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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: Ref AG105 .B773 2005
Title: Notable last facts : a compendium of endings, conclusions, terminations, and final events throughout history / compiled by William B. Brahms.

Call Number: Ref B741 .B56 2006
Title: Best practices in writing instruction / edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, Jill Fitzgerald

Call Number: Ref BF31 .A65 2007
Title: APA dictionary of psychology / Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief.

Call Number: Ref BM50 .K37 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of Judaism / Sara E. Karesh and Mitchell M. Hurvitz.

Call Number: Ref BQ128 .E617 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of Buddhism / edited by Damien Keown, Charles S. Prebish.

Call Number: Ref BR115.P7 E58 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of modern Christian politics / edited by Roy P. Domenico and Mark Y. Hanley.

Call Number: Ref BV3773 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of religious revivals in America / edited by Michael McClymond.

Call Number: Ref DS119.7 .K85 2006
Title: Historical dictionary of the Arab-Israeli conflict / P.R. Kumaraswamy.

Call Number: Ref E174 .D52 2003
Title: Dictionary of American history / Stanley I. Kutler, editor in chief.

Call Number: Ref E174 .E53 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of American history / Gary B. Nash, general editor.

Call Number: Ref E176 .L5 2006
Title: American government leaders : major elected and appointed officials, federal, state and local, 1776-2005 / Harris M. Lentz III.

Call Number: Ref E81 .E98 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of Native American wars and warfare / general editors, William B. Kessel, Robert Wooster.

Call Number: Ref F1006 .M943 2005
Title: The Fitzhenry and Whiteside book of Canadian facts and dates / editorial director, Richard W. Pound supervising editor, Richard Dionne editors, Jay Myers, James Musson contributors, Elizabeth Ballantyne ... [et al.].

Call Number: Ref F859.3 .P76 2007
Title: Profiles of California / [editor, David Garoogian].

Call Number: Ref G63 .W67 2007
Title: Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations.

Call Number: Ref GR105 .E53 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of American folklife / Simon J. Bronner, editor.

Call Number: Ref GV875.A1 E52 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball clubs / edited by Steven A. Riess.

Call Number: Ref HD2324 .E528 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of emerging industries.

Call Number: Ref HF1359 .M333 2003
Title: The world economy : historical statistics / by Angus Maddison.

Call Number: Ref HF5548.8 .E498 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology / edited by Steven G. Rogelberg.

Call Number: Ref HM261.C672 O245 2003
Title: Ocean politics and policy : a reference handbook / Peter Jacques and Zachary A. Smith.

Call Number: Ref HM425 .B53 2007
Title: The Blackwell encyclopedia of sociology / edited by George Ritzer.

Call Number: Ref HM671 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of activism and social justice / editors, Gary L. Anderson & Kathryn G. Herr.

Call Number: Ref HT108.5 .E63 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of the city / edited by Roger W. Caves.

Call Number: Ref HV1568 .E528 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of disability / general editor, Gary L. Albrecht.

Call Number: Ref JA61 .S37 2007
Title: The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought / Roger Scruton.

Call Number: Ref JC481 .W67 2006
Title: World fascism : a historical encyclopedia / Cyprian P. Blamires, editor with Paul Jackson.

Call Number: Ref JC596.2.U5 E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of privacy / edited by William G. Staples.

Call Number: Ref KF156 .O69 2008
Title: Oran's dictionary of the law / Daniel Oran Mark Tosti, contributing author.

Call Number: Ref KZ4968 .O84 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of the United Nations and international agreements / Edmund Jan Osma?cyzk edited by Anthony Mango

Call Number: Ref N40 .D5213 2006
Title: Dictionary of artists / Benezit

Call Number: Ref P40.5.L33 E45 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of the world's endangered languages / edited by Christopher Moseley.

Call Number: Ref PN1995.9.F54 M39 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of film noir / Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell.

Call Number: Ref PN2860 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of Asian theatre / edited by Samuel L. Leiter.

Call Number: Ref PN43 .B65 2005
Title: Brewer's dictionary of phrase & fable.

Call Number: Ref PN524 .R44 2003
Title: Reference guide to world literature / editors, Sara Pendergast, Tom Pendergast

Call Number: Ref PN56.E7 E53 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of erotic literature / GaŽtan Brulotte, John Phillips, editors.

Call Number: Ref PN6081 .Y35 2006
Title: The Yale book of quotations / edited by Fred R. Shapiro foreword by Joseph Epstein.

Call Number: Ref PR1903 .A53 2006
Title: The Palgrave literary dictionary of Chaucer / Malcolm Andrew.

Call Number: Ref PS153.N5 G73 2005
Title: The Greenwood encyclopedia of African American literature / edited by Hans Ostrom and J. David Macey, Jr.

Call Number: Ref QB501 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of the solar system / editors, Lucy-Ann McFadden, Paul R. Weissman, Torrence V. Johnson.

Call Number: Ref QC854 .E526 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of world climatology / edited by John E. Oliver.

Call Number: Ref QE741 .E53 2007
Title: Encyclopedia of Quaternary science / editor-in-chief Scott A. Elias.

Call Number: Ref QH203 .H43 2005
Title: Dictionary of microscopy / Julian P. Heath.

Call Number: Ref QL462.3 .E483 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of insects / editors, Vincent H. Resh, Ring T. Cardé.

Call Number: Ref QP512 .O94 2006
Title: Oxford dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology / R. Cammack, managing editor ... [et al.].

Call Number: Ref R119 .A533 2007
Title: AMA manual of style : a guide for authors and editors.

Call Number: Ref RA1017 .E53 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of forensic and legal medicine / edited by Jason Payne-James ... [et al.].

Call Number: Ref RC1206 .O355 2005
Title: The encyclopedia of sports medicine / Elizabeth Oakes foreword by Connie Lebrun.

Call Number: Ref RS141.3 .M3 2006
Title: Martindale : the complete drug reference.

Call Number: Ref RS51 .M4 2006
Title: The Merck index : an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals / Maryadele J. O'Neil, editor ... [et al.].

Call Number: Ref RS75 .P37
Title: PDR guide to drug interactions, side effects, and indications.

Call Number: Ref TC203.7 .E53 2005
Title: Encyclopedia of coastal science / edited by Maurice L. Schwartz.

Call Number: Ref TH9116 .N65 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of fire protection / Dennis P. Nolan.

Call Number: Ref TP1110 .E53 2003
Title: Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology