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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: P107 .M69 2007
Title: An introduction to the philosophy of language / Michael Morris.

Call Number: P107 .O98 2006
Title: The Oxford handbook of the philosophy of language / edited by Ernest Lepore and Barry C. Smith.

Call Number: P115 .M85 2003
Title: The multilingual mind : issues discussed by, for, and about people living with many languages / edited by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa.

Call Number: P119.3 .P658 2006
Title: Unspeak : how words become weapons, how weapons become a message, and how that message becomes reality / Steven Poole.

Call Number: P37.5.S67 E73 2007
Title: Um-- slips, stumbles, and verbal blunders, and what they mean / Michael Erard.

Call Number: P40.5.L33 H37 2007
Title: When languages die : the extinction of the world's languages and the erosion of human knowledge / K. David Harrison.

Call Number: P53 .R49 2003
Title: Making it happen : from interactive to participatory language teaching : theory and practice / Patricia A. Richard-Amato.

Call Number: P53.755 .M35 2006
Title: Researching second language classrooms / Sandra Lee McKay

Call Number: P53.775 .C37 2006
Title: Boys and foreign language learning : real boys don't do languages / Jo Carr and Anne Pauwels.

Call Number: P90 .G4776 2006
Title: Always already new : media, history and the data of culture / Lisa Gitelman.

Call Number: P92.U5 C87 2007
Title: It's not news, it's fark : how mass media tries to pass off crap as news / Drew Curtis.

Call Number: P94.65.U6 J46 2006
Title: Convergence culture : where old and new media collide / Henry Jenkins.

Call Number: P95.45 .C6643 2006
Title: Conversation analysis / edited by Paul Drew & John Heritage.

Call Number: PA3465 .A2 2007
Title: Broken laughter : select fragments of Greek comedy / edited with introduction, commentary, and translation, S. Douglas Olson.

Call Number: PA3952 .A1 2006
Title: In Demosthenem commenta. English";"Didymos on Demosthenes / introduction, text, translation, and commentary by Phillip Harding.

Call Number: PA4037 .D335 2006
Title: Rediscovering Homer : inside the origins of the epic / Andrew Dalby.

Call Number: PA4167 .B57 2005
Title: Odysseus unbound : the search for Homer's Ithaca / Robert Bittlestone with James Diggle and John Underhill.

Call Number: PA6056 .H66 2007
Title: Roman satire / Daniel M. Hooley.

Call Number: PE1075 .O97 2006
Title: The Oxford history of English / edited by Lynda Mugglestone.

Call Number: PE1112 .F64 2004
Title: The Little, Brown handbook / H. Ramsey Fowler, Jane E. Aaron.

Call Number: PE1129 .S8 H85 2007
Title: How I learned English : 55 accomplished Latinos recall lessons in language and life / edited by Tom Miller [foreword by Ray Suarez afterword by Frank McCourt].

Call Number: PE1137 .J27 2005
Title: You say to-ma-to : an amusing and irreverent guide to the most often mispronounced words in the English language / R.W. Jackson.

Call Number: PE1375 .F56 2006
Title: Sister Bernadette's barking dog : the quirky history and lost art of diagramming sentences / by Kitty Burns Florey.

Call Number: PE1408 .R426 2005
Title: Strategies for successful writing : a rhetoric, research guide, reader, and handbook / James A. Reinking, Robert von der Osten.

Call Number: PE1460 .J46 2007
Title: That or which, and why : a usage guide for thoughtful writers and editors / Evan Jenkins.

Call Number: PE1574 .S74 2006
Title: The life of language : the fascinating ways words are born, live & die / Sol Steinmetz and Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Call Number: PE3502.J3 L66 2007
Title: English on the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands / Daniel Long.

Call Number: PG3026.S348 H45 2003
Title: Flesh to metal : Soviet literature and the alchemy of revolution / Rolf Hellebust.

Call Number: PG3456 .A19 2006
Title: Plays. English";"The complete plays / Anton Chekhov translated, edited, and annotated by Laurence Senelick.

Call Number: PG5039.18.A9 Z313 2001
Title: Žebrácká opera. English";"The beggar's opera / Vaclav Havel translated from the Czech by Paul Wilson introduction by Peter Steiner.

Call Number: PG7167.E64 A2 2007
Title: Poems. English";"The collected poems, 1956-1998 / Zbigniew Herbert translated and edited by Alissa Valles with additional translations by Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott introduction by Adam Zagajewski.

Call Number: PG7178.Z9 A222 2006
Title: Poems. English & Polish. Selections";"Monologue of a dog : new poems / Wisława Szymborska translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh and Stanisław Barańczak.

Call Number: PH3281.K89 N3613 2007
Title: Napraforgó. English";"Sunflower / Gyula Krudy introduction by John Lukacs translated from the Hungarian by John Batki.

Call Number: PH3291.N297 A2 2007
Title: Selections. English. 2007";"Fire and knowledge : fiction and essays / Péter Nádas translated from the Hungarian by Imre Goldstein.

Call Number: PJ7846.I392 H3713 2005
Title: Ḥarb taʻmalu bi-jid. English";"The war works hard = al-Ḥarb taʻmalu bi-jid / Dunya Mikhail translated by Elizabeth Winslow, introduction by Saadi Simawe.

Call Number: PL2443 .K56 2007
Title: Corruption and realism in late socialist China : the return of the political novel / Jeffrey C. Kinkley.

Call Number: PL248.S474 B5813 2004
Title: Bit palas. English";"The flea palace / by Elif Shafak translated by Müge Göçek.

Call Number: PL248.S474 M3413 2006
Title: Mahrem. English";"The gaze / by Elif Shafak translated from the Turkish by Brendan Freeley.

Call Number: PL2687.H887 Z72 2006
Title: Hong Mai's Record of the listener and its Song dynasty context / Alister David Inglis.

Call Number: PL2840.J6 A6 2004
Title: Short stories. English. Selections";"The execution of mayor Yin and other stories from the great proletarian Cultural Revolution / Chen Ruoxi edited by Howard Goldblatt with a new introduction by Perry Link translated from the Chinese by Nancy Ing and Howard Goldblatt.

Call Number: PL2869.O128 A6 2007
Title: Essays. English. Selections";"The case for literature / Gao Xingjian translated from the Chinese by Mabel Lee.

Call Number: PL2920.E512445 S464 2001
Title: Shanghai baby / Wei Hui translated from the Chinese by Bruce Humes.

Call Number: PL2949.5.A5 T3613 2003
Title: Tang. English";"Candy : a novel / Mian Mian translated by Andrea Lingenfelter.

Call Number: PL4200 .N4513 2005
Title: Pāk kai læ bair̄ưa. English";"Pen and sail : literature and history in early Bangkok including the history of Bangkok in the chronicles of Ayutthaya / by Nidhi Eoseewong edited by Chris Baker and Ben Anderson with Craig J. Reynolds ... [et al.].

Call Number: PL747.82.M54 O73 2007
Title: Japanese fiction of the Allied occupation : vision, embodiment, identity / by Sharalyn Orbaugh.

Call Number: PL8014.Z55 A34 2006
Title: African womanhood in Zimbabwean literature : new critical perspectives on women's literature in African languages / edited by Zifikile Mguni, Munashe Furusa, and Ruby Magosvongwe.

Call Number: PL856.U696 P5313 2007
Title: Piasshing. English";"Piercing / Ryu Murakami translated by Ralph McCarthy.

Call Number: PL984.E3 C65 2002
Title: The Columbia anthology of traditional Korean poetry / edited by Peter H. Lee.

Call Number: PM783.5 .J87 2006
Title: Our fire survives the storm : a Cherokee literary history / Daniel Heath Justice.

Call Number: PM7831 .B53 2008
Title: Bastard tongues : a trailblazing linguist finds clues to our common humanity in the world's lowliest languages / Derek Bickerton.

Call Number: PN1009.5.R32 K64 2007
Title: Should we burn Babar? : essays on children's literature and the power of stories / Herbert Kohl introduction by Jack Zipes.

Call Number: PN1009.5.U85 U88 2003
Title: Utopian and dystopian writing for children and young adults / edited by Carrie Hintz and Elaine Ostry.

Call Number: PN1009.A1 G75 2006
Title: Feeling like a kid : childhood and children's literature / Jerry Griswold.

Call Number: PN1650.C59 M38 2003
Title: No kidding! : clown as protagonist in twentieth-century theater / Donald McManus.

Call Number: PN1968.U5 C85 2007
Title: Vaudeville, old & new : an encyclopedia of variety performers in America / Frank Cullen with Florence Hackman, Donald McNeilly.

Call Number: PN1972 .B57 2005
Title: Puppetry : a world history / Eileen Blumenthal.

Call Number: PN1972 .C87 2004
Title: Making and manipulating marionettes / David Currell.

Call Number: PN1978.G7 M38 2004
Title: The Victorian marionette theatre / John McCormick with Clodagh McCormick and John Phillips.

Call Number: PN1990.72.T4 A3 2007
Title: Touch and go : a memoir / Studs Terkel with Sydney Lewis.

Call Number: PN1991.7 .C32 2006
Title: Wireless writing in the age of Marconi / Timothy C. Campbell.

Call Number: PN1992.3.U5 S55 2007
Title: Not remotely controlled : notes on television / Lee Siegel.

Call Number: PN1992.6 .O28 2006
Title: Television, democracy and elections in Russia / Sarah Oates.

Call Number: PN1992.8.C46 C45 2007
Title: The children's television community / edited by J. Alison Bryant

Call Number: PN1993.5.A35 A75 2006
Title: African filmmaking : north and south of the Sahara / Roy Armes.

Call Number: PN1993.5.B6 D47 2004
Title: Popular cinema in Brazil, 1930-2001 / Stephanie Dennison and Lisa Shaw.

Call Number: PN1993.5.F7 L33 2002
Title: French cinema : from its beginnings to the present / Rémi Fournier Lanzoni.

Call Number: PN1993.5.G7 D38 2006
Title: Visions of England : class and culture in contemporary cinema / Paul Dave.

Call Number: PN1993.5.S7 F338 2006
Title: A cinema of contradiction : Spanish film in the 1960s / Sally Faulkner.

Call Number: PN1993.5.S7 M2939 2006
Title: Popular Spanish film under Franco : comedy and the weakening of the state / Steven Marsh.

Call Number: PN1993.5.Y8 L48 2007
Title: Disintegration in frames : aesthetics and ideology in the Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav cinema / Pavle Levi.

Call Number: PN1994 .M365 2006
Title: Masterpieces of modernist cinema / edited by Ted Perry.

Call Number: PN1995 .C77 2004
Title: The cinema effect / Sean Cubitt.

Call Number: PN1995 .F675 2006
Title: Filmosophy / Daniel Frampton.

Call Number: PN1995.9.A3 G35 2006
Title: Action figures : men, action films, and contemporary adventure narratives / by Mark Gallagher.

Call Number: PN1995.9.A68 S46 2006
Title: Evil Arabs in American popular film : orientalist fear / Tim Jon Semmerling.

Call Number: PN1995.9.A78 C58 2006
Title: Hollywood Asian : Philip Ahn and the politics of cross-ethnic performance / Hye Seung Chung.

Call Number: PN1995.9.D6 J58 2006
Title: The documentary film makers handbook / by Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes.

Call Number: PN1995.9.H5 S57 2006
Title: Reconstructing American historical cinema : from Cimarron to Citizen Kane / J. E. Smyth.

Call Number: PN1995.9.H53 P53 2006
Title: Frames of evil : the Holocaust as horror in American film / Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart and David A. Frank with a foreword by Dominick LaCapra and an introduction by Edward J. Ingebretsen.

Call Number: PN1995.9.H55 L56 2006
Title: Celluloid comrades : representations of male homosexuality in contemporary Chinese cinemas / Song Hwee Lim.

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 S66 2007
Title: Uncanny bodies : the coming of sound film and the origins of the horror genre / Robert Spadoni.

Call Number: PN1995.9.I48 B87 2006
Title: 'Injuns!' : Native Americans in the movies / Edward Buscombe.

Call Number: PN1995.9.I48 M37 2006
Title: Killing the Indian maiden : images of Native American women in film / M. Elise Marubbio.

Call Number: PN1995.9.L58 T46 2007
Title: The Frodo franchise : the Lord of the rings and modern Hollywood / Kristin Thompson.

Call Number: PN1995.9.R4 W75 2007
Title: Religion and film : an introduction / Melanie J. Wright.

Call Number: PN1995.9.S45 A53 2006
Title: Soft in the middle : the contemporary softcore feature in its contexts / David Andrews.

Call Number: PN1995.9.W3 Y68 2007
Title: Russian war films : on the cinema front, 1914-2005 / Denise J. Youngblood.

Call Number: PN1998.2 .P27 2005
Title: Francophone women film directors : a guide / Janis L. Pallister and Ruth A. Hottell.

Call Number: PN1998.3 .O24 2006
Title: Alanis Obomsawin : the vision of a native filmmaker / Randolph Lewis.

Call Number: PN1998.3.B875 M36 2005
Title: The films of Tim Burton : animating live action in contemporary Hollywood / Alison McMahan.

Call Number: PN1998.3.F65 C68 2004
Title: John Ford and the American West / Peter Cowie.

Call Number: PN1998.3.F85 A3 2002
Title: A third face : my tale of writing, fighting, and filmmaking / Samuel Fuller with Christa Fuller and Jerome Henry Rudes.

Call Number: PN1998.3.K83 S64 2006
Title: The Kubrick facade : faces and voices in the films of Stanley Kubrick / Jason Sperb.

Call Number: PN1998.3.O83 C38 2006
Title: The cinema of Mamoru Oshii : fantasy, technology, and politics / Dani Cavallaro.

Call Number: PN1998.3.S474 A76 2003
Title: The girl from God's country : Nell Shipman and the silent cinema / Kay Armatage.

Call Number: PN1998.3.T78 S74 2006
Title: François Truffaut and friends : modernism, sexuality, and film adaptation / Robert Stam.

Call Number: PN1998.3.W45 C36 1996
Title: Orson Welles / Simon Callow.

Call Number: PN2091.S8 E17 2006
Title: Sculpting space in the theater : conversations with the top set, light and costume designers / Babak Ebrahimian.

Call Number: PN2091.S8 J33 2006
Title: Developing and maintaining a design-tech portfolio : a guide for theatre, film, and TV / Rafael Jaen.

Call Number: PN2193.E86 B475 2005
Title: Theatre, performance, and the historical avant-garde / Günter Berghaus.

Call Number: PN221 .Y37 2006
Title: Inventive intercourse : from rhetorical conflict to the ethical creation of novel truth / Stephen R. Yarbrough.

Call Number: PN2270.A35 B77 2006
Title: Bodies in dissent : spectacular performances of race and freedom, 1850-1910 / Daphne A. Brooks.

Call Number: PN2287.A45 A3 2005
Title: Never have your dog stuffed : and other things I've learned / Alan Alda.

Call Number: PN2287.A45 A3 2007
Title: Things I overheard while talking to myself / Alan Alda.

Call Number: PN2287.C5 B35 2006
Title: Silent traces : discovering early Hollywood through the films of Charlie Chaplin / John Bengtson foreword by Kevin Brownlow.

Call Number: PN2287.G687 A3 2007
Title: I, California : the occasional history of a childhood actress, tap dancer, record store clerk, Thai waitress, Playboy reject, nightclub booker, Daily show correspondent, sex columnist, recurring character, etc. / Stacey Grenrock-Woods.

Call Number: PN2287.S3445 S84 1994
Title: Edie : American girl / by Jean Stein edited with George Plimpton.

Call Number: PN2287.W56 C48 2003
Title: Perpetually cool : the many lives of Anna May Wong (1905-1961) / Anthony B. Chan.

Call Number: PN2287.W56 H64 2004
Title: Anna May Wong : from laundryman's daughter to Hollywood legend / Graham Russell Gao Hodges.

Call Number: PN2598.P27 A3 2007
Title: Diaries 1969-1979 : the Python years / Michael Palin.

Call Number: PN2632 .P74 2006
Title: Theatre under Louis XIV : cross-casting and the performance of gender in drama, ballet and opera / Julia Prest.

Call Number: PN2657 .G73 2006
Title: Historical dictionary of German theater / William Grange.

Call Number: PN3035 .K36 2006
Title: Stardust lost : the triumph, tragedy, and mishugas of the Yiddish theater in America / by Stefan Kanfer.

Call Number: PN3171 .P57 2006
Title: Drama activities for K-6 students : creating classroom spirit / Milton E. Polsky, Dorothy Napp Schindel, Carmine Tabone.

Call Number: PN3433.5 .C73 2005
Title: A companion to science fiction / edited by David Seed.

Call Number: PN3451 .S3 2006
Title: The nature of narrative / Robert Scholes, James Phelan, Robert Kellogg.

Call Number: PN45 .B34413 2007
Title: Comment parler des livres que l'on n'a pas lus? English";"How to talk about books you haven't read / Pierre Bayard translated from the French by Jeffrey Mehlman.

Call Number: PN4867 .D385 2006
Title: The postwar decline of American newspapers, 1945-1965 : the history of American journalism / David R. Davies.

Call Number: PN4867 .H57 2006
Title: The public press, 1900-1945 : the history of American journalism / Leonard Ray Teel.

Call Number: PN4874.M4836 D47 2006
Title: The man who invented Fidel : Cuba, Castro, and Herbert L. Matthews of The New York times / Anthony DePalma

Call Number: PN4874.T425 A3 2007
Title: Turning white : a memoir of change / Lee Thomas.

Call Number: PN4888.R3 R63 2006
Title: The race beat : the press, the civil rights struggle, and the awakening of a nation / Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff.

Call Number: PN4888.U5 O88 2006
Title: People's movements, people's press : the journalism of social justice movements / Bob Ostertag.

Call Number: PN511 .B56 2006
Title: The essential Wayne Booth / edited and with an introduction by Walter Jost.

Call Number: PN55 .L43 2005
Title: The literary animal : evolution and the nature of narrative / edited by Jonathan Gottschall and David Sloan Wilson forewords by E. O. Wilson and Frederick Crews.

Call Number: PN56.E78 O7513 2006
Title: Oggetti desueti nelle immagini della letteratura. English";"Obsolete objects in the literary imagination : ruins, relics, rarities, rubbish, uninhabited places, and hidden treasures / Francesco Orlando translated from the Italian by Gabriel Pihas and Daniel Seidel, with the collaboration of Alessandra Grego foreword by David Quint.

Call Number: PN56.P93 M45 2006
Title: Beyond Lacan / James M. Mellard.

Call Number: PN56.R16 G46 2005
Title: Geomodernisms : race, modernism, modernity / edited by Laura Doyle and Laura Winkiel.

Call Number: PN56.R52 C66 2006
Title: Enigmas and riddles in literature / Eleanor Cook.

Call Number: PN6071.G3 S43 2007
Title: Secret ingredients : the New Yorker book of food and drink / edited by David Remnick.

Call Number: PN6084.C23 C36 2005
Title: Cats and their slaves : an anthology of worship / compiled by Michelle Lovric.

Call Number: PN6101 .W49 2006
Title: World beat : international poetry now from New Directions / edited by Eliot Weinberger.

Call Number: PN6165 .I25 2007
Title: I am America (and so can you!) / written and edited by Stephen Colbert ... [et al.]

Call Number: PN6231.A43 H66 2007
Title: Tales of graceful aging from the planet denial / Nicole Hollander.

Call Number: PN671 .S73 2006
Title: Reality fictions : romance, history, and governmental authority, 1025-1180 / Robert M. Stein.

Call Number: PN6726 .A78 2006
Title: Art out of time : unknown comics visionaries, 1900-1969 / [compiled by] Dan Nadel.

Call Number: PN6727.K274 E36 2007
Title: Edmund and Rosemary go to hell : a story of our times with (hopefully) some hope for us all / Bruce Eric Kaplan.

Call Number: PN6727.T64 S56 2007
Title: Shortcomings / Adrian Tomine.

Call Number: PN6727.T64 T47 1995
Title: 32 stories : the complete Optic nerve mini-comics / Adrian Tomine.

Call Number: PN6728.R85 B455 2004
Title: Rudy Park. Selections";"Peace, love, & lattes : a Rudy Park collection / by Darrin Bell & Theron Heir.

Call Number: PN6747 .B2213 2005
Title: Ascension du haut-mal. Tome 1-3. English";"Epileptic / David B.

Call Number: PN682.C6 S38 2006
Title: Courtly love, the love of courtliness, and the history of sexuality / James A. Schultz.

Call Number: PN682.L68 W45 2007
Title: The secret wound : love-melancholy and early modern romance / Marion A. Wells.

Call Number: PN70 .E36 2004
Title: Why read? / Mark Edmundson.

Call Number: PN81 .C835 2004
Title: A critical and cultural theory reader / edited by Antony Easthope and Kate McGowan.

Call Number: PN849.C3 M45 2007
Title: All the difference in the world : postcoloniality and the ends of comparison / Natalie Melas.

Call Number: PQ1860 .C36 2006
Title: The Cambridge companion to Moliere / edited by David Bradby, Andrew Calder.

Call Number: PQ2225 .C73413 2007
Title: Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine. English";"The last cavalier : being the adventures of Count Sainte-Hermine in the age of Napoleon / Alexandre Dumas translated by Lauren Yoder.

Call Number: PQ2469.P4 E5 2007
Title: Phare du bout du monde. English";"Lighthouse at the end of the world = Le phare du bout du monde : the first English translation of Verne's original manuscript / Jules Verne translated and edited by William Butcher.

Call Number: PQ2627.E4 C4313 2007
Title: Chaleur du sang. English";"Fire in the blood / Irène Némirovsky translated by Sandra Smith.

Call Number: PQ2627.E4 S8513 2006
Title: Suite française. English";"Suite française / Irène Némirovsky translated by Sandra Smith.

Call Number: PQ2627.E4 Z9513 2007
Title: Irène Némirovsky. English";"Irène Némirovsky : her life and works / Jonathan Weiss.

Call Number: PQ2643.I152 J3513 1998
Title: J'irai cracher sur vos tombes. English";"I spit on your graves / Boris Vian (Vernon Sullivan).

Call Number: PQ287 .B78 1990
Title: French romanticism : intertextual and interdisciplinary readings / Frank Paul Bowman.

Call Number: PQ305 .S46 2006
Title: Everyday life : theories and practices from surrealism to the present / Michael Sheringham.

Call Number: PQ4394 .S76 2006
Title: Dante's pluralism and the Islamic philosophy of religion / Gregory B. Stone.

Call Number: PQ6147.P5 R5 1973
Title: La novela picaresca y el punto de vista / Francisco Rico.

Call Number: PQ653 .G68 2006
Title: Optiques : the science of the eye and the birth of modern French fiction / Andrea Goulet.

Call Number: PQ7081 .S2678 2005
Title: Ciphers of history : Latin American readings for a cultural age / Enrico Mario Santí.

Call Number: PQ7081 .S525 2006
Title: Tradition and modernity in Spanish American literature : from Darío to Carpentier / by Adam Sharman.

Call Number: PQ7081.5 .F47 2005
Title: Linking the Americas : race, hybrid discourses, and the reformulation of feminine identity / Lesley Feracho.

Call Number: PQ7082.N7 H65 2007
Title: City fictions : language, body, and Spanish American urban space / Amanda Holmes.

Call Number: PQ7422 .J36 2005
Title: Puerto Rican nation-building literature : impossible romance / Zilkia Janer.

Call Number: PQ7499.L3 L35 2006
Title: The epic of America : an introduction to Rafael Landívar and the Rusticatio Mexicana / Andrew Laird.

Call Number: PQ7697 .B76 2005
Title: Test tube envy : science and power in Argentine narrative / J. Andrew Brown.

Call Number: PQ8098.29 K3 A7313 2008
Title: Ardiente paciencia. English";"The postman : a novel / Antonio Skármeta translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver.

Call Number: PQ8498.32.A65 T7313 2007
Title: Travesuras de la niña mala. Spanish";"The bad girl / Mario Vargas Llosa translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.

Call Number: PQ9199 .A5 2005
Title: Sonnets. English & Portuguese. Selections";"Selected sonnets / Luís de Camões edited and translated by William Baer.

Call Number: PQ9676 .O94 2006
Title: Oxford anthology of the Brazilian short story / edited by K. David Jackson.

Call Number: PR120.C3 C76 2007
Title: Aiming at heaven, getting the earth : the English Catholic novel today / Marian E. Crowe.

Call Number: PR120.M55 S74 2004
Title: Black British literature : novels of transformation / Mark Stein.

Call Number: PR1227 .N373 2004
Title: New British poetry / edited by Don Paterson and Charles Simic.

Call Number: PR131 .O944 2006
Title: The Oxford history of literary translation in English / edited by Stuart Gillespie and David Hopkins.

Call Number: PR1940 .H67 2007
Title: Chaucer's language / Simon Horobin.

Call Number: PR2017.D45 Z44 2006
Title: Piers Plowman and the medieval discourse of desire / Nicolette Zeeman.

Call Number: PR2248 .S28 2006
Title: Desiring Donne : poetry, sexuality, interpretation / Ben Saunders.

Call Number: PR2248 .S78 2007
Title: John Donne : the reformed soul / John Stubbs.

Call Number: PR2364 .C68 2006
Title: A critical companion to Spenser studies / edited by Bart van Es.

Call Number: PR2673 .C36 2004
Title: The Cambridge companion to Christopher Marlowe / edited by Patrick Cheney.

Call Number: PR27 .A86 2005
Title: Defining literary criticism : scholarship, authority, and the possession of literary knowledge, 1880-2002 / Carol Atherton.

Call Number: PR2880.A1 T43 2006
Title: Shakespeare and the American popular stage / Frances Teague.

Call Number: PR2976 .H48 2006
Title: Shakespeare and youth culture / Jennifer Hulbert, Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr., and Robert L. York.

Call Number: PR2992.S47 W45 2005
Title: Service and dependency in Shakespeare's plays / Judith Weil.

Call Number: PR2995 .B88 2005
Title: The practical Shakespeare : the plays in practice and on the page / Colin Butler.

Call Number: PR3093 .C65 2006
Title: A concise companion to Shakespeare on screen / edited by Diana E. Henderson.

Call Number: PR3534 .J67 2005
Title: Samuel Johnson and the art of sinking, 1709-1791 / Freya Johnston.

Call Number: PR3588 .A68 2007
Title: Approaches to teaching Milton's shorter poetry and prose / edited by Peter C. Herman.

Call Number: PR3588 .B87 2007
Title: Milton the dramatist / Timothy J. Burbery.

Call Number: PR3588 .M487 2006
Title: Milton in the age of Fish : essays on authorship, text, and terrorism / edited by Michael Lieb and Albert C. Labriola.

Call Number: PR4037 .K73 2007
Title: Disciplining love : Austen and the modern man / Michael Kramp.

Call Number: PR4037 .S89 2005
Title: Jane Austen's textual lives : from Aeschylus to Bollywood / Kathryn Sutherland.

Call Number: PR4168 .C29 2002
Title: The Cambridge companion to the Brontës / edited by Heather Glen.

Call Number: PR428.C48 C44 2004
Title: Moral identity in early modern English literature / Paul Cefalu.

Call Number: PR428.C64 P47 2006
Title: Literature and favoritism in early modern England / Curtis Perry.

Call Number: PR438.E36 M37 2006
Title: The Far East and the English imagination, 1600-1730 / Robert Markley.

Call Number: PR441 .C665 2005
Title: A concise companion to the Restoration and eighteenth century / edited by Cynthia Wall.

Call Number: PR468.R65 W65 2006
Title: Borderlines : the shiftings of gender in British romanticism / Susan J. Wolfson.

Call Number: PR4732 .E86 1984
Title: Rider Haggard / by Norman Etherington.

Call Number: PR478.M6 C36 2007
Title: The Cambridge companion to the modernist novel / edited by Morag Shiach.

Call Number: PR4859.L9 D68 2004
Title: Lady Caroline Lamb : a biography / by Paul Douglass.

Call Number: PR509.S7 P48 2005
Title: The nineteenth-century sonnet / Joseph Phelan.

Call Number: PR533 .E17 2007
Title: Early modern English poetry : a critical companion / edited by Patrick Cheney, Andrew Hadfield, Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr.

Call Number: PR5343.S3 M33 2005
Title: Possible Scotlands : Walter Scott and the story of tomorrow / Caroline McCracken-Flesher.

Call Number: PR5881 .B27 2005
Title: Wordsworth : a life / Juliet Barker.

Call Number: PR5883 .S57 2007
Title: The friendship : Wordsworth and Coleridge / Adam Sisman.

Call Number: PR6003.E77 Z95 2006
Title: Betjeman : a life / by A.N. Wilson.

Call Number: PR6003.O6757 Z625 2003
Title: Elizabeth Bowen : the shadow across the page / Maud Ellmann.

Call Number: PR6005.H66 M853313 2000
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