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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: JA71 .R297 2007
Title: Lectures on the history of political philosophy / John Rawls edited by Samuel Freeman.

Call Number: JA76 .M88 2006
Title: Hearing the other side : deliberative versus participatory democracy / Diana C. Mutz.

Call Number: JA85.2.U6 M38 2007
Title: Life's a campaign : what politics has taught me about friendship, rivalry, reputation, and success / Chris Matthews.

Call Number: JC11 .N44 2006
Title: The making of the modern state : a theoretical evolution / Brian R. Nelson.

Call Number: JC177 .A5 1953
Title: Common sense, and other political writings / Thomas Paine Edited with an introduction by Nelson F. Adkins.

Call Number: JC177.H5 H58 2006
Title: Thomas Paine's Rights of man : a biography / Christopher Hitchens.

Call Number: JC229 .T775 2002
Title: The Tocqueville reader : a life in letters and politics / edited by Olivier Zunz and Alan S. Kahan.

Call Number: JC323 .W55 2006
Title: The ethics of territorial borders : drawing lines in the shifting sand / John Williams.

Call Number: JC328.5 .W45 2007
Title: Inside rebellion : the politics of insurgent violence / Jeremy M. Weinstein.

Call Number: JC330.15 .O58 2006
Title: Civic republicanism and the properties of democracy : a case study of post-socialist political theory / Erik J. Olsen.

Call Number: JC381 .C63 2005
Title: Confronting tyranny : ancient lessons for global politics / edited by Toivo Koivukoski and David Edward Tabachnick.

Call Number: JC423 .B3427 2005
Title: Democracy as the political empowerment of the people : the betrayal of an ideal / Majid Behrouzi.

Call Number: JC481 .C465 2006
Title: Fascism and democracy in the human mind : a bridge between mind and society / I.W. Charny.

Call Number: JC481 .W65 2004
Title: The seduction of unreason : the intellectual romance with fascism : from Nietzsche to postmodernism / Richard Wolin.

Call Number: JC49 .K473 2006
Title: The political thought of Sayyid Qutb : the theory of jahiliyyah / Sayed Khatab.

Call Number: JC539 .C498 2007
Title: Day of empire : how hyperpowers rise to global dominance--and why they fall / Amy Chua.

Call Number: JC573 .S273 2006
Title: A political philosophy / Roger Scruton.

Call Number: JC574 .L35 2006
Title: Reviving the invisible hand : the case for classical liberalism in the twenty-first century / Deepak Lal.

Call Number: JC578 .F697 2007
Title: Justice and the social contract : essays on Rawlsian political philosophy / Samuel Freeman.

Call Number: JC585 .D83 2005
Title: Libertarianism : for and against / Craig Duncan and Tibor R. Machan [foreword by Martha Nussbaum].

Call Number: JC585 .F7575 2007
Title: Modern liberty : and the limits of government / Charles Fried.

Call Number: JC71.P6 B57 2007
Title: Plato's Republic : a biography / Simon Blackburn.

Call Number: JC71.P6 D67 2006
Title: The transformation of Plato's Republic / Kenneth Dorter.

Call Number: JF1001 .E386 2006
Title: Electoral authoritarianism : the dynamics of unfree competition / edited by Andreas Schedler.

Call Number: JF1351 .P54 2005
Title: Governing complex societies : trajectories and scenarios / Jon Pierre and B. Guy Peters.

Call Number: JF251 .P75 2005
Title: The presidentialization of politics : a comparative study of modern democracies / edited by Thomas Poguntke and Paul Webb.

Call Number: JF801 .H425 2004
Title: A brief history of citizenship / Derek Heater.

Call Number: JK1759 .E37 2005
Title: To the flag : the unlikely history of the Pledge of Allegiance / Richard J. Ellis.

Call Number: JK1991 .F57 2006
Title: Financing the 2004 election / David B. Magleby, Anthony Corrado, Kelly D. Patterson, editors.

Call Number: JK1991 .N48 2005
Title: The new campaign finance sourcebook / Anthony Corrado ... [et al.].

Call Number: JK2261 .P29 2002
Title: The parties respond : changes in American parties and campaigns / [edited by] L. Sandy Maisel.

Call Number: JK2265 .S615 2006
Title: No party now : politics in the Civil War North / Adam I.P. Smith.

Call Number: JK2281 .S37 2007
Title: And his lovely wife : a memoir from the woman beside the man / Connie Schultz.

Call Number: JK2316 .B335 2007
Title: The argument : billionaires, bloggers, and the battle to remake Democratic politics / Matt Bai.

Call Number: JK275 .S43 2006
Title: The second term of George W. Bush : prospects and perils / book editors, Robert Maranto, Doug Brattebo, Tom Lansford.

Call Number: JK468.I6 W44 2007
Title: Legacy of ashes : the history of the CIA / Tim Weiner.

Call Number: JK511 .R83 2005
Title: The new imperial presidency : renewing presidential power after Watergate / Andrew Rudalevige.

Call Number: JK526 2004 .E64 2005
Title: The elections of 2004 / edited by Michael Nelson.

Call Number: JN6699.A15 R873 2006
Title: Russian civil society : a critical assessment / editors, Alfred B. Evans, Jr., Laura A. Henry, and Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom.

Call Number: JN6760 .S26 2002
Title: Democratic government in Poland : constitutional politics since 1989 / George Sanford.

Call Number: JN94.A56 C69 2007
Title: The best system money can buy : corruption in the European Union / Carolyn M. Warner.

Call Number: JN956 .K37 2005
Title: The British general election of 2005 / Dennis Kavanagh, David Butler.

Call Number: JQ1629.C6 M82 2006
Title: Power and pork : a Japanese political life / Aurelia George Mulgan.

Call Number: JQ1725 .K565 2006
Title: The two Koreas and the great powers / Samuel S. Kim.

Call Number: JQ1729.5.A58 K555 2006
Title: North Korea under Kim Jong Il : from consolidation to systemic dissonance / Sung Chull Kim.

Call Number: JQ1758.A58 P65 2006
Title: Political handbook of the Middle East 2006.

Call Number: JQ2998.A38 C584 2004
Title: Coups from below : armed subalterns and state power in West Africa / Jimmy D. Kandeh.

Call Number: JV6021 .L58 2006
Title: The borders in all of us : new approaches to global diasporic societies / William A. Little, Selase W. Williams, Irene Vasquez, Munashe Furusa, Jung-Sun Park.

Call Number: JV6465 .F66 2005
Title: In a new land : a comparative view of immigration / Nancy Foner.

Call Number: JZ1318 .C58 2003
Title: Civilizing globalization : a survival guide / edited by Richard Sandbrook.

Call Number: JZ1318 .E5 2006
Title: Critical theories of globalization / Chamsy el-Ojeili, Patrick Hayden.

Call Number: JZ1318 .O8713 2005
Title: Geschichte der Globalisierung. English";"Globalization : a short history / J├╝rgen Osterhammel and Niels P. Peterson translated by Dona Geyer.

Call Number: JZ1480 .G367 2007
Title: American global strategy and the 'war on terrorism' / Hall Gardner.

Call Number: JZ1480 .M3258 2005
Title: The case for Goliath : how America acts as the world's government in the twenty-first century / Michael Mandelbaum.

Call Number: JZ1480 .W35 2005
Title: Taming American power : the global response to U.S. primacy / Stephen M. Walt.

Call Number: JZ1480.A55 C76 2006
Title: Fostering fundamentalism : terrorism, democracy and American engagement in Central Asia / Matthew Crosston.

Call Number: JZ1570.A57 I72613 2006
Title: Alleanza inevitabile. English";"The inevitable alliance : Europe and the United States beyond Iraq / Vittorio Emanuele Parsi.

Call Number: JZ1980 .M33 2007
Title: Asia Pacific in world politics / Derek McDougall.

Call Number: JZ4984.5 .F73 2006
Title: The United Nations in the twenty-first century : management and reform processes in a troubled organization / Marcus Franda.

Call Number: JZ5584.S2 M33 2006
Title: Constructing peace : lessons from UN peacebuilding operations in El Salvador and Cambodia / Lisa A. Hall MacLeod.