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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: G109.5 .G56 2003
Title: Global Positioning System : a field guide for the social sciences / John Spencer ... [et al.].

Call Number: G155.M6 B47 2006
Title: The development of Mexico's tourism industry : pyramids by day, martinis by night / Dina Berger.

Call Number: G155.R8 T875 2006
Title: Turizm : the Russian and East European tourist under capitalism and socialism / edited by Anne E. Gorsuch, Diane P. Koenker.

Call Number: G460 .O84 2005
Title: Other routes : 1500 years of African and Asian travel writing / edited by Tabish Khair ... [et al.] foreword by Amitav Ghosh.

Call Number: G635.K2 C43 2004
Title: Exploring other worlds : Margaret Fox, Elisha Kent Kane, and the antebellum culture of curiosity / David Chapin.

Call Number: G70 .G4419 2005
Title: Geography and revolution / edited by David N. Livingstone and Charles W.J. Withers.

Call Number: G70.212 .A43 2007
Title: Key concepts & techniques in GIS / Jochen Albrecht.

Call Number: G70.212 .H54 2006
Title: Georeferencing : the geographic associations of information / Linda L. Hill.

Call Number: G875.S35 F54 2004
Title: Race to the pole : tragedy, heroism, and Scott's Antarctic quest / Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Call Number: GA203 .M36 1998
Title: The mapping of the Entradas into the greater Southwest / edited by Dennis Reinhartz and Gerald D. Saxon.

Call Number: GB1003.2 .P53 2006
Title: Subsurface hydrology / George F. Pinder, Michael A. Celia.

Call Number: GB1627.G87 M67 2004
Title: Lake Michigan in motion : responses of an inland sea to weather, earth-spin, and human activities / Clifford H. Mortimer.

Call Number: GB2403.2 .H36 2004
Title: Glaciers / Michael Hambrey, Jürg Alean.

Call Number: GB2403.2 .H66 2005
Title: Principles of glacier mechanics / Roger LeB. Hooke.

Call Number: GB5014 .E98 2006
Title: Extreme events in nature and society / S. Albeverio, V. Jentsch, H. Kantz (eds.).

Call Number: GC30.C73 A3 2003
Title: Sea legs : tales of a woman oceanographer / Kathleen Crane.

Call Number: GE105 .A39 2005
Title: Reconstructing Earth : technology and environment in the age of humans / Braden Allenby.

Call Number: GE170 .N335 2006
Title: The environmental endgame : mainstream economics, ecological disaster, and human survival / Robert L. Nadeau.

Call Number: GE180 .M33 2003
Title: Making sense of intractable environmental conflicts : frames and cases / edited by Roy J. Lewicki, Barbara Gray, Michael Elliott.

Call Number: GE199.I4 G84 2006
Title: How much should a person consume? : environmentalism in India and the United States / Ramachandra Guha.

Call Number: GE220 .Q47 2005
Title: The quest for environmental justice : human rights and the politics of pollution / edited by Robert D. Bullard.

Call Number: GE235.L8 L47 2005
Title: Diamond : a struggle for environmental justice in Louisiana's chemical corridor / Steve Lerner.

Call Number: GE35 .S64 2006
Title: Speaking of Earth : environmental speeches that moved the world / edited with commentary and biographies by Alon Tal.

Call Number: GE42 .C85 2006
Title: Ecological ethics : an introduction / Patrick Curry.

Call Number: GE42 .R43 2005
Title: Recognizing the autonomy of nature : theory and practice / Thomas Heyd, editor.

Call Number: GF21 .F56 2008
Title: Who's your city? : how the creative economy is making where to live the most important decision of your life / Richard Florida.

Call Number: GN281 .W35 2006
Title: Thumbs, toes, and tears : and other traits that make us human / Chip Walter.

Call Number: GN282 .G52 2007
Title: The first human : the race to discover our earliest ancestors / Ann Gibbons.

Call Number: GN284.7 .A29 2007
Title: The Jesuit and the skull : Teilhard de Chardin, evolution, and the search for Peking Man / Amir D. Aczel.

Call Number: GN453 .I58 2006
Title: The international handbook of creativity / edited by James C. Kaufman, Robert J. Sternberg.

Call Number: GN46.A357 A47 2006
Title: African anthropologies : history, critique, and practice / edited by Mwenda Ntarangwi, David Mills, and Mustafa Babiker.

Call Number: GN471 .H34 2006
Title: Animism : respecting the living world / Graham Harvey.

Call Number: GN564.C37 O59 2007
Title: Caribbean journeys : an ethnography of migration and home in three family networks / Karen Fog Olwig.

Call Number: GN641 .M87 2006
Title: Muslim diaspora : gender, culture and identity / edited by Haideh Moghissi.

Call Number: GN645 .E8323 2004
Title: Ethnicity & democracy in Africa / edited by Bruce Berman, Dickson Eyoh & Will Kymlicka.

Call Number: GN671.M3 D45 2004
Title: Beach crossings : voyaging across times, cultures, and self / Greg Dening.

Call Number: GN799.H84 F75 2004
Title: Survival by hunting : prehistoric human predators and animal prey / George C. Frison.

Call Number: GR153.5 .O156 2006
Title: The lore of Ireland : an encyclopaedia of myth, legend and romance / Dáithí Ó hÓgáin.

Call Number: GR335 .Y72 2006
Title: The magic lotus lantern and other tales from the Han Chinese / Haiwang Yuan foreword by Michael Ann Williams.

Call Number: GR345 .V357 2004
Title: Singing story, healing drum : shamans and storytellers of Turkic Siberia / Kira Van Deusen.

Call Number: GR352.82.M34 S86 2004
Title: Sunjata : a West African epic of the Mande peoples / recorded, edited, and translated by David C. Conrad narrated by Djanka Tassey Condé.

Call Number: GR41.5 .W55 2006
Title: The marrow of human experience : essays on folklore / by William A. Wilson edited by Jill Terry Rudy with the assistance of Diane Call.

Call Number: GR489 .C33 2005
Title: Organ theft legends / Véronique Campion-Vincent.

Call Number: GR78 .D38 2006
Title: Adventures in unhistory : conjectures on the factual foundations of several ancient legends / by Avram Davidson illustrated by George Barr with an introduction by Peter S. Beagle.

Call Number: GR830.V3 M23 2006
Title: Slayers and their vampires : a cultural history of killing the dead / Bruce A. McClelland.

Call Number: GT1580 .F37 2004
Title: Fashioning Africa : power and the politics of dress / edited by Jean Allman.

Call Number: GT1855 .W37 2006
Title: When the girls came out to play : the birth of American sportswear / Patricia Campbell Warner.

Call Number: GT3203 .H65 2002
Title: Passed on : African American mourning stories : a memorial collection / Karla FC Holloway.

Call Number: GT3331.G7 J87 2006
Title: From dust to ashes : cremation and the British way of death / Peter C. Jupp.

Call Number: GT3370 .S265 2007
Title: Sati : a historical anthology / edited by Andrea Major.

Call Number: GV14.5 .H245 2006
Title: A handbook of leisure studies / edited by Chris Rojek, Susan M. Shaw, A.J. Veal.

Call Number: GV1449 .H55 2007
Title: King's gambit : a son, a father, and the world's most dangerous game / Paul Hoffman.

Call Number: GV1469.25.S425 L83 2007
Title: The Second Life Herald : the virtual tabloid that witnessed the dawn of the metaverse / Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace.

Call Number: GV1469.3 .G44 2003
Title: What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy / James Paul Gee.

Call Number: GV1588.6 .C53 2004
Title: Butting out : reading resistive choreographies through works by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Chandralekha / Ananya Chatterjea.

Call Number: GV1624.7.A34 G53 2007
Title: African American dance : an illustrated history / Barbara S. Glass.

Call Number: GV1646.E6 R38 2006
Title: The early Stuart masque : dance, costume, and music / Barbara Ravelhofer.

Call Number: GV1746 .M36 2006
Title: Glamour addiction : inside the American ballroom dance industry / Juliet McMains.

Call Number: GV1769.T3 W56 2007
Title: Long after midnight at the Niño Bien : a Yanqui's missteps in Argentina / Brian Winter.

Call Number: GV1785.A1 F57 2006
Title: In Balanchine's company : a dancer's memoir / Barbara Milberg Fisher.

Call Number: GV1785.F8 G37 2007
Title: Electric Salome : Loie Fuller's performance of modernism / Rhonda K. Garelick.

Call Number: GV1788 .B37 1990
Title: The pointe book : shoes, training & technique / Janice Barringer, Sarah Schlesinger.

Call Number: GV1788 .W44 1982
Title: Ballet body book";"Leigh Welles' Ballet body book : exercises to reshape your body--and free your spirit / by Leigh Welles edited by Jessica Deutsch.

Call Number: GV351 .N48 2006
Title: New game plan for college sport / edited by Richard E. Lapchick.

Call Number: GV415 .F68 2005
Title: Boston's ballparks & arenas / Alan E. Foulds.

Call Number: GV415 .S65 2003
Title: It's hardly sportin' : stadiums, neighborhoods, and the new Chicago / Costas Spirou and Larry Bennett.

Call Number: GV571 .G88 2004
Title: Sports : the first five millennia / Allen Guttmann.

Call Number: GV573 .K95 2007
Title: Sport and spectacle in the ancient world / Donald G. Kyle.

Call Number: GV573 .N49 2005
Title: Greek athletics in the Roman world : victory and virtue / Zahra Newby.

Call Number: GV584.5.B6 R63 2005
Title: The rock, the curse, and the hub : a random history of Boston sports / edited by Randy Roberts.

Call Number: GV697.A1 O98 2006
Title: Out of the shadows : a biographical history of African American athletes / edited by David K. Wiggins.

Call Number: GV706 .G8613 2006
Title: Lob des sports. English";"In praise of athletic beauty / Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht.

Call Number: GV706.35 .G46 2006
Title: The athletic crusade : sport and American cultural imperialism / Gerald R. Gems.

Call Number: GV706.35 .Z57 2007
Title: Welcome to the Terrordome : the pain, politics, and promise of sports / Dave Zirin.

Call Number: GV706.5 .C869 2004
Title: High stakes : big time sports and downtown redevelopment / Timothy Jon Curry, Kent Schwirian, and Rachael A. Woldoff.

Call Number: GV709 .18.U6 S86 2005
Title: A place on the team : the triumph and tragedy of Title IX / Welch Suggs.

Call Number: GV709.18.U6 F54 2005
Title: Female gladiators : gender, law, and contact sport in America / Sarah K. Fields.

Call Number: GV712 .S66 2006
Title: Sports mega-events : social scientific analyses of a global phenomenon / edited by John Horne and Wolfram Manzenreiter.

Call Number: GV847.8.N3 W65 2005
Title: Lords of the rinks : the emergence of the National Hockey League, 1875-1936 / John Chi-Kit Wong.

Call Number: GV854.1 .F78 2006
Title: The story of modern skiing / John Fry.

Call Number: GV863.795.A1 Y8 2007
Title: Playing in isolation : a history of baseball in Taiwan / Junwei Yu.

Call Number: GV863.A1 M654 2006
Title: A game of inches : the stories behind the innovations that shaped baseball : the game behind the scenes / Peter Morris.

Call Number: GV863.I32 C453 2006
Title: Black baseball and Chicago : essays on the players, teams, and games of the Negro leagues' most important city / edited by Leslie A. Heaphy.

Call Number: GV865.R45 L68 2007
Title: Branch Rickey : baseball's ferocious gentleman / Lee Lowenfish.

Call Number: GV867 .H25 2007
Title: Watching baseball smarter : a professional fan's guide for beginners, semi-experts, and deeply serious geeks / Zack Hample.

Call Number: GV877 .B255 2006
Title: Baseball between the numbers : why everything you know about the game is wrong / by the experts at Baseball Prospectus, James Click ... [et al.] edited by Jonah Keri.

Call Number: GV884.A24 A32 2007
Title: On the shoulders of giants : my journey through the Harlem Renaissance / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with Raymond Obstfeld.

Call Number: GV892.2.B94 A3 2007
Title: Sweet : an eight-ball odyssey / Heather Byer.

Call Number: GV943.9.F35 B84 1992
Title: Among the thugs / Bill Buford.

Call Number: GV958.U33 J45 2007
Title: The real all Americans : the team that changed a game, a people, a nation / Sally Jenkins.

Call Number: GV994.B53 A3 2007
Title: Breaking back : how I lost everything and won back my life / James Blake, with Andrew Friedman.