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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: N5273.2.M43 F87 2006
Title: Lorenzo de'Medici, collector and antiquarian / Laurie Fusco, Gino Corti.

Call Number: N6512.5.P6 P74 2007
Title: Pop art : contemporary perspectives : Princeton University Art Museum / preface by John Wilmerding introduction by Hal Foster essays by Johanna Burton ... [et al.].

Call Number: N6537.5 .L5 1990
Title: Mixed blessings : new art in a multicultural America / Lucy R. Lippard.

Call Number: N6537.G628 A4 2006b
Title: Felix Gonzalez-Torres / edited by Julie Ault.

Call Number: N6537.P63 A3 2005
Title: Material witness : the selected letters of Fairfield Porter / edited by Ted Leigh introduction by David Lehman with additional notes by Justin Spring.

Call Number: N6537.S2 A4 2005
Title: The art of Betye, Lezley, and Alison Saar / Jessica Dallow and Barbara C. Matilsky with an essay by Tracye Saar-Cavanaugh.

Call Number: N6739.G44 A4 2005
Title: Sabiduras and other texts : writings by Gego / edited by María Elena Huizi and Josefina Manrique introduction by Mari Carmen Ramírez.

Call Number: N6763 .J66 2002
Title: The secret Middle Ages / Malcolm Jones.

Call Number: N6853.G34 B74 2005
Title: Gauguin and Impressionism / Richard R. Brettell and Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark.

Call Number: N6853.P5 G74 2005
Title: Picasso : architecture and vertigo / Christopher Green.

Call Number: N6953.R4 C74 2006
Title: Rembrandt's bankruptcy : the artist, his patrons, and the art market in seventeenth-century Netherlands / Paul Crenshaw.

Call Number: N72.A75 J63 2005
Title: Architecture : art / Philip Jodidio.

Call Number: N7410 .M86 2006
Title: From the South Seas : Oceanic art in the Teel collection / edited by Christraud M. Geary essays by Michael Gunn and Christraud M. Geary catalogue by William E. Teel with Christraud M. Geary and Stéphanie Xatart.

Call Number: N7483.G73 M37 2006b
Title: Art czar : the rise and fall of Clement Greenberg : a biography / by Alice Goldfarb Marquis.

Call Number: N7629.N48 N486 2006
Title: Off the pedestal : new women in the art of Homer, Chase, and Sargent / edited by Holly Pyne Connor.

Call Number: NA275 .S67 2006
Title: The complete Greek temples / Tony Spawforth.

Call Number: NA5471.N8 G55 2005
Title: Norwich Cathedral Close : the evolution of the English cathedral landscape / Roberta Gilchrist.

Call Number: NA705 .C38 2005
Title: Invitation to vernacular architecture : a guide to the study of ordinary buildings and landscapes / Thomas Carter and Elizabeth Collins Cromley.

Call Number: NA737.K3 S74 2006
Title: Ely Jacques Kahn, architect : beaux-arts to modernism in New York / Jewel Stern and John A. Stuart.

Call Number: NA737.K32 M38 2005
Title: Louis I. Kahn / Robert McCarter.

Call Number: NA970 .C44 2005
Title: London. 5, East / Bridget Cherry, Charles O'Brien and Nikolaus Pevsner with contributions from Elizabeth Williamson, Malcolm Tucker and Pamela Greenwood.

Call Number: NB237.A94 H63 2005
Title: Alice Aycock : sculpture and projects / Robert Hobbs.

Call Number: NB468 .W34 2005
Title: Mother stone : the vitality of modern British sculpture / Anne Middleton Wagner.

Call Number: NB553.R7 A4 2006
Title: Apropos Rodin / Jennifer Gough-Cooper, Geoff Dyer.

Call Number: NC1002.C3 V55 2006
Title: Mexican calendar girls = Chicas de calendarios Mexicanos : golden age of calendar art, 1930-1960 = la época de oro del arte de los calendarios, 1930-1960 / by/por Angela Villalba foreword/prólogo, Carlos Monsiváis.

Call Number: NC1325 .L458 2004
Title: Comic art in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America through 2000 : an international bibliography / John A. Lent.

Call Number: NC760 .R54 2006
Title: Human anatomy : from the Renaissance to the digital age / Benjamin A. Rifkin Michael J. Ackerman biographies by Judith Folkenberg.

Call Number: NC998.6.S95 H65 2006
Title: Swiss graphic design : the origins and growth of an international style, 1920-1965 / Richard Hollis.

Call Number: ND1059.W3 K44 2006
Title: Frog in the well : portraits of Japan by Watanabe Kazan, 1793-1841 / Donald Keene.

Call Number: ND1460.I57 B67 2006
Title: At home : the domestic interior in art / Frances Borzello.

Call Number: ND1942.C8 H55 2005
Title: Cotman in the north : watercolours of Durham and Yorkshire / David Hill.

Call Number: ND237.C52 H68 2005
Title: Frederic Church / John K. Howat.

Call Number: ND237.G45 A4 2005
Title: Sam Gilliam : a retrospective / Jonathan P. Binstock forewords by Walter Hopps and Jacquelyn D. Serwer.

Call Number: ND237.H7 G75 2006
Title: Winslow Homer : an American vision / Randall C. Griffin.

Call Number: ND237.I5 D45 2004
Title: George Inness and the science of landscape / Rachael Ziady DeLue.

Call Number: ND237.K33 K35 2005
Title: Alex Katz / Carter Ratcliff, Robert Storr, Iwona Blazwick.

Call Number: ND237.S649 K37 2005
Title: Raimonds Staprans : art of tranquility & turbulence / Paul J. Karlstrom with essays by Helēna Demakova and Peter Selz.

Call Number: ND2935 .K63 2006
Title: Illuminated haggadot from medieval Spain : biblical imagery and the Passover holiday / Katrin Kogman-Appel.

Call Number: ND3247 .C86 2006
Title: Indian painting : from cave temples to the colonial period / Joan Cummins.

Call Number: ND553.R67 A4 2006
Title: Henri Rousseau : jungles in Paris / edited by Frances Morris and Christopher Green catalogue by Nancy Ireson essays by Claire Frèches-Thory ... [et al.].

Call Number: ND615 .S77 2004
Title: Italian paintings, 1250-1450, in the John G. Johnson Collection and the Philadelphia Museum of Art / Carl Brandon Strehlke.

Call Number: ND635 .O4513 2005b
Title: Early Netherlandish paintings : rediscovery, reception, and research / edited by Bernhard Ridderbos, Anne van Buren and Henk van Veen [translated into English by Andrew McCormick and Anne van Buren].

Call Number: ND636 .W5 2005
Title: Flemish paintings of the seventeenth century / Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.

Call Number: ND641.H35 S88 2006
Title: Jan van der Heyden (1637-1712) / Peter C. Sutton with contributions by Jonathan Bikker ... [et al.].

Call Number: ND653.V5 H84 2005
Title: Vermeer and Plato : painting the ideal / Robert D. Huerta.

Call Number: NE1321.8 .S25 2006
Title: Japanese popular prints : from votive slips to playing cards / Rebecca Salter.

Call Number: NE1326.5.K3 G47 2005
Title: Kabuki heroes on the Osaka stage, 1780-1830 / C. Andrew Gerstle with Timothy Clark, Akiko Yano.

Call Number: NE1336.R62 A4 2006
Title: American dream : ten years of prints, books & drawings = diez años de grabados, libros y dibujos / Artemio Rodríguez

Call Number: NE771.4 .V65 2005
Title: Made in Japan : the postwar creative print movement / Alicia Volk with a contribution by Helen Nagata.

Call Number: NK1672 .F56 2005
Title: Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman world : toward a new Jewish archaeology / Steven Fine.

Call Number: NK3631.D38 W67 2005
Title: The work of Ismar David / selected by Helen Brandshaft edited by David Pankow.

Call Number: NK4210.T265 A4 2005
Title: Between clouds of memory : Akio Takamori, a mid-career survey / edited by Peter Held essays by Garth Clark ... [et al.].

Call Number: NK4285 .R53 2006
Title: Mocha and related dipped wares, 1770-1939 / by Jonathan Rickard principal color photography by Gavin Ashworth foreword by David Barker.

Call Number: NK4645 .T377 2007
Title: Pots & plays : interactions between tragedy and Greek vase-painting of the fourth century B.C. / Oliver Taplin.

Call Number: NK835.N5 F37 2006
Title: Transforming images : New Mexican santos in-between worlds / Claire Farago and Donna Pierce [with contributions by] Marianne L. Stoller ... [et al.] with the assistance of Nancy Mann.

Call Number: NK839.3.J32 H57 2005
Title: The art of gaman : arts and crafts from the Japanese American internment camps, 1942-1946 / Delphine Hirasuna designed by Kit Hinrichs photography by Terry Heffernan.

Call Number: NK9198.B57 H67 2005
Title: Mary Black's family quilts : memory and meaning in everyday life / Laurel Horton foreword by Michael Owen Jones.

Call Number: NX160 .S25 2006
Title: On late style : music and literature against the grain / Edward W. Said foreword by Mariam C. Said introduction by Michael Wood.

Call Number: NX456 .B25 2005
Title: Smile of the Buddha : Eastern philosophy and Western art from Monet to today / Jacquelynn Baas foreword by Robert A.F. Thurman.

Call Number: NX512.W37 A4 2003
Title: Factory made : Warhol and the sixties / Steven Watson.

Call Number: NX556.A1 S75 2005
Title: Serfdom, society, and the arts in imperial Russia : the pleasure and the power / Richard Stites.

Call Number: NX65 .S54 2006
Title: Falling upwards : essays in defense of the imagination / Lee Siegel.