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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: HB101.H39 C394 2006
Title: The Cambridge companion to Hayek / edited by Edward Feser.

Call Number: HB105.A2 S56 2006
Title: The political economy of virtue : luxury, patriotism, and the origins of the French Revolution / John Shovlin.

Call Number: HB119.G74 C36 2006
Title: Alan Greenspan : the oracle behind the curtain / by E. Ray Canterbery.

Call Number: HB161 .O76 2007
Title: On The wealth of nations / P.J. O'Rourke.

Call Number: HB2045 .P467 2005
Title: People and migration / editor, Roma Chappell.

Call Number: HB3505 .P44 2007
Title: Microtrends : the small forces behind tomorrow's big changes / Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne.

Call Number: HB3589 .D35 2006
Title: The slow failure : population decline and independent Ireland, 1922-1973 / Mary E. Daly.

Call Number: HB3717 1907 .B78 2007
Title: The Panic of 1907 : lessons learned from the market's perfect storm / Robert F. Bruner, Sean D. Carr.

Call Number: HB3722 .R43 2006
Title: Recent financial crises : analysis, challenges and implications / edited by Lawrence R. Klein, Tayyeb Shabbir.

Call Number: HB3743 .B76 2006
Title: Economic turbulence : is a volatile economy good for America? / Clair Brown, John Haltiwanger, and Julia Lane.

Call Number: HB71 .F6957 2007
Title: The economic naturalist : in search of explanations for everyday enigmas / Robert H. Frank.

Call Number: HB72 .N445 2006
Title: Economics for humans / Julie A. Nelson.

Call Number: HB74.8 .C65 2007
Title: The making of an economist, redux / David Colander.

Call Number: HB76 .L58 2004
Title: Lives of the laureates : eighteen Nobel economists / edited by William Breit and Barry T. Hirsch.

Call Number: HB87 .P348 2006
Title: Railroading economics : the creation of the free market mythology / Michael Perelman.

Call Number: HB95 .K54 2007
Title: The shock doctrine : the rise of disaster capitalism / Naomi Klein.

Call Number: HB98.3 .O87 2007
Title: The Chicago School : how the University of Chicago assembled the thinkers who revolutionized economics and business / by Johan Van Overtveldt.

Call Number: HC106 .H535 2006
Title: Depression, war, and cold war : studies in political economy / by Robert Higgs.

Call Number: HC106.3 .B47 2007
Title: Household accounts : working-class family economies in the interwar United States / Susan Porter Benson afterword by David Montgomery.

Call Number: HC106.3 .P33468 2007
Title: The economics of the Great Depression : a twenty-first century look back at the economics of the interwar era / Randall E. Parker.

Call Number: HC106.83 .H36 2006
Title: The national economy / Bradley A. Hansen.

Call Number: HC106.83 .K88 2007
Title: The squandering of America : how the failure of our politics undermines our prosperity / Robert Kuttner.

Call Number: HC106.83 .O86 2007
Title: The best-laid plans : how government planning harms your quality of life, your pocketbook, and your future / Randal O'Toole.

Call Number: HC107.A18 B63 2007
Title: Pathways to the present : U.S. development and its consequences in the Pacific / Mansel G. Blackford.

Call Number: HC110.C6 M35 2006
Title: Sold American : consumption and citizenship, 1890-1945 / Charles F. McGovern.

Call Number: HC110.C6 S46 2004
Title: Business, not politics : the making of the gay market / Katherine Sender.

Call Number: HC110.C6 T35 2003
Title: What should I do if Reverend Billy is in my store? / Bill Talen.

Call Number: HC110.C63 M375 2002
Title: Nader : crusader, spoiler, icon / Justin Martin.

Call Number: HC110.D4 B596 1994
Title: Buying for Armageddon : business, society, and military spending since the Cuban missile crisis / John L. Boies.

Call Number: HC110.I5 R478 2006
Title: Income and wealth / Alan Reynolds.

Call Number: HC110.P6 L36 2007
Title: Poverty and discrimination / Kevin Lang.

Call Number: HC110.P6 W43 2006
Title: Welfare reform in persistent rural poverty : dreams, disenchantments, and diversity / Kathleen Pickering... [et al.].

Call Number: HC110.P6 Z83 2006
Title: Differences that matter : social policy and the working poor in the United States and Canada / Dan Zuberi.

Call Number: HC110.T4 L47 2004
Title: Innovation, the missing dimension / Richard K. Lester & Michael J. Piore.

Call Number: HC110.W4 F73 2007
Title: Richistan : a journey through the American wealth boom and the lives of the new rich / Robert Frank.

Call Number: HC125 .U52 2007
Title: Understanding market reforms in Latin America : similar reforms, diverse constituencies, varied results / edited by José María Fanelli.

Call Number: HC240 .A59944 2006
Title: The future of Europe : reform or decline / Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi.

Call Number: HC240 .B395 2006
Title: An economic history of twentieth-century Europe : economic regimes from laissez-faire to globalization / Ivan T. Berend.

Call Number: HC240 .D3795 2006
Title: Europe at the crossroads : will the EU ever be able to compete with the United States as an economic power? / Guillermo de la Dehesa.

Call Number: HC241.2 .A6313 2007
Title: The accession story : the EU from fifteen to twenty-five countries / edited by George Vassiliou.

Call Number: HC424.Z9 D44 2004
Title: Economy, culture, and civil war in Sri Lanka / edited by Deborah Winslow and Michael D. Woost.

Call Number: HC427.95 .M43 2006
Title: One billion customers : lessons from the front lines of doing business in China / James McGregor.

Call Number: HC430.F3 L35 2007
Title: Fighting famine in North China : state, market, and environmental decline, 1690s-1990s / Lillian M. Li.

Call Number: HC435.3 .L83 2007
Title: In spite of the gods : the strange rise of modern India / Edward Luce.

Call Number: HC435.3 .M47 2007
Title: The elephant and the dragon : the rise of India and China and what it means for all of us / Robyn Meredith.

Call Number: HC435.3 .O94 2007
Title: The Oxford companion to economics in India / edited by Kaushik Basu.

Call Number: HC79.E5 H66 2006
Title: The upside of down : catastrophe, creativity, and the renewal of civilization / Thomas Homer-Dixon.

Call Number: HC79.E5 P667 2005
Title: Capitalism as if the world matters / Jonathon Porritt.

Call Number: HC800 .N427 2007
Title: Challenges of African growth : opportunities, constraints, and strategic directions / Benno J. Ndulu with Lopamudra Chakraborti ... [et al.].

Call Number: HC955.Z9 D458 2006
Title: The Democratic Republic of Congo : economic dimensions of war and peace / Michael Nest with François Grignon and Emizet F. Kisangani.

Call Number: HD1537.C5 C47313 2006
Title: Zhongguo nong min diao cha. English";"Will the boat sink the water? : the life of China's peasants / Chen Guidi and Wu Chuntao translated from Chinese by Zhu Hong.

Call Number: HD2741 .H568 2005
Title: A history of corporate governance around the world : family business groups to professional managers / edited by Randall K. Morck.

Call Number: HD2741 .K75 2005
Title: Speculative management : stock market power and corporate change / Dan Krier.

Call Number: HD2747 .H36 2006
Title: Greed and corporate failure : the lessons from recent disasters / Stewart Hamilton and Alicia Micklethwait.

Call Number: HD30.37 .F59 2006
Title: Blog rules : a business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues / Nancy Flynn.

Call Number: HD31 .E356 2007
Title: The definitive Drucker / Elizabeth Haas Edersheim.

Call Number: HD38.5 .S547 2005
Title: The resilient enterprise : overcoming vulnerability for competitive advantage / Yossi Sheffi.

Call Number: HD38.7 .B455 2004
Title: Trade secrets : intellectual piracy and the origins of American industrial power / Doron S. Ben-Atar.

Call Number: HD42 .G47 2006
Title: Leading through conflict : how successful leaders transform differences into opportunities / Mark Gerzon.

Call Number: HD4904.25 .F473 2006
Title: Families, states and labour markets : institutions, causes and consequences of family policy in post-war welfare states / Tommy Ferrarini.

Call Number: HD5325.M616 1913 M37 2007
Title: Blood passion : the Ludlow Massacre and class war in the American West / Scott Martelle.

Call Number: HD57.7 .K47 2004
Title: Bad leadership : what it is, how it happens, why it matters / Barbara Kellerman.

Call Number: HD57.7 .M3924 2005
Title: Leading with questions : how leaders find the right solutions by knowing what to ask / Michael Marquardt.

Call Number: HD5724 .T34 2008
Title: American-made : the enduring legacy of the WPA : when FDR put the nation to work / Nick Taylor.

Call Number: HD5775 .C29513 2006
Title: Chômage, fatalité ou necessité. English";"The natural survival of work : job creation and job destruction in a growing economy / Pierre Cahuc and André Zylberberg translated by William McCuaig.

Call Number: HD58.6 .A84 1996
Title: 50+ activities to teach negotiation / Ira G. Asherman.

Call Number: HD5856.A354 R63 2006
Title: Carriers of culture : labor on the road in nineteenth-century East Africa / by Stephen J. Rockel.

Call Number: HD6073.M62 U68 2006
Title: Daughters of the mountain : women coal miners in central Appalachia / Suzanne E. Tallichet.

Call Number: HD6095 .K4487 2007
Title: Gendering labor history / Alice Kessler-Harris.

Call Number: HD6490.O72 U652 2006
Title: L.A. story : immigrant workers and the future of the U.S. Labor Movement / Ruth Milkman.

Call Number: HD6508 .W44 2007
Title: What do unions do? : a twenty-year perspective / James T. Bennett, Bruce E. Kaufman, editors.

Call Number: HD6509.C48 P76 2006
Title: César Chávez, the Catholic bishops, and the farmworkers' struggle for social justice / Marco G. Prouty.

Call Number: HD6515.T4 R67 2004
Title: The voice of southern labor : radio, music, and textile strikes, 1929-1934 / Vincent J. Roscigno and William F. Danaher.

Call Number: HD6791 .K3678 2004
Title: The global evolution of industrial relations : events, ideas and the IIRA / Bruce E. Kaufman.

Call Number: HD69.S8 L35 2006
Title: Pull : networking and success since Benjamin Franklin / Pamela Walker Laird.

Call Number: HD7125 .D495 2008
Title: Social security : a documentary history / Larry W. DeWitt, Daniel Béland, and Edward D. Berkowitz.

Call Number: HD7125 .E96 2005
Title: The evolving pension system : trends, effects, and proposals for reform / William G. Gale, John B. Shoven, Mark J. Warshawsky, editors.

Call Number: HD7288.U4 G36 2007
Title: The boardinghouse in nineteenth-century America / Wendy Gamber.

Call Number: HD73 .A33 2007
Title: Advancing development : core themes in global economics / edited by George Mavrotas and Anthony Shorrocks foreword by Amartya Sen.

Call Number: HD75 .D357 2006
Title: The law-growth nexus : the rule of law and economic development / Kenneth W. Dam.

Call Number: HD75 .F54 2006
Title: Fighting poverty : the development-employment link / edited by Rizwanul Islam.

Call Number: HD75 .M353 2007
Title: Deep economy : the wealth of communities and the durable future / Bill McKibben.

Call Number: HD7795 .F63 2006
Title: Globalization and labor conditions : working conditions and worker rights in a global economy / Robert J. Flanagan.

Call Number: HD8039.B892 U66 2006
Title: Working construction : why white working-class men put themselves--and the labor movement--in harm's way / Kris Paap.

Call Number: HD8039.M22 U65 2006
Title: Networked machinists : high-technology industries in Antebellum America / David R. Meyer.

Call Number: HD8039.T162 U636 2007
Title: Taxi! : a social history of the New York City cabdriver / Graham Russell Gao Hodges.

Call Number: HD8039.T162 U66 2007
Title: Hack : how I stopped worrying about what to do with my life and started driving a yellow cab / Melissa Plaut.

Call Number: HD8072.5 .L357 2005
Title: If the workers took a notion : the right to strike and American political development / Josiah Bartlett Lambert.

Call Number: HD8072.5 .N487 2007
Title: The missing class : portraits of the near poor in America / Katherine S. Newman and Victor Tan Chen.

Call Number: HD8073.S64 R53 2004
Title: Conversations with Maida Springer : a personal history of labor, race, and international relations / Yevette Richards.

Call Number: HD8076 .S77 2006
Title: Reinventing The People : the progressive movement, the class problem, and the origins of modern liberalism / Shelton Stromquist.

Call Number: HD8081.A5 F56 2006
Title: Worker centers : organizing communities at the edge of the dream / Janice Fine.

Call Number: HD87 .W49 2006
Title: Third way economics : theory and evaluation / Philip B. Whyman.

Call Number: HD9000.5 .S454 2000
Title: Stolen harvest : the hijacking of the global food supply / by Vandana Shiva.

Call Number: HD9130.8.U5 B72 2007
Title: The cigarette century : the rise, fall, and deadly persistence of the product that defined America / Allan M. Brandt.

Call Number: HD9379.M66 S56 2007
Title: The house of Mondavi : the rise and fall of an American wine dynasty / Julia Flynn Siler.

Call Number: HD9502.U52 S544 2007
Title: Alternative energy : political, economic, and social feasibility / Christopher A. Simon.

Call Number: HD9560.6 .C54 2005
Title: Petrodollar warfare : oil, Iraq and the future of the dollar / William R. Clark.

Call Number: HD9566 .K58 2004
Title: Blood and oil : the dangers and consequences of America's growing petroleum dependency / Michael T. Klare.

Call Number: HD9574.M615 H837 2006
Title: The ecology of oil : environment, labor, and the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1938 / Myrna I. Santiago.

Call Number: HD9576.M52 K43 2005
Title: Mirage : power, politics, and the hidden history of Arabian oil / Aileen Keating.

Call Number: HD9650.5 .G576 2007
Title: The global chemical industry in the age of the petrochemical revolution / edited by Louis Galambos, Takashi Hikino, Vera Zamagni.

Call Number: HD9666.5 .M69 2005
Title: Selling sickness : how the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients / Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels.

Call Number: HD9710.U52 F6684 2005
Title: The people's tycoon : Henry Ford and the American century / Steven Watts.

Call Number: HD992.Z63 M665 2005
Title: Suffering for territory : race, place, and power in Zimbabwe / Donald S. Moore.

Call Number: HE5611 .A36 2006
Title: Against automobility / edited by Steffen Böhm ... [et al.].

Call Number: HE9713 .C44 2006
Title: The cell phone reader : essays in social transformation / edited by Anandam Kavoori and Noah Arceneaux.

Call Number: HE9713 .H365 2007
Title: 24/7 : how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live, work, and play / Jarice Hanson.

Call Number: HF1101 .N27 no.45
Title: Assessment for an evolving business education curriculum / editor, Marcia L. Bush associate editor, Kimberly A. Schultz.

Call Number: HF1359 .B3613 2004
Title: Hacia un despiporre global de excelencia y calidad. English";"How to succeed at globalization : a primer for roadside vendors / El Fisgón translated by Mark Fried.

Call Number: HF1418.5 .J678 2006
Title: The economics of international integration / Miroslav N. Jovanović.

Call Number: HF1455 .U483 2005
Title: The United States and the world economy : foreign economic policy for the next decade / edited by C Fred Bergsten.

Call Number: HF1746 .H85 2005
Title: NAFTA revisited : achievements and challenges / Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schott assisted by Paul L.E. Grieco and Yee Wong.

Call Number: HF2294 .D46 2006
Title: New free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific / Christopher M. Dent.

Call Number: HF5381 .V58 2007
Title: Career wisdom for college students : insights you won't get in class, on the Internet, or from your parents / Peter Vogt foreword by Doug Hardy.

Call Number: HF5387 .D26 2004
Title: The moral advantage : how to succeed in business by doing the right thing / William Damon.

Call Number: HF5387 .F737 2004
Title: What price the moral high ground? : ethical dilemmas in competitive environments / Robert H. Frank.

Call Number: HF5415 .M374 2007
Title: Conversations with marketing masters / Laura Mazur and Louella Miles.

Call Number: HF5415. 153 .K33 2006
Title: New product forecasting : an applied approach / Kenneth B. Kahn foreword by Martin Joseph and Alec Finney.

Call Number: HF5415.3 .P468 1996
Title: Consumer behavior and marketing strategy / J. Paul Peter, Jerry C. Olson.

Call Number: HF5813.U6 S77 2005
Title: Advertising on trial : consumer activism and corporate public relations in the 1930s / Inger L. Stole

Call Number: HF5821 .B37 2008
Title: Humor in the advertising business : theory, practice, and wit / Fred K. Beard.

Call Number: HF5821 .G87 2006
Title: Humor in advertising : a comprehensive analysis / Charles S. Gulas and Marc G. Weinberger.

Call Number: HF6146.I58 A33 2003
Title: Www.advertising / Richard Adams.

Call Number: HF6146.P78 L43 2007
Title: Branded entertainment : product placement & brand strategy in the entertainment business / Jean-Marc Lehu.

Call Number: HG172.A2 W75 2006
Title: Financial founding fathers : the men who made America rich / Robert E. Wright & David J. Cowen.

Call Number: HG185.L3 S83 2006
Title: Finance for development : Latin America in comparative perspective / Barbara Stallings, with Rogerio Studart.

Call Number: HG187.C62 H6644 2004
Title: The Hong Kong financial system : a new age / Simon S.M. Ho, Robert Haney Scott, Kie Ann Wong, [editors].

Call Number: HG2563.M275 B74 2004
Title: Chairman of the Fed : William McChesney Martin, Jr., and the creation of the modern American financial system / Robert P. Bremner.

Call Number: HG2613.T65 M47 2004
Title: Banksters, bosses, and smart money : a social history of the great Toledo bank crash of 1931 / Timothy Messer-Kruse.

Call Number: HG3881 .C33413 2006
Title: Les capitales du capital :histoire des places financières internationales, 1780-2005. English";"Capitals of capital : a history of international financial centres, 1780-2005 / Youssef Cassis translated by Jacqueline Collier

Call Number: HG3881.5.W57 M35 2004
Title: The world's banker : a story of failed states, financial crises, and the wealth and poverty of nations / Sebastian Mallaby.

Call Number: HG3881.5.W57 S73 2006
Title: The birth of development : how the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Health Organization changed the world, 1945-1965 / Amy L.S. Staples.

Call Number: HG4523 .M257 2006
Title: The (mis)behavior of markets : a fractal view of risk, ruin, and reward / Benoit B. Mandelbrot and Richard L. Hudson.

Call Number: HG4523 .R345 2003
Title: Saving capitalism from the capitalists : unleashing the power of financial markets to create wealth and spread opportunity / Raghuram G. Rajan & Luigi Zingales.

Call Number: HJ2053.A1 B74 2006
Title: Budgeting in the states : institutions, processes, and politics / edited by Edward J. Clynch and Thomas P. Lauth.

Call Number: HJ275 .O83 2004
Title: The price of government : getting the results we need in an age of permanent fiscal crisis / David Osborne and Peter Hutchinson.

Call Number: HM1106 .F56 2006
Title: Communicating affection : interpersonal behavior and social context / Kory Floyd.

Call Number: HM1121 .P725 2004
Title: Social conflict : escalation, stalemate, and settlement.

Call Number: HM1166 .W47 2006
Title: Understanding interpersonal communication : making choices in changing times / Richard West, Lynn H. Turner

Call Number: HM1256 .C83 2005
Title: Analyzing oppression / Ann E. Cudd.

Call Number: HM478 .D58 2005
Title: The disobedient generation : social theorists in the sixties / edited by Alan Sica and Stephen Turner.

Call Number: HM479.G64 S34 2006
Title: Goffman unbound! : a new paradigm for social science / Thomas J. Scheff.

Call Number: HM479.W42 P65 2006
Title: Weber : a short introduction / Gianfranco Poggi.

Call Number: HM548 .A43 2005
Title: The market / Alan Aldridge.

Call Number: HM585 .B35 2004
Title: Critical mass : how one thing leads to another / Philip Ball.

Call Number: HM585 .L394 2007
Title: Thinking the unthinkable : the riddles of classical social theories / Charles Lemert.

Call Number: HM621 .C862 2006
Title: Culture, power, and history : studies in critical sociology / edited by Stephen Pfohl ... [et al.].

Call Number: HM651 .M38 2005
Title: The secret history of domesticity : public, private, and the division of knowledge / Michael McKeon.

Call Number: HM714 .A93 2005
Title: The general sociology of Harrison C. White : chaos and order in networks / G. Reza Azarian.

Call Number: HM753 .N38 2005
Title: Navigating the future : social identity, coping, and life tasks / Geraldine Downey, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Celina M. Chatman, editors.

Call Number: HM831 .W48 2006
Title: Brain and culture : neurobiology, ideology, and social change / Bruce E. Wexler.

Call Number: HM851 .K44 2007
Title: The cult of the amateur : how today's internet is killing our culture/ Andrew Keen.

Call Number: HM851 .O4 2005
Title: No place to hide / Robert O'Harrow, Jr.

Call Number: HM851 .S73 2006
Title: Manuel Castells : the theory of the network society / Felix Stalder.

Call Number: HN18 .P655 1994
Title: Reasonable creatures : essays on women and feminism / by Katha Pollitt.

Call Number: HN59.2 .E28 2006
Title: Troubled pasts : news and the collective memory of social unrest / Jill A. Edy.

Call Number: HN59.2 .P653 2006
Title: Virginity or death! : and other social and political issues of our time / Katha Pollitt.

Call Number: HN60 .G55 2006
Title: The absolutely worst places to live in America / Dave Gilmartin.

Call Number: HN733.5 .C442 2007
Title: China's transformations : the stories beyond the headlines / edited by Lionel M. Jensen and Timothy B. Weston.

Call Number: HN79.A13 G54 2008
Title: Defying Dixie : the radical roots of civil rights, 1919-1950 / Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore.

Call Number: HN80.C5 N49 2006
Title: The new Chicago : a social and cultural analysis / edited by John P. Koval ... [et al.].

Call Number: HN9 .S62 2006
Title: Social and political life in late Antiquity / edited by Will Bowden, Adam Gutteridge, and Carlos Machado conceived and co-ordinated by Luke Lavan.

Call Number: HN90.M3 A47 2006
Title: Terrorism and the politics of fear / David L. Altheide.

Call Number: HQ1031 .C38 2007
Title: Married to a daughter of the land : Spanish-Mexican women and interethnic marriage in California, 1820-1880 / María Raquél Casas.

Call Number: HQ1061 .H54 2005
Title: A history of old age / edited By Pat Thane.

Call Number: HQ1075.5.G7 C66 2006
Title: Modern love : personal relationships in twentieth-century Britain / Marcus Collins.

Call Number: HQ1111 .G56 2006
Title: Global feminism : transnational women's activism, organizing, and human rights / edited by Myra Marx Ferree and Aili Mari Tripp.

Call Number: HQ1143 .R35 2002
Title: Women in Western intellectual culture, 600-1500 / Patricia Ranft.

Call Number: HQ1155 .G56 2006
Title: Global dimensions of gender and carework / [edited by] Mary K. Zimmerman, Jacquelyn S. Litt, Christine E. Bose.

Call Number: HQ1180 .H355 2006
Title: Handbook of gender and women's studies / edited by Kathy Davis, Mary Evans, and Judith Lorber.

Call Number: HQ1190 .N34 2004
Title: Feministische Philosophie. English";"Feminist philosophy / Herta Nagl-Docekal translated by Katharina Vester foreword by Alison M. Jaggar.

Call Number: HQ1220.U5 K56 2006
Title: Pure beauty : judging race in Japanese American beauty pageants / Rebecca Chiyoko King-O'Riain.

Call Number: HQ1220.U5 Y36 2006
Title: Crowning the nice girl : gender, ethnicity, and culture in Hawaii's Cherry Blossom Festival / Christine R. Yano.

Call Number: HQ1229 .S46 2007
Title: Girls gone mild : young women reclaim self-respect and find it's not bad to be good / Wendy Shalit.

Call Number: HQ1236.5.C6 F75 2006
Title: Intimate politics : marriage, the market, and state power in southeastern China / Sara L. Friedman.

Call Number: HQ1236.5.E852 E36 2006
Title: Citizenship in an enlarging Europe : from dream to awakening / Barbara Einhorn.

Call Number: HQ1413.W55 A3 2007
Title: Flying close to the sun : my life and times as a Weatherman / Cathy Wilkerson.

Call Number: HQ1426 .C284 2003
Title: Catching a wave : reclaiming feminism for the 21st century / edited by Rory Dicker & Alison Piepmeier.

Call Number: HQ146.C4 A23 2007
Title: Sin in the Second City : madams, ministers, playboys, and the battle for America's soul / Karen Abbott.

Call Number: HQ16 .P35 2006
Title: Palgrave advances in the modern history of sexuality / edited by H.G. Cocks and Matt Houlbrook.

Call Number: HQ1613 .F65 2004
Title: Women in France since 1789 : the meanings of difference / Susan K. Foley.

Call Number: HQ1735.2 .N35 2005
Title: Women with mustaches and men without beards : gender and sexual anxieties of Iranian modernity / Afsaneh Najmabadi.

Call Number: HQ1745.8 .A683 2006
Title: The flaming womb : repositioning women in early modern Southeast Asia / Barbara Watson Andaya.

Call Number: HQ1762.5.H56 A3 2006
Title: Genshi, josei wa taiyō de atta.";"In the beginning, woman was the sun : the autobiography of a Japanese feminist / Hiratsuka Raichō translated, with an introduction and notes, by Teruko Craig.

Call Number: HQ1784 .O64 2004
Title: Opening the gates : an anthology of Arab feminist writing / edited by Margot Badran and Miriam Cooke.

Call Number: HQ21 .S4716 2006
Title: Sex and sexuality / edited by Richard D. McAnulty and M. Michele Burnette.

Call Number: HQ503 .B53 2007
Title: The future of marriage / David Blankenhorn.

Call Number: HQ536 .F37835 2007
Title: Family talk : discourse and identity in four American families / edited by Deborah Tannen, Shari Kendall, Cynthia Gordon.

Call Number: HQ536 .F98 2004
Title: The future of the family / Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Timothy M. Smeeding, and Lee Rainwater, editors.

Call Number: HQ728 .F43 2006
Title: Family routines and rituals / Barbara H. Fiese.

Call Number: HQ755.86 .T78 2006
Title: Falling through the Earth : a memoir / Danielle Trussoni.

Call Number: HQ756 .G386 2007
Title: Gender and fatherhood in the nineteenth century / edited by Trev Lynn Broughton and Helen Rogers.

Call Number: HQ759.46 .S86 2007
Title: Opting out? : why women really quit careers and head home / Pamela Stone.

Call Number: HQ76 .G329 2006
Title: Gay life and culture : a world history / edited by Robert Aldrich.

Call Number: HQ76.2.U5 B35 2003
Title: The man who would be queen : the science of gender-bending and transsexualism / J. Michael Bailey.

Call Number: HQ76.25 .M44 2006
Title: Contacts desired : gay and lesbian communications and community, 1940s-1970s / Martin Meeker.

Call Number: HQ76.3.U5 D7
Title: A Christian view of homosexuality / John W. Drakeford.

Call Number: HQ766 .K65 2006
Title: Reproductive rights in a global context : South Africa, Uganda, Peru, Denmark, United States, Vietnam, Jordan / Lara M. Knudsen foreword by Betsy Hartmann.

Call Number: HQ766.3 .T44 2004
Title: Catholics and contraception : an American history / Leslie Woodcock Tentler.

Call Number: HQ766.5.G7 F57 2006
Title: Birth control, sex and marriage in Britain, 1918-1960 / Kate Fisher.

Call Number: HQ766.5.U5 S36 2005
Title: Choice & coercion : birth control, sterilization, and abortion in public health and welfare / Johanna Schoen.

Call Number: HQ767.5.U5 R65 2007
Title: Safe, legal, and unavailable? : abortion politics in the United States / Melody Rose.

Call Number: HQ77.9 .E55 2006
Title: The transgender phenomenon / Richard Ekins and Dave King.

Call Number: HQ77.9 .T716 2006
Title: Transgender rights / Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang, Shannon Price Minter, editors.

Call Number: HQ772 .B4795 2007
Title: Why youth is not wasted on the young : immaturity in human development / David F. Bjorklund.

Call Number: HQ777.35 .S44 2005
Title: Indivisible by two : lives of extraordinary twins / Nancy L. Segal.

Call Number: HQ778.63 .K39 2007
Title: The perfect stranger : the truth about mothers and nannies / Lucy Kaylin.

Call Number: HQ784.Q4 J36 2007
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