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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: Q124.97 .G38 2006
Title: The emergence of a scientific culture : science and the shaping of modernity, 1210-1685 / Stephen Gaukroger.

Call Number: Q125 .B2925 2006
Title: The dialogue of civilizations in the birth of modern science / Arun Bala.

Call Number: Q125 .B678 2005
Title: Making modern science : a historical survey / Peter J. Bowler and Iwan Rhys Morus.

Call Number: Q125 .M414 2006
Title: Science and technology in world history : an introduction / James E. McClellan III and Harold Dorn.

Call Number: Q125 .N484 2006
Title: Atoms and alchemy : chymistry and the experimental origins of the scientific revolution / William R. Newman.

Call Number: Q127.G7 G73 2006
Title: Explaining the cosmos : the Ionian tradition of scientific philosophy / Daniel W. Graham.

Call Number: Q130 .M46 2005
Title: Men, women, and the birthing of modern science / edited by Judith P. Zinsser.

Call Number: Q130 .R46 2006
Title: Removing barriers : women in academic science, technology, engineering, and mathematics / edited by Jill M. Bystydzienski and Sharon R. Bird.

Call Number: Q130 .T36 2006
Title: Scientific pioneers : women succeeding in science / Joyce Tang.

Call Number: Q162 .A59 2007
Title: The canon : a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science / Natalie Angier.

Call Number: Q162 .F694 2005
Title: No easy answers : science and the pursuit of knowledge / Allan Franklin.

Call Number: Q162 .H54 2002
Title: The science of Harry Potter : how magic really works / Roger Highfield.

Call Number: Q162 .P37 2005
Title: Sky in a bottle / Peter Pesic.

Call Number: Q164 .G248 2006
Title: The colossal book of short puzzles and problems : combinatorics, probability, algebra, geometry, topology, chess, logic, cryptarithms, wordplay, physics and other topics of recreational mathematics / Martin Gardner edited by Dana Richards.

Call Number: Q172 .E36 2006
Title: The best of all possible worlds : mathematics and destiny / Ivar Ekeland.

Call Number: Q172.5.C45 H69 2006
Title: Pattern formation : an introduction to methods / Rebecca Hoyle.

Call Number: Q172.5.C45 T43613 2006
Title: Chaotic dynamics : an introduction based on classical mechanics / Tamás Tél, Márton Gruiz translated Katalin Kulacsy.

Call Number: Q172.5.S95 S744 2007
Title: Why beauty is truth : a history of symmetry / Ian Stewart.

Call Number: Q175.32.O58 L69 2006
Title: The four-category ontology : a metaphysical foundation for natural science / E.J. Lowe.

Call Number: Q175.32.R45 D43 2006
Title: The intelligibility of nature : how science makes sense of the world / Peter Dear.

Call Number: Q175.52.U5 M66 2005
Title: The Republican war on science / Chris Mooney.

Call Number: Q180.55.F5 G74 2007
Title: Science for sale : the perils, rewards, and delusions of campus capitalism / Daniel S. Greenberg.

Call Number: Q180.55.S7 C87 2005
Title: Essential mathematics and statistics for science / Graham Currell, Antony Dowman.

Call Number: Q180.55.V6 R67 2006
Title: Survival skills for scientists / Federico Rosei, Tudor Johnston.

Call Number: Q180.A3 H65 2005
Title: Victory and vexation in science : Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, and others / Gerald Holton.

Call Number: Q181 .I624 2005
Title: Improving urban science education : new roles for teachers, students, and researchers / edited by Kenneth Tobin, Rowhea Elmesky, and Gale Seiler.

Call Number: Q183.3.A1 S93 2006
Title: Science safety in the community college / by John Summers, Juliana Texley, and Terry Kwan.

Call Number: Q225 .K48 2006
Title: Embargoed science / Vincent Kiernan.

Call Number: Q225 .N335 2005
Title: Wonder shows : performing science, magic, and religion in America / Fred Nadis.

Call Number: Q225.5 .W35 2006
Title: Sins against science : the scientific media hoaxes of Poe, Twain, and others / Lynda Walsh.

Call Number: Q375 .B3613 2006
Title: Mathematics of uncertainty : ideas, methods, application problems / H. Bandemar.

Call Number: QA13 .S72 2003
Title: Standards-based school mathematics curricula : What are they? What do students learn? / edited by Sharon L. Senk, Denisse R. Thompson.

Call Number: QA135.6 .S427 2007
Title: Bringing out the algebraic character of arithmetic : from children's ideas to classroom practice / Analúcia D. Schliemann, David W. Carraher, Bárbara M. Brizuela.

Call Number: QA164 .C52 2005
Title: Combinatorial methods in discrete distributions / Charalambos A. Charalambides.

Call Number: QA19.C45 A47 2006
Title: Math made visual : creating images for understanding mathematics / Claudia Alsina and Roger B. Nelsen.

Call Number: QA214 .B49 2006
Title: Algebra für Einsteiger. English";"Galois theory for beginners : a historical perspective / Jörg Bewersdorff translated by David Kramer.

Call Number: QA241 .A84 2006
Title: Fearless symmetry : exposing the hidden patterns of numbers / Avner Ash and Robert Gross.

Call Number: QA248 .F29 2006
Title: The mathematics of infinity : a guide to great ideas / Theodore G. Faticoni.

Call Number: QA273 .K74 2006
Title: Probability and random processes / Venkatarama Krishnan.

Call Number: QA273 .O46 2007
Title: Probabilities : the little numbers that rule our lives / Peter Olofsson.

Call Number: QA273 .S7745 2005
Title: Probability and statistics by example / Y. Suhov, M. Kelbert.

Call Number: QA273.19.E4 P36 2006
Title: Fundamental probability : a computational approach / Marc S. Paolella.

Call Number: QA274 .B399 2006
Title: Stochastic processes in science, engineering, and finance / Frank Beichelt.

Call Number: QA276 .G586 2006
Title: Common errors in statistics (and how to avoid them) / Phillip I. Good, James W. Hardin.

Call Number: QA278.8 .W8 2006
Title: Nonparametric regression methods for longitudinal data analysis : [mixed-effects modeling approaches] / Hulin Wu, Jin-Ting Zhang.

Call Number: QA279 .J36 2005
Title: Introduction to linear models and statistical inference / Steven J. Janke, Frederick Tinsley.

Call Number: QA279 .R93 2007
Title: Modern experimental design / Thomas P. Ryan.

Call Number: QA29.B692 A29 2006
Title: The artist and the mathematician : the story of Nicolas Bourbaki, the genius mathematician who never existed / Amir D. Aczel.

Call Number: QA29.B697 D35 1999
Title: Mystic, geometer, and intuitionist : the life of L.E.J. Brouwer / Dirk van Dalen.

Call Number: QA29.G58 G65 2005
Title: Incompleteness : the proof and paradox of Kurt Gödel / Rebecca Goldstein.

Call Number: QA29.G58 H56 2000
Title: On Gödel / Jaakko Hintikka.

Call Number: QA29.G58 W357 1996
Title: A logical journey : from Gödel to philosophy / Hao Wang.

Call Number: QA29.T8 L43 2006
Title: The man who knew too much : Alan Turing and the invention of the computer / David Leavitt.

Call Number: QA29.V64 G66 2007
Title: The Volterra chronicles : the life and times of an extraordinary mathematician, 1860-1940 / Judith R. Goodstein.

Call Number: QA308 .B67 2004
Title: Irresistible integrals : symbolics, analysis, and experiments in the evaluation of integrals / George Boros, Victor H. Moll.

Call Number: QA331 .F74 2005
Title: Funktionentheorie. English";"Complex analysis / Eberhard Freitag, Rolf Busam.

Call Number: QA40 .T4813 2004
Title: Oxford user's guide to mathematics / edited by Eberhard Zeidler [with W. Hackbusch and H.R. Schwarz] translated and typeset by Bruce Hunt.

Call Number: QA402.3 .S5446 2006
Title: Optimal state estimation : Kalman, H [infinity] and nonlinear approaches / Dan Simon.

Call Number: QA43 .I57 2006
Title: The IMO compendium : a collection of problems suggested for the International Mathematical Olympiads, 1959-2004 / Dušan Djukić ... [et al.].

Call Number: QA445 .I59 2002
Title: Invitations to geometry and topology / edited by Martin R. Bridson and Simon M. Salamon.

Call Number: QA445 .S763 2005
Title: The four pillars of geometry / John Stillwell.

Call Number: QA611 .M47 2006
Title: Topology now! / by Robert Messer and Philip Straffin.

Call Number: QA612 .O83 2007
Title: The Poincaré conjecture: in search of the shape of the universe / Donal O'Shea.

Call Number: QA612.2 .C75 2004
Title: Knots and links / Peter R. Cromwell.

Call Number: QA612.2 .H33 2005
Title: Handbook of knot theory / editors, William Menasco, Morwen Thistlethwaite.

Call Number: QA614.58 .W35 2004
Title: Singular points of plane curves / C.T.C. Wall.

Call Number: QA639.5 .Z64 2006
Title: The cube : a window to convex and discrete geometry / Chuanming Zong.

Call Number: QA76.17 .A42 2007
Title: Calculating a natural world : scientists, engineers, and computers during the rise of U.S. cold war research / Atsushi Akera.

Call Number: QA76.17 .H35 2005
Title: Electronic brains : stories from the dawn of the computer age / Mike Hally.

Call Number: QA76.17 .R52 2007
Title: Core memory : a visual survey of vintage computers featuring machines from the computer history museum / photographs by Mark Richards text by John Alderman foreword by John Toole.

Call Number: QA76.618 .D45 2006
Title: Evolutionary computation : a unified approach / Kenneth A. De Jong.

Call Number: QA76.73.J38 L362 2007
Title: A Java library of graph algorithms and optimization / Hang T. Lau.

Call Number: QA76.758 .M65 2006
Title: The road map to software engineering : a standards-based guide / James W. Moore.

Call Number: QA76.76.C672 S62 2006
Title: Algorithms and networking for computer games / Jouni Smed, Harri Hakonen.

Call Number: QA76.76.C68 S96 2005
Title: The art of computer virus research and defense / Peter Szor.

Call Number: QA76.76.D47 R668 2007
Title: Dreaming in code : two dozen programmers, three years, 4,732 bugs, and one quest for transcendent software / Scott Rosenberg.

Call Number: QA76.76.E95 S4436 2006
Title: Decoding the universe : how the new science of information is explaining everything in the cosmos, from our brains to black holes / Charles Seife.

Call Number: QA76.76.O63 S588464 2005
Title: Linux in a Windows world / Roderick W. Smith.

Call Number: QA76.76.O63 S788 2004
Title: The Linux cookbook : tips and techniques for everyday use / Michael Stutz.

Call Number: QA76.76.O63 T93 2007
Title: Fedora Linux / Chris Tyler.

Call Number: QA76.88 .R65 2002
Title: Strategic computing : DARPA and the quest for machine intelligence, 1983-1993 / Alex Roland with Philip Shiman.

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 B37734 2006
Title: Protecting your PC / Ian Barile.

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 S69 2006
Title: Information security : principles and practice / Mark Stamp.

Call Number: QA76.9.C66 C744 2006
Title: Critical cyberculture studies / edited by David Silver and Adrienne Massanari with a foreword by Steve Jones.

Call Number: QA76.9.D343 F45 2007
Title: The text mining handbook : advanced approaches in analyzing unstructured data / Ronen Feldman, James Sanger.

Call Number: QA76.9.E94 Q48 2006
Title: Queueing networks and Markov chains : modeling and performance evaluation with computer science applications / Gunter Bolch ... [et al.].

Call Number: QA76.9.M35 G67 2006
Title: Computation engineering : applied automata theory and logic / Ganesh Gopalakrishnan.

Call Number: QA8.4 .O94 2005
Title: The Oxford handbook of philosophy of mathematics and logic / edited by Stewart Shapiro.

Call Number: QA9 .W7483 2005
Title: A tour through mathematical logic / Robert S. Wolf.

Call Number: QA99 .S84 2006
Title: Letters to a young mathematician / Ian Stewart.

Call Number: QB121 .S78 2006
Title: CCD astrophotography : high-quality imaging from the suburbs / Adam M. Stuart.

Call Number: QB121.5 .M63 2006
Title: Lunar and planetary webcam user's guide / Martin Mobberley.

Call Number: QB14 .L36 2006
Title: A companion to astronomy and astrophysics : chronology and glossary with data tables / Kenneth R. Lang.

Call Number: QB15 .H59 2006
Title: Planetary motions : a historical perspective / Norriss Hetherington.

Call Number: QB36.G2 S459 2006
Title: Galileo observed : science and the politics of belief / William R. Shea & Mariano Artigas.

Call Number: QB36.H75 S35 2005
Title: The scientific legacy of Fred Hoyle / edited by Douglas Gough.

Call Number: QB43.3 .A94 2006
Title: Uncommon sense : understanding nature's truths across time and culture / Anthony Aveni.

Call Number: QB43.3 .K54 2005
Title: Astronomical enigmas : life on Mars, the Star of Bethlehem, and other Milky Way mysteries / Mark Kidger.

Call Number: QB45.2 .P37 2002
Title: Astronomy, from the Earth to the universe / Jay M. Pasachoff.

Call Number: QB461 .G57 2006
Title: Revolutionaries of the cosmos : the astro-physicists / I.S. Glass.

Call Number: QB461 .L66 2006
Title: The cosmic century : a history of astrophysics and cosmology / Malcolm S. Longair.

Call Number: QB461.3 .I55 2007
Title: Astrophysics is easy! : a complete introduction for amateur astronomers / Mike Inglis.

Call Number: QB462.65 .H69 2006
Title: Relativistic astrophysics and cosmology : a primer / Peter Hoyng.

Call Number: QB500.26.I58 P47 2005
Title: International regimes for the final frontier / M.J. Peterson.

Call Number: QB500.262 .K36 2006
Title: Chasing Hubble's shadows : the search for galaxies at the edge of time / Jeff Kanipe.

Call Number: QB501 .S65 2006
Title: Solar system update / Philippe Blondel and John W. Mason (edirots).

Call Number: QB524 .O34 2001
Title: The 23rd cycle : learning to live with a stormy star / Sten F. Odenwald.

Call Number: QB602.9 .W45 2007
Title: Is Pluto a planet? : a historical journey through the solar system / David A. Weintraub.

Call Number: QB791.3 .F74 2006
Title: In search of dark matter / Ken Freeman and Geoff McNamara.

Call Number: QB981 .F68 2006
Title: The cosmos : a historical perspective / Craig G. Fraser.

Call Number: QB981 .S535 2002
Title: Strange matters : undiscovered ideas at the frontiers of space and time / Tom Siegfried.

Call Number: QB982 .T965 2007
Title: Death by black hole : and other cosmic quandaries / Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Call Number: QC123 .B35 2005
Title: The pendulum : a case study in physics / Gregory L. Baker and James A. Blackburn.

Call Number: QC15 .S427 2007
Title: Faust in Copenhagen : a struggle for the soul of physics / Gino Segrè.

Call Number: QC16.B643 G74 2005
Title: The end of the certain world : the life and science of Max Born : the Nobel physicist who ignited the quantum revolution / Nancy Thorndike Greenspan.

Call Number: QC16.E5 D35813 2006
Title: Si Einstein m'était conté. English";"Once upon Einstein / Thibault Damour translated by Eric Novak.

Call Number: QC16.E5 M9 2006
Title: My Einstein : essays by twenty-four of the world's leading thinkers on the man, his work, and his legacy / edited by John Brockman.

Call Number: QC16.E5 N4413 2007
Title: Einstein. English";"Einstein : a biography / Jürgen Neffe translated from the German by Shelley Frisch.

Call Number: QC173.5.S56 J36 2006
Title: Concepts of simultaneity : from antiquity to Einstein and beyond / Max Jammer.

Call Number: QC173.6 .B47 2006
Title: Secrets of the old one : Einstein, 1905 / Jeremy Bernstein.

Call Number: QC173.6 .H63 2006
Title: General relativity : an introduction for physicists / M.P. Hobson, G.P. Efstathiou and A.N. Lasenby.

Call Number: QC173.65 .B35 2007
Title: Very special relativity : an illustrated guide / Sander Bais.

Call Number: QC173.65 .M47 2005
Title: It's about time : understanding Einstein's relativity / N. David Mermin.

Call Number: QC174.12 .B87 2006
Title: Topics in atomic physics / Charlie Burkhardt, Jacob J. Leventhal.

Call Number: QC174.12 .R6 2006
Title: Quantum mechanics : classical results, modern systems, and visualized examples / Richard W. Robinett.

Call Number: QC174.12 .S3213 2006
Title: Initiation á la physique quantique. English";"Quantum physics : a first encounter : interference, entanglement, and reality / Valerio Scarani translated by Rachael Thew.

Call Number: QC20 .K615 2006
Title: Explorations in mathematical physics : the concepts behind an elegant language / Don Koks.

Call Number: QC20 .S965 2004
Title: A course in modern mathematical physics : groups, Hilbert space, and differential geometry / Peter Szekeres.

Call Number: QC225.15 .R35 2006
Title: The science and applications of acoustics / Daniel R. Raichel.

Call Number: QC271 .S44 2002
Title: A matter of degrees : what temperature reveals about the past and future of our species, planet, and universe / Gino Segrè.

Call Number: QC311 .T86 2006
Title: Thermal-fluid sciences : an integrated approach / Stephen R. Turns.

Call Number: QC6.4.C3 B827 2002
Title: Nexus : small worlds and the groundbreaking science of networks / Mark Buchanan.

Call Number: QC6.4.C3 B83 2001
Title: Ubiquity / Mark Buchanan.

Call Number: QC6.4.R42 B53 2004
Title: Modeling reality : how computers mirror life / Iwo Białynicki-Birula, Iwona Białynicka-Birula.

Call Number: QC7 .D27 2004
Title: Nobel laureates and twentieth-century physics / Mauro Dardo.

Call Number: QC7.5 .N49 2006
Title: The new physics for the twenty-first century / edited by Gordon Fraser.

Call Number: QC776 .M34 2006
Title: Nuclear and particle physics : [an introduction] / B.R. Martin.

Call Number: QC793.2 .D6 2006
Title: The ideas of particle physics : an introduction for scientists.

Call Number: QC855 .W35 2007
Title: An ocean of air : why the wind blows and other mysteries of the atmosphere / Gabrielle Walker.

Call Number: QC861.3 .W35 2006
Title: Atmospheric science : an introductory survey / John M. Wallace, Peter V. Hobbs.

Call Number: QC879.6 .S45 2006
Title: Atmospheric chemistry and physics : from air pollution to climate change / John H. Seinfeld, Spyros N. Pandis.

Call Number: QC944 .M66 2007
Title: Storm world : hurricanes, politics, and the battle over global warming / Chris Mooney.

Call Number: QC945 .J63 2006
Title: In Katrina's wake : portraits of loss from an unnatural disaster / photographs by Chris Jordan essays by Bill McKibben and Susan Zakin poems by Victoria Sloan Jordan.

Call Number: QC958 .G68 2006
Title: Desert dust in the global system / A.S. Goudie, N.J. Middleton.

Call Number: QC981.8.C5 P58 2005
Title: Climate change : turning up the heat / A. Barrie Pittock.

Call Number: QC981.8.C5 R367 2007
Title: Degrees that matter : climate change and the university / Ann Rappaport and Sarah Hammond Creighton.

Call Number: QC981.8.G56 H68 2004
Title: Global warming : the complete briefing / John T. Houghton.

Call Number: QC981.8.G56 J643 2006
Title: Global warming in the 21st century / Bruce E. Johansen.

Call Number: QD115 .W33 2006
Title: Analytical electrochemistry / Joseph Wang.

Call Number: QD142 .H36 2007
Title: Handbook of water analysis / edited by Leo M.L. Nollet.

Call Number: QD172.R2 C68 2006
Title: Lanthanide and actinide chemistry / Simon Cotton.

Call Number: QD20 .A44 2006
Title: Are women achieving equity in chemistry? : dissolving disparity and catalyzing change / Cecilia H. Marzabadi, editor ... [et al.] sponsored by the ACS Women Chemists Committee ... [et al.].

Call Number: QD22.H15 C48 2005
Title: Master mind : the rise and fall of Fritz Haber, the Nobel laureate who launched the age of chemical warfare / Daniel Charles.

Call Number: QD251.3 .C36 2006
Title: Carbon-rich compounds : from molecules to materials / edited by Michael M. Haley and Rik R. Tykwinski.

Call Number: QD262 .B65 2005
Title: Microwave-assisted organic synthesis : one hundred reaction procedures / Dariusz Bogdal.

Call Number: QD262 .G665 2007
Title: Greene's protective groups in organic synthesis.

Call Number: QD262 .K86 2005
Title: Strategic applications of named reactions in organic synthesis : background and detailed mechanisms / by László Kürti and Barbara Czakó.

Call Number: QD281.O9 T65 2006
Title: Oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes and ketones : a guide to current common practice / Gabriel Tojo and Marcos Fernández.

Call Number: QD291 .L5 2006
Title: Name reactions : a collection of detailed reaction mechanisms / Jie Jack Li.

Call Number: QD33 .B48 2006
Title: Hazardous materials chemistry / Armando S. Bevelacqua.

Call Number: QD381 .C473 2006
Title: Introduction to polymer science and chemistry : a problem solving approach / Manas Chandra.

Call Number: QD381 .N53 2006
Title: The chemistry of polymers / John W. Nicholson.

Call Number: QD401 .N138 2006
Title: N₄-macrocyclic metal complexes / edited by José H. Zagal, Fethi Bedioui, Jean-Pol Dodelet.

Call Number: QD411 .E4413 2006
Title: Organometallchemie. English";"Organometallics.

Call Number: QD462 .L69 2006
Title: Quantum chemistry / John P. Lowe, Kirk A. Peterson.

Call Number: QD466 .E34 2006
Title: The chemical element : a historical perspective / Andrew Ede.

Call Number: QD466 .K69 2006
Title: The history and use of our earth's chemical elements : a reference guide / Robert E. Krebs illustrations by Rae Déjur.

Call Number: QD478 .S53 2005
Title: Solid state chemistry : an introduction / Lesley Smart and Elaine Moore.

Call Number: QD6 .P456 2006
Title: Philosophy of chemistry : synthesis of a new discipline / edited by Davis Baird, Eric Scerri and Lee McIntyre.

Call Number: QD878 .A7513 2006
Title: Chōbunshi kagaku e no tenkai. English";"Supramolecular chemistry : fundamentals and applications : advanced textbook / Katsuhiko Ariga, Toyoki Kunitake.

Call Number: QD921 .H478 2005
Title: Crystalline molecular complexes and compounds : structures and principles / Frank H. Herbstein.

Call Number: QD923 .F55 2004
Title: Liquid crystals, laptops and life / Michael R. Fisch.

Call Number: QD96.F56 L34 2006
Title: Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy / Joseph R. Lakowicz.

Call Number: QE22.D27 H47 2005
Title: Charles Darwin, geologist / Sandra Herbert.

Call Number: QE28.3 .F66 2004
Title: Earth : an intimate history / Richard Fortey.

Call Number: QE31 .B524 2005
Title: Reading the rocks : the autobiography of the earth / Marcia Bjornerud.

Call Number: QE33.2.M3 T73 2006
Title: Matlab recipes for earth sciences / Martin Trauth.

Call Number: QE651 .C35 2006
Title: Principles of sequence stratigraphy / Octavian Catuneanu.

Call Number: QE721.2.E97 B46 2003
Title: When life nearly died : the greatest mass extinction of all time / Michael J. Benton.

Call Number: QE721.2.E97 M34 2005
Title: Twilight of the mammoths : ice age extinctions and the rewilding of America / Paul S. Martin.

Call Number: QE770 .T34 2005
Title: Fossil invertebrates / Paul D. Taylor and David N. Lewis.

Call Number: QE775 .R54 2006
Title: Sponges from the Reef Trail Member of the Upper Guadalupian (Permian) Bell Canyon formation, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas / J. Keith Rigby and Gordon L. Bell, Jr.

Call Number: QH105.N4 Q56 2006
Title: Windows on nature : the great habitat dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History / by Stephen Christopher Quinn.

Call Number: QH3.W34 .A3 2007
Title: Avoid boring people : lessons from a life in science / James D. Watson.

Call Number: QH303 .W55 2006
Title: The creation : an appeal to save life on earth / Edward O. Wilson.

Call Number: QH31.C33 L98 2007
Title: The gentle subversive : Rachel Carson, Silent spring, and the rise of the environmental movement / Mark Hamilton Lytle.

Call Number: QH31.D2 E43 2005
Title: Darwin : discovering the tree of life / by Niles Eldredge.

Call Number: QH31.M45 M39 2006
Title: Gregor Mendel : planting the seeds of genetics / Simon Mawer.

Call Number: QH31.W2 S535 2004
Title: The heretic in Darwin's court : the life of Alfred Russel Wallace / Ross A. Slotten.

Call Number: QH325 .D418 2005
Title: Singularities : landmarks on the pathways of life / Christian de Duve.

Call Number: QH325 .H39 2005
Title: Genesis : the scientific quest for life's origin / Robert M. Hazen.

Call Number: QH325 .P57 2006
Title: Astrobiology : a brief introduction / Kevin W. Plaxco and Michael Gross.

Call Number: QH353 .I5825 2005
Title: Invasive alien species : a new synthesis / edited by Harold A. Mooney ... [et al.].

Call Number: QH353 .I598 2006
Title: Invasive species in the Pacific Northwest / edited by P.D. Boersma, S.H. Reichard, and A.N. Van Buren Rebecca L. Gamboa, photo editor.

Call Number: QH362 .H86 2007
Title: Monkey girl : evolution, education, religion, and the battle for America's soul / Edward Humes.

Call Number: QH365.O8 B76 2006
Title: Darwin's Origin of species : a biography / Janet Browne.

Call Number: QH366.2 .S494 2006
Title: Why Darwin matters : the case against intelligent design / Michael Shermer.

Call Number: QH367.5 .A88 2006
Title: Evolutionary pathways in nature : a phylogenetic approach / John C. Avise illustrations by Trudy Nicholson.

Call Number: QH390 .E94 2006
Title: Evolutionary genetics : concepts and case studies / edited by Charles W. Fox, Jason B. Wolf.

Call Number: QH429.2.C28 S76 2005
Title: A genetic and cultural odyssey : the life and work of L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza / Linda Stone and Paul F. Lurquin.

Call Number: QH541.5.S3 M284 2006
Title: Marine metapopulations / editors, Jacob P. Kritzer, Peter F. Sale.

Call Number: QH546 .W45 2003
Title: Developmental plasticity and evolution / Mary Jane West-Eberhard.

Call Number: QH599 .T87 2001
Title: Chromatin and gene regulation : mechanisms in epigenetics / Bryan Turner.

Call Number: QH75 .A42 2007
Title: Conservation and the genetics of populations / Fred W. Allendorf and Gordon Luikart with illustrations by Agostinho Antunes.

Call Number: QH75 .M478 2006
Title: The end of the wild / Stephen M. Meyer.

Call Number: QH76.5.A4 K39 2006
Title: Last great wilderness : the campaign to establish the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge / Roger Kaye.

Call Number: QH76.5.L8 D73 2006
Title: Drawing Louisiana's new map : addressing land loss in coastal Louisiana / Committee on the Restoration and Protection of Coastal Louisiana, Ocean Studies Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.

Call Number: QH91.8.B6 M37 2005
Title: Marine conservation biology : the science of maintaining the sea's biodiversity / edited by Elliott A. Norse and Larry B. Crowder foreword by Michael E. Soulé.

Call Number: QK162 .J66 2005
Title: Plant life of Kentucky : an illustrated guide to the vascular flora / Ronald L. Jones with the assistance of John W. Thieret and Charles J. Lapham.

Call Number: QK45.2 .G57 2006
Title: Botany illustrated : introduction to plants, major groups, flowering plant families / Janice Glimn-Lacy and Peter B. Kaufman.

Call Number: QK46.5.D58 S86 2007
Title: Measuring plant diversity : lessons from the field / by Thomas J. Stohlgren.

Call Number: QK50 .K59 2003
Title: Plant discoveries : a botanist's voyage through plant exploration / Sandra Knapp.

Call Number: QK604.2.W65 S3513 2006
Title: Holz- und Baumpilze. English";"Wood and tree fungi : biology, damage, protection, and use / Olaf Schmidt [editor, Dieter Czeschlik].

Call Number: QK671 .E94 2006
Title: Esau's Plant anatomy : meristems, cells, and tissues of the plant body : their structure, function, and development / Ray F. Evert with the assistance of Susan E. Eichhorn.

Call Number: QK97.5 .L39 2006
Title: Plant identification : creating user-friendly field guides for biodiversity management / Anna Lawrence and William Hawthorne.

Call Number: QL239 .C66 2005
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