar : the rise and fall of Clement Greenberg : a biography / by Alice Goldfarb Marquis.

Call Number: Folio E78.G73 K4813 2004
Title: Art des Indiens des Grandes Plaines. English";"Art of the warriors : rock art of the American Plains / James D. Keyser.

Call Number: E78.N78 J57 2006
Title: Art of the Northwest coast / Aldona Jonaitis.

Call Number: D810.A7 B73 2006
Title: Art or memorial? : the forgotten history of Canada's war art / Laura Brandon.

Call Number: PN6726 .A78 2006
Title: Art out of time : unknown comics visionaries, 1900-1969 / [compiled by] Dan Nadel.

Call Number: PS3562.E8544 A9 1997
Title: As she climbed across the table / Jonathan Lethem.

Call Number: PN6747 .B2213 2005
Title: Ascension du haut-mal. Tome 1-3. English";"Epileptic / David B.

Call Number: JZ1980 .M33 2007
Title: Asia Pacific in world politics / Derek McDougall.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.B8827 Ask 2006
Title: Ask me no questions / Marina Budhos.

Call Number: HF1101 .N27 no.45
Title: Assessment for an evolving business education curriculum / editor, Marcia L. Bush associate editor, Kimberly A. Schultz.

Call Number: QH325 .P57 2006
Title: Astrobiology : a brief introduction / Kevin W. Plaxco and Michael Gross.

Call Number: QB43.3 .K54 2005
Title: Astronomical enigmas : life on Mars, the Star of Bethlehem, and other Milky Way mysteries / Mark Kidger.

Call Number: QB45.2 .P37 2002
Title: Astronomy, from the Earth to the universe / Jay M. Pasachoff.

Call Number: QB461.3 .I55 2007
Title: Astrophysics is easy! : a complete introduction for amateur astronomers / Mike Inglis.

Call Number: ND1460.I57 B67 2006
Title: At home : the domestic interior in art / Frances Borzello.

Call Number: Folio QK646 .S44 2006
Title: Atlas of woody plant stems : evolution, structure, and environmental modifications / F.H. Schweingruber, A. Börner, E.-D. Schulze.

Call Number: QC879.6 .S45 2006
Title: Atmospheric chemistry and physics : from air pollution to climate change / John H. Seinfeld, Spyros N. Pandis.

Call Number: QC861.3 .W35 2006
Title: Atmospheric science : an introductory survey / John M. Wallace, Peter V. Hobbs.

Call Number: Q125 .N484 2006
Title: Atoms and alchemy : chymistry and the experimental origins of the scientific revolution / William R. Newman.

Call Number: DC29.3 .C6713 2007
Title: Autonautas de la cosmopista, o, Un viaje atemporal París-Marsella. English";"Autonauts of the cosmoroute, a timeless voyage from Paris to Marseilles / by Julio Cortázar & Carol Dunlop translated by Anne McLean with drawings by Stéphane Hébert.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, SOC, A443
Title: Autonomy of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua : a review of power and resource sharing among minority groups / by Elmer Alfaro.

Call Number: QH3.W34 .A3 2007
Title: Avoid boring people : lessons from a life in science / James D. Watson.

Call Number: PS3552.L6378 A95 2007
Title: Away : a novel / Amy Bloom.

Call Number: F209 .C597 2005
Title: Away down South : a history of Southern identity / James C. Cobb.

Call Number: CT275.C2794 A3 2007
Title: Awkward : a detour / Mary Cappello.

Call Number: PJ7846.I392 H3713 2005
Title: Ḥarb taʻmalu bi-jid. English";"The war works hard = al-Ḥarb taʻmalu bi-jid / Dunya Mikhail translated by Elizabeth Winslow, introduction by Saadi Simawe.

Call Number: CMC Juv PS3569.E6 M3 2006
Title: ¿Mamá? / trabajo artístico de Maurice Sendak argumento de Arthur Yorinks mećanica de papel de Matthew Reinhart.