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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: K2146 .A928 2006
Title: Appointing judges in an age of judicial power : critical perspectives from around the world / edited by Kate Malleson and Peter H. Russell.

Call Number: K3791 .V73 2006
Title: International law, museums and the return of cultural objects / Ana Filipa Vrdoljak.

Call Number: K5301 .W47 2006
Title: What happened to the women? : gender and reparations for human rights violations / Edited by Ruth Rubio-MarĂ­n foreword by Colleen Duggan.

Call Number: KF224.O43 D38 2007
Title: Defending the damned : inside Chicago's Cook County public defender's office / Kevin Davis.

Call Number: KF224.S2 W38 2007
Title: Sacco and Vanzetti : the men, the murders, and the judgment of mankind / Bruce Watson.

Call Number: KF228.U5 G65 2005
Title: Storming the court : how a band of Yale law students sued the President-- and won / Brandt Goldstein.

Call Number: KF2905.3 .B35 2005
Title: The medical malpractice myth / Tom Baker.

Call Number: KF3022.Z9 F57 2006
Title: The public domain : how to find & use copyright-free writings, music, art & more / by Stephen Fishman.

Call Number: KF3775 .P758 2003
Title: The promise and performance of environmental conflict resolution / edited by Rosemary O'Leary and Lisa B. Bingham.

Call Number: KF3831 .M33 2005
Title: Illegal beings : human clones and the law / Kerry Lynn Macintosh.

Call Number: KF4315 .C37 2007
Title: The law of libraries and archives / Bryan M. Carson.

Call Number: KF4541 .A87 2005
Title: America's constitution : a biography / Akhil Reed Amar.

Call Number: KF4541 .C833 2005
Title: The Constitution in Congress : descent into the maelstrom, 1829-1861 / David P. Currie.

Call Number: KF4541 .D56 2006
Title: The American state constitutional tradition / John J. Dinan.

Call Number: KF4545.S5 A948 2006
Title: Origins of the Dred Scott case : Jacksonian jurisprudence and the Supreme Court, 1837-1857 / Austin Allen.

Call Number: KF4550 .S24 2004
Title: Justice in plainclothes : a theory of American constitutional practice / Lawrence G. Sager.

Call Number: KF4575 .V47 2006
Title: Judging under uncertainty : an institutional theory of legal interpretation / Adrian Vermeule.

Call Number: KF4749 .B327 2006
Title: Privacy rights : cases lost and causes won before the Supreme Court / Alice Fleetwood Bartee.

Call Number: KF4754.5 .A96 2006
Title: Out of the closets & into the courts : legal opportunity structure and gay rights litigation / Ellen Ann Andersen.

Call Number: KF4755 .W36 2006
Title: Discrimination by default : how racism becomes routine / Lu-in Wang.

Call Number: KF478 .L48 2006
Title: Feminist legal theory : a primer / Nancy Levit and Robert R.M. Verchick foreword by Martha Minow.

Call Number: KF478 .M26 2005
Title: Women's lives, men's laws / Catharine A. MacKinnon.

Call Number: KF4783 .G74 2006
Title: Religion and the Constitution / Kent Greenawalt.

Call Number: KF5060 .G65 2007
Title: The terror presidency : law and judgment inside the Bush administration / Jack Goldsmith.

Call Number: KF5060 .Y66 2005
Title: The powers of war and peace : the constitution and foreign affairs after 9/11 / John Yoo.

Call Number: KF5130 .O78 2006
Title: How many judges does it take to make a Supreme Court? : and other essays on law and the constitution / John V. Orth.

Call Number: KF5130 .S86 2005
Title: Radicals in robes : why extreme right-wing courts are wrong for America / Cass R. Sunstein.

Call Number: KF6464 .M66 2006
Title: A complete introduction to corporate taxation / Reginald Mombrun, Gail Levin Richmond.

Call Number: KF7225 .T48 2005
Title: Terrorism, the laws of war, and the Constitution : debating the enemy combatant cases / edited by Peter Berkowitz.

Call Number: KF8202 2006
Title: Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the first nations: the treaties of 1736-62 / edited by Susan Kalter.

Call Number: KF8700 .E35 2004
Title: Elders on trial : age and ageism in the American legal system / Howard Eglit.

Call Number: KF8742 .G375 2007
Title: The next 25 years : the new Supreme Court and what it means for Americans / Martin Garbus.

Call Number: KF8742 .G74 2007
Title: Supreme conflict : the inside story of the struggle for control of the United States Supreme Court / Jan Crawford Greenburg.

Call Number: KF8742 .I763 2006
Title: A people's history of the Supreme Court : the men and women whose cases and decisions have shaped our Constitution / Peter Irons.

Call Number: KF8742 .O274 2003
Title: The majesty of the law : reflections of a Supreme Court Justice / Sandra Day O'Connor edited by Craig Joyce.

Call Number: KF8742 .S433 2005
Title: The Supreme Court in the American legal system / Jeffrey A. Segal, Harold J. Spaeth, Sara C. Benesh.

Call Number: KF8744 .R67 2007
Title: The Supreme Court : the personalities and rivalries that defined America / Jeffrey Rosen.

Call Number: KF8745.S33 R67 2006
Title: Antonin Scalia's jurisprudence : text and tradition / Ralph A. Rossum.

Call Number: KF8745.T48 A3 2007
Title: My grandfather's son : a memoir / Clarence Thomas.

Call Number: KF8748 .T66 2007
Title: The nine : inside the secret world of the Supreme Court / Jeffrey Toobin.

Call Number: KF8775 .B378 2006
Title: Judges and their audiences : a perspective on judicial behavior / Lawrence Baum.

Call Number: KF9223 .R62 2006
Title: Law without justice : why criminal law doesn't give people what they deserve / Paul H. Robinson and Michael T. Cahill.

Call Number: KF9227.C2 G47 2005
Title: Death penalty on trial : a handbook with cases, laws, and documents / Gary P. Gershman.

Call Number: KFI1785 .S27 2005
Title: Mercy on trial : what it means to stop an execution / Austin Sarat.

Call Number: KJV130.J625 P7613 2005
Title: The trial of Joan of Arc / translated and introduced by Daniel Hobbins.

Call Number: KNQ1155 .M47 2005
Title: The politics of piracy : intellectual property in contemporary China / Andrew Mertha.

Call Number: KNX4630.S73 J64 2002
Title: The Japanese way of justice : prosecuting crime in Japan / David T. Johnson.

Call Number: KZ1208.U33 L67 2006
Title: Trial justice : the international criminal court and the Lord's Resistance Army / Tim Allen.