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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: R131 .W472 2006
Title: The western medical tradition : 1800 to 2000 / W. F. Bynum ... [et al.].

Call Number: R703 .L47 2006
Title: When illness goes public : celebrity patients and how we look at medicine / Barron H. Lerner.

Call Number: R724 .M833 2005
Title: Is there an ethicist in the house? : on the cutting edge of bioethics / Jonathan D. Moreno.

Call Number: R725.55 .H36 2006
Title: Handbook of bioethics and religion / edited by David E. Guinn.

Call Number: R725.56 .K438 2004
Title: Contemporary Catholic health care ethics / David F. Kelly.

Call Number: R726 .S576 2003
Title: Forced exit : the slippery slope from assisted suicide to legalized murder / Wesley J. Smith.

Call Number: R726.7 .F68 2007
Title: Foundations of health psychology / edited by Howard S. Friedman and Roxane Cohen Silver.

Call Number: R726.8 .P88 2002
Title: Hospice or hemlock? : searching for heroic compassion / Constance E. Putnam foreword by Timothy E. Quill.

Call Number: R733 .C65284 2006
Title: Complementary and alternative medicine for older adults : a guide to holistic approaches to healthy aging / edited by Elizabeth R. Mackenzie, Birgit Rakel.

Call Number: R853.H8 W37 2006
Title: Medical apartheid : the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present / Harriet A. Washington.

Call Number: R853.S7 H48 2006
Title: Longitudinal data analysis / Donald Hedeker, Robert D. Gibbons.

Call Number: R855.3 .F75 2007
Title: The immortalists : Charles Lindbergh, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and their daring quest to live forever / David M. Friedman.

Call Number: RA395.A3 P588 2005
Title: Policy challenges in modern health care / David Mechanic ... [et al.].

Call Number: RA418.5.P6 A58 2006
Title: Poor families in America's health care crisis / Ronald J. Angel, Laura Lein, Jane Henrici.

Call Number: RA440.5 .Z37 2006
Title: Advancing health literacy : a framework for understanding and action / Christina Zarcadoolas, Andrew F. Pleasant, David S. Greer.

Call Number: RA448.4 .M65 2006
Title: Fit to be citizens? : public health and race in Los Angeles, 1879-1939 / Natalia Molina.

Call Number: RA449 .W35 2006
Title: Aboriginal health in Canada : historical, cultural, and epidemiological perspectives / James B. Waldram, D. Ann Herring and T. Kue Young.

Call Number: RA780 .B56 2006
Title: The culture of cleanliness in Renaissance Italy / Douglas Biow.

Call Number: RA781.8 .C64 1997
Title: The way of qigong = [Ch'i kung chi tao] : the art and science of Chinese energy healing / Kenneth S. Cohen with a foreword by Larry Dossey.

Call Number: RA781.8 .J34 2002
Title: The healing promise of Qi : creating extraordinary wellness through Qigong and Tai Chi / Roger Jahnke.

Call Number: RA781.8 .S55 1989
Title: The swimming dragon : a Chinese way to fitness, beautiful skin, weight loss & high energy / T.K. Shih edited by Charles Stein.

Call Number: RA783.5 .C4 2007
Title: CDC Health information for international travel 2008 / edited by Paul M. Arguin, Phyllis E. Kozarsky, Christie Reed.

Call Number: RA784 .P643 2008
Title: In defense of food : an eater's manifesto / Michael Pollan.

Call Number: RA785 .K33 2005
Title: Full catastrophe living : using the wisdom of your body and mind to face stress, pain, and illness / Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Call Number: RA788 .K66 2006
Title: The science of orgasm / Barry R. Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer-Flores, Beverly Whipple.

Call Number: RA989.I44 F583 2006
Title: The renaissance hospital : healing the body and healing the soul / John Henderson.

Call Number: RC268.25 .D383 2007
Title: The secret history of the war on cancer / Devra Davis.

Call Number: RC361 .F45 2006
Title: Journalists under fire : the psychological hazards of covering war / Anthony Feinstein foreword by Chris Hedges.

Call Number: RC451.4.D57 H36 2006
Title: Handbook of international disaster psychology / edited by Gilbert Reyes and Gerard A. Jacobs preface by Charles D. Spielberger foreword by Benedetto Saraceno.

Call Number: RC451.5.I5 M463 2006
Title: Mental health care for urban Indians : clinical insights from Native practitioners / edited by Tawa M. Witko.

Call Number: RC455.4.E8 S555 2006
Title: The culture of our discontent : beyond the medical model of mental illness / Meredith F. Small.

Call Number: RC464.S25 A3 2007
Title: The center cannot hold : my journey through madness / Elyn R. Saks.

Call Number: RC488.5 .A65 1994
Title: Bread & spirit : therapy with the new poor : diversity of race, culture, and values / Harry J. Aponte.

Call Number: RC489.S676 E67 2007
Title: Psychotherapy without the self : a Buddhist perspective / Mark Epstein.

Call Number: RC489.S676 K64 2005
Title: Faith and mental health : religious resources for healing / Harold G. Koenig.

Call Number: RC533 .B45 2007
Title: Rewind, replay, repeat : a memoir of obsessive-compulsive disorder / Jeff Bell.

Call Number: RC537 .I575 2006
Title: The interpersonal, cognitive, and social nature of depression / edited by Thomas E. Joiner, Jessica S. Brown, Janet Kistner.

Call Number: RC537 .S598 2003
Title: The noonday demon : an atlas of depression / Andrew Solomon.

Call Number: RC537 .U53 2006
Title: Understanding depression in women : applying empirical research to practice and policy / edited by Carolyn M. Mazure and Gwendolyn Puryear Keita.

Call Number: RC550 .B34 2004
Title: Forgotten lunatics of the Great War / Peter Barham.

Call Number: RC553.A88 G75 2007
Title: Unstrange minds : remapping the world of autism / Roy Richard Grinker.

Call Number: RC628 .B282 2006
Title: Food choice and obesity in Black America : creating a new cultural diet / Eric J. Bailey.

Call Number: RC649 .P48 2005
Title: The encyclopedia of endocrine diseases and disorders / William Petit Jr., Christine Adamec.

Call Number: RC682 .H383 1984
Title: Heart disease in the elderly / edited by Anthony Martin and A. John Camm.

Call Number: RC954 .N8825 2001
Title: Nursing care of older adults : diagnoses, outcomes & interventions / Meridean L. Maas ... [et al.].

Call Number: RC962.P6 A53 2006
Title: Colonial pathologies : American tropical medicine, race, and hygiene in the Philippines / Warwick Anderson.

Call Number: RD594 .D85 2007
Title: My lobotomy : a memoir / Howard Dully and Charles Fleming.

Call Number: RD661.G74 P386 2004
Title: Truth & beauty : a friendship / Ann Patchett.

Call Number: RG851 .M37 2004
Title: Dangerous motherhood : insanity and childbirth in Victorian Britain / Hilary Marland.

Call Number: RG950 .E77 2006
Title: Nurse-midwifery : the birth of a new American profession / Laura E. Ettinger.

Call Number: RJ496.L4 P38 2006
Title: Patterns of learning disorders : working systematically from assessment to intervention / David L. Wodrich, Ara J. Schmitt.

Call Number: RJ503 .C76 2006
Title: The crisis in youth mental health : critical issues and effective programs / Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Robert Zucker, and Kristine Freeark, editors in chief.

Call Number: RM222.2 .K576 2007
Title: Rethinking thin : the new science of weight loss--and the myths and realities of dieting / Gina Kolata.

Call Number: RT31 .N86 2007
Title: Nurses' work : issues across time and place / Patricia D'Antonio ... [et al.], editors.

Call Number: RT41 .M46 2007
Title: Men in nursing : history, challenges, and opportunities / edited by Chad E. O'Lynn and Russell E. Tranbarger.