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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: ML128.C4 H5 2006
Title: The piano in chamber ensemble : an annotated guide / Maurice Hinson and Wesley Roberts.

Call Number: ML128.M8 S68 2004
Title: Speaking of music : music conferences, 1835-1966 / general editors, James R. Cowdery, Zdravko Blažeković, Barry S. Brook.

Call Number: ML1331 .N495 2006
Title: The modern brass band : from the 1930s to the new millennium / Roy Newsome.

Call Number: ML1380 .H56 2006
Title: Women composers and music technology in the United States : crossing the line / Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner.

Call Number: ML156.7.A75 W55 2006
Title: All of me : the complete discography of Louis Armstrong / Jos Willems.

Call Number: ML156.C7 R87 2004
Title: Country Music Records : a discography, 1921-1942 / by Tony Russell with editorial research by Bob Pinson, assisted by the staff of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Call Number: ML1700 .G7397 2006
Title: Divas and scholars : performing Italian opera / Philip Gossett.

Call Number: ML1700 .W48 2006
Title: On opera / Bernard Williams.

Call Number: ML197 .R76 2007
Title: The rest is noise : listening to the twentieth century / Alex Ross.

Call Number: ML2054 .M353 2006
Title: The musical as drama : a study of the principles and conventions behind musical shows from Kern to Sondheim / Scott McMillin.

Call Number: ML2075 .S89 2006
Title: Hitchcock's music / Jack Sullivan.

Call Number: ML28.E554 C6 2007
Title: American band : music, dreams, and coming of age in the heartland / Kristen Laine.

Call Number: ML3168 .H47 2004
Title: Worship wars in early Lutheranism : choir, congregation, and three centuries of conflict / Joseph Herl.

Call Number: ML338 .L39 2006
Title: The dawn of Indian music in the West : Bhairavi / Peter Lavezzoli.

Call Number: ML338.1 .W45 2006
Title: Singing the classical, voicing the modern : the postcolonial politics of music in South India / Amanda J. Weidman.

Call Number: ML3487.B7 C76 2005
Title: Brazilian music : northeastern traditions and the heartbeat of a modern nation / Larry Crook.

Call Number: ML3518 .S46 2004
Title: That toddlin' town : Chicago's white dance bands and orchestras, 1900-1950 / Charles A. Sengstock Jr.

Call Number: ML3521 .W45 2005
Title: Blues : the basics / Dick Weissman.

Call Number: ML3524 .T739 2006
Title: Country : a regional exploration / Ivan Tribe.

Call Number: ML3527.8 .D36 2006
Title: Presence and pleasure : the funk grooves of James Brown and Parliament / Anne Danielsen.

Call Number: ML3534 .S914 2005
Title: Electric folk : the changing face of English traditional music / Britta Sweers.

Call Number: ML3534.3 .B44 2006
Title: The heebie-jeebies at CBGB's : a secret history of Jewish punk / Steven Lee Beeber.

Call Number: ML3551 .C578 2006
Title: Folk music : the basics / Ronald D. Cohen.

Call Number: ML3551 .W43 2005
Title: Which side are you on? : an inside history of the folk music revival in America / Dick Weissman.

Call Number: ML3575.B6 S76 2006
Title: Music and the poetics of production in the Bolivian Andes / Henry Stobart.

Call Number: ML3680.7.T9 L48 2006
Title: Where rivers and mountains sing : sound, music, and nomadism in Tuva and beyond / Theodore Levin with Valentina Süzükei.

Call Number: ML3795 .S415 2006
Title: Among the jasmine trees : music and modernity in contemporary Syria / Jonathan Holt Shannon.

Call Number: ML3798 .N47 2005
Title: The study of ethnomusicology : thirty-one issues and concepts / Bruno Nettl.

Call Number: ML3800 .M73 2006
Title: The singing neanderthals : the origins of music, language, mind, and body / Steven Mithen.

Call Number: ML3830 .S13 2007
Title: Musicophilia : tales of music and the brain / by Oliver Sacks.

Call Number: ML3830 .S87 1992
Title: Music and the mind / Anthony Storr.

Call Number: ML3838 .P365 2006
Title: Listening to the sirens : musical technologies of queer identity from Homer to Hedwig / Judith A. Peraino.

Call Number: ML3845 .A67 2006
Title: Approaches to meaning in music / edited by Byron Almén and Edward Pearsall.

Call Number: ML3845 .S6833 2006
Title: Sound figures of modernity : German music and philosophy / edited by Jost Hermand and Gerhard Richter.

Call Number: ML385 .S582 2007
Title: The house that George built : with a little help from Irving, Cole, and a crew of about fifty / Wilfrid Sheed.

Call Number: ML390 .S825 2003
Title: Composers of classical music of Jewish descent / Lewis Stevens foreword by Rabbi Julia Neuberger.

Call Number: ML3917.C9 M66 2006
Title: Music and revolution : cultural change in socialist Cuba / Robin D. Moore.

Call Number: ML3917.G3 M8 2006
Title: Music, theatre and politics in Germany : 1848 to the Third Reich / edited by Nikolaus Bacht.

Call Number: ML3918.F65 B83 2006
Title: Performing democracy : Bulgarian music and musicians in transition / Donna A. Buchanan.

Call Number: ML3918.J39 T7 2007
Title: Pearl Harbor jazz : change in popular music in the early 1940s / Peter Townsend.

Call Number: ML3930.A13 F535 2007
Title: 50 x 50 : 50 Cent in his own words / 50 Cent with Noah Callahan-Bever.

Call Number: ML394 .G28 2002
Title: She's a rebel : the history of women in rock & roll / Gillian G. Gaar preface by Yoko Ono.

Call Number: ML410.A687 A3 2004
Title: Catalogue raisonné as memoir : a composer's life / Dominick Argento.

Call Number: ML410.B1 W7122 2007
Title: J.S. Bach : a life in music / Peter Williams.

Call Number: ML410.B16 C22 2006
Title: C.P.E. Bach studies / edited by Annette Richards.

Call Number: ML410.C5416 C43 2006
Title: Chou Wen-Chung : the life and work of a contemporary Chinese-born American composer / Peter M. Chang.

Call Number: ML410.D955 A25 2005
Title: Joël-François Durand in the mirror land / edited by Jonathan W. Bernard.

Call Number: ML410.H13 B943 2005
Title: Handel and the English Chapel Royal / Donald Burrows.

Call Number: ML410.L645 S84 2003
Title: György Ligeti : music of the imagination / Richard Steinitz.

Call Number: ML410.M23 A4 2004
Title: Glück ohne Ruh'. English";"Gustav Mahler : letters to his wife / edited by Henry-Louis de La Grange and Günther Weiss in collaboration with Knud Martner first complete edition, revised and translated by Antony Beaumont.

Call Number: ML410.M23 A413 2006
Title: Correspondence. English. Selections";"The Mahler family letters / edited, translated, and annotated by Stephen McClatchie.

Call Number: ML410.M23 W2 2006
Title: Gustav Mahler and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra tour America / Mary H. Wagner.

Call Number: ML410.M9 B8195 2007
Title: Understanding the women of Mozart's operas / Kristi Brown-Montesano.

Call Number: ML410.S4 A123
Title: On music and musicians / Robert Schumann.

Call Number: ML410.S6872 S93 2005
Title: How Sondheim found his sound / Steve Swayne.

Call Number: ML417.J56 A3 2007
Title: Journey of an American pianist / Grant Johannesen foreword by David Taylor Johannesen.

Call Number: ML417.R74 M67 2006
Title: Moriz Rosenthal in word and music : a legacy of the nineteenth century / edited and with an introduction by Mark Mitchell and Allan Evans preface by Charles Rosen.

Call Number: ML419.C645 R37 2007
Title: Coltrane : the story of a sound / Ben Ratliff.

Call Number: ML419.D75 A3 2005
Title: Mi vida saxual. English";"My sax life : a memoir / Paquito D'Rivera foreword by Ilan Stavans translated by Luis Tamargo.

Call Number: ML419.J37 H37 2006
Title: Dazzling stranger / Colin Harper.

Call Number: ML419.K97 A3 2007
Title: Practicing : a musician's return to music / Glenn Kurtz.

Call Number: ML420.D66 C65 2006
Title: Blue Monday : Fats Domino and the lost dawn of rock 'n' roll / Rick Coleman.

Call Number: ML420.F333 O43 2004
Title: Arrest the music! : Fela and his rebel art and politics / Tejumola Olaniyan.

Call Number: ML420.S918 S25 2007
Title: Redemption song : the ballad of Joe Strummer / Chris Salewicz.

Call Number: ML420.W13 H84 2007
Title: The many lives of Tom Waits / Patrick Humphries.

Call Number: ML420.W5525 L36 2007
Title: Inside the music of Brian Wilson : the songs, sounds, and influences of the Beach Boys' founding genius / Philip Lambert.

Call Number: ML420.Z475 Z58 2007
Title: I'll sleep when I'm dead : the dirty life and times of Warren Zevon / Crystal Zevon foreword by Carl Hiassen.

Call Number: ML460 .B75
Title: Les instruments de musique dans l'art et l'histoire. English";"Musical instruments in art and history [by] Roger Bragard [and] Ferdinand J. de Hen. Translated by Bill Hopkins.

Call Number: ML74.7 .D83 2005
Title: Virtual music : how the Web got wired for sound / William Duckworth.

Call Number: ML82 .M798 2005
Title: Musical voices of early modern women : many-headed melodies / edited by Thomasin LaMay.

Call Number: ML82 .O27 2002
Title: She bop II : the definitive history of women in rock, pop, and soul / Lucy O'Brien.

Call Number: MT56 .C69 2001
Title: Virtual music : computer synthesis of musical style / David Cope with commentary by Douglas Hofstadter and with perspectives and analysis by Eleanor Selfridge-Field ... [et al.].

Call Number: MT6.H565 M87 1999
Title: Music listening today / by Charles R. Hoffer.