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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: T11 .S386 2006
Title: Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers / Style Manual Committee, Council of Science Editors.

Call Number: T171 .M475 2004
Title: Designing MIT : Bosworth's New Tech / Mark Jarzombek.

Call Number: T65.3 .H49 2005
Title: Engineering education : research and development in curriculum and instruction / John Heywood.

Call Number: TD195.R63 R62 2003
Title: Road ecology : science and solutions / Richard T.T. Forman ... [et al.].

Call Number: TD788 .M45 2005
Title: Garbage in the cities : refuse, reform, and the environment / Martin V. Melosi.

Call Number: TD883.2 .A64325 2004
Title: Air quality management in the United States / Committee on Air Quality Management in the United States, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on Earth and Life Studies.

Call Number: TD883.7.G7 T48 2006
Title: Inventing pollution : coal, smoke, and culture in Britain since 1800 / Peter Thorsheim.

Call Number: TF302.N7 J66 2007
Title: Conquering Gotham : a Gilded Age epic : the construction of Penn Station and its tunnels / Jill Jonnes.

Call Number: TH3401 .W35 2006
Title: Tweed Courthouse : a model restoration / John G. Waite with Nancy A. Rankin and Diana S. Waite.

Call Number: TJ163.2 .M657 1982
Title: More than enough? : an optimistic assessment of world energy / edited by Robin Clarke.

Call Number: TJ163.2 .O3835 2007
Title: Environment, power, and society for the twenty-first century : the hierarchy of energy / Howard T. Odum.

Call Number: TJ163.2 .S33 2007
Title: Energieautonomie. English";"Energy autonomy : the economic, social and technological case for renewable energy / Hermann Scheer.

Call Number: TJ163.9 .D3 2005
Title: Fundamentals of renewable energy processes / Aldo Vieira da Rosa.

Call Number: TJ211 .N63 2007
Title: The robot : the life story of a technology / Lisa Nocks.

Call Number: TJ280.7 .G443 2005
Title: Geothermal energy : utilization and technology / edited by Mary H. Dickson and Mario Fanelli.

Call Number: TK5104 .C59 2008
Title: Commerce in space : infrastructures, technologies, and applications / Phillip Olla [editor].

Call Number: TK5105.875.I57 O39 2005
Title: The information revolution : the not-for-dummies guide to the history, technology, and use of the World Wide Web / J.R. Okin.

Call Number: TK5105.884 .B47 2005
Title: Understanding search engines : mathematical modeling and text retrieval / Michael W. Berry, Murray Browne.

Call Number: TK5105.88815 .A55 2005
Title: Developing Semantic Web services / H. Peter Alesso, Craig F. Smith.

Call Number: TK5105.8884 .H65 2006
Title: Blogging for business : everything you need to know and why you should care / Shel Holtz + Ted Demopoulos.

Call Number: TK5711 .W56 2007
Title: Communication and empire : media, markets, and globalization, 1860-1930 / Dwayne R. Winseck and Robert M. Pike.

Call Number: TK6143.B4 G73 2006
Title: Reluctant genius : Alexander Graham Bell and the passion for invention / Charlotte Gray.

Call Number: TL453.V47 V4713 2004
Title: Vespa : style in motion.

Call Number: TL781.85.V6 N48 2007
Title: Von Braun : dreamer of space, engineer of war / Michael J. Neufeld.

Call Number: TL793 .M65 1969
Title: Space / Patrick Moore with illustrations by David A. Hardy.

Call Number: TL795.3 .M38 2005
Title: Deep-space probes : to the outer solar system and beyond / Gregory L. Matloff.

Call Number: TN805.A5 G665 2006
Title: Big coal : the dirty secret behind America's energy future / Jeff Goodell.

Call Number: TP248.2 .B37495 1995
Title: Biopolitics : a feminist and ecological reader on biotechnology / edited by Vandana Shiva & Ingunn Moser.

Call Number: TP248.2 .S54 2000
Title: Tomorrow's biodiversity / Vandana Shiva.

Call Number: TP248.C94 C95 2006
Title: Cyclodextrins and their complexes : chemistry, analytical methods, applications / edited by Helena Dodziuk.

Call Number: TP339 .B548 2007
Title: The biomass assessment handbook : bioenergy for a sustainable environment / edited by Frank Rosillo-Calle ... [et al.].

Call Number: TP359.H8 S68 2005
Title: Hydrogen and fuel cells : emerging technologies and applications / Bent Sørensen.

Call Number: TP370 .B815 2006
Title: Food processing handbook / edited by James G. Brennan.

Call Number: TP548 .M4687 2002
Title: Bacchus & me : adventures in the wine cellar / Jay McInerney.

Call Number: TP577 .B34 2003
Title: Beer : tap into the art and science of brewing / by Charles Bamforth.

Call Number: TP607.R9 S65 2005
Title: Caribbean rum : a social and economic history / by Frederick H. Smith.

Call Number: TP690 .H338 2006
Title: Handbook of petroleum processing / edited by David S.J. Stan Jones and Peter R. Pujadó.

Call Number: TR140.S637 A3 2004
Title: Eyes of memory : photographs from the archives of Herbert and Leni Sonnenfeld / text by Leni Sonnenfeld forward by James E. Young.

Call Number: TR6.U62 P37 2006
Title: The collectible moment : catalogue of photographs in the Norton Simon Museum / Gloria Williams Sander, editor essays by Therese Mulligan, Gloria Williams Sander with contributions by Bill Arnold ... [et al.].

Call Number: TR647 .C365 2005
Title: Henri Cartier-Bresson and Alberto Giacometti la décision de l'oeil = the decision of the eye / edited by Tobia Bezzola.

Call Number: TR647 .F46 2004
Title: All the mighty world : the photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860 / Gordon Baldwin, Malcolm Daniel, and Sarah Greenough with contributions by Richard Pare, Pam Roberts, and Roger Taylor.

Call Number: TR647.R62 H47 2006
Title: Milton Rogovin : the making of a social documentary photographer / Melanie Anne Herzog foreword by Douglas R. Nickel afterword by Catherine Linder Spencer.

Call Number: TR681. W6 P35 2006
Title: Edie : girl on fire / By Melissa Painter & David Weisman.

Call Number: TR72.P37 T73 2005
Title: Paris : photographs from a time that was / David Travis.

Call Number: TR820.5 .E895 2006
Title: Walker Evans : lyric documentary / by John T. Hill with an essay by Alan Trachtenberg.

Call Number: TR9 .H25 2008
Title: Encyclopedia of nineteenth-century photography / John Hannavy, ed.

Call Number: TS170.5 .W45 2006
Title: Sustainable by design : explorations in theory and practice / Stuart Walker.

Call Number: TX357 .S527 2006
Title: The way we eat : why our food choices matter / Peter Singer, Jim Mason.

Call Number: TX369 .B87 2007
Title: To buy or not to buy organic : what you need to know to choose the healthiest, safest, most earth-friendly food / Cindy Burke.

Call Number: TX391 .P37 2007
Title: How to pick a peach : the search for flavor from farm to table / Russ Parsons.

Call Number: TX415 .H44 2007
Title: The story of tea : a cultural history and drinking guide / Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss.

Call Number: TX649.J34 .A3 2006
Title: Climbing the mango trees : a memoir of a childhood in India / Madhur Jaffrey.

Call Number: TX652 .A46 2007
Title: Alone in the kitchen with an eggplant : confessions of cooking for one and dining alone / edited by Jenni Ferrari-Adler.

Call Number: TX747 .C772 2007
Title: The zen of fish : the story of sushi, from Samurai to supermarket / Trevor Corson.

Call Number: TX747 .I74 2007
Title: The sushi economy : globalization and the making of a modern delicacy / Sasha Issenberg.

Call Number: TX910.5.J673 A3 2007
Title: Dishwasher : one man's quest to wash dishes in all fifty states / Pete Jordan.

Call Number: TX910.5.W38 M36 2007
Title: Alice Waters & Chez Panisse : the romantic, impractical, often eccentric, ultimately brilliant making of a food revolution / Thomas McNamee foreword by R.W. Apple, Jr.