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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: F 869.L89 N4 1994b
Title: The Los Angeles riots : lessons for the urban future / edited by Mark Baldassare.

Call Number: F1034 .C495 2005
Title: The middle power project : Canada and the founding of the United Nations / Adam Chapnick.

Call Number: F123 .S86 2005
Title: Harvest of dissent : agrarianism in nineteenth-century New York / Thomas Summerhill.

Call Number: F127.H8 L49 2005
Title: The Hudson : a history / Tom Lewis.

Call Number: F128.68.L6 L46 2006
Title: Life on the Lower East Side photographs by Rebecca Lepkoff, 1937-1950 / text by Peter E. Dans and Suzanne Wasserman.

Call Number: F128.8.E46 K56 2006
Title: Nearest thing to heaven : the Empire State Building and American dreams / Mark Kingwell.

Call Number: F134 .G35 2006
Title: Greater New Jersey : living in the shadow of Gotham / Dennis E. Gale.

Call Number: F1408.3 .W54 2006
Title: Latin America : a new interpretation / Laurence Whitehead.

Call Number: F1418 .A635 2006
Title: Anti-Americanism in Latin America and the Caribbean / edited by Alan McPherson.

Call Number: F1435.3.C14 J45 1998
Title: Maya cosmogenesis 2012 : the true meaning of the Maya calendar end-date / John Major Jenkins [introduced by Terence McKenna].

Call Number: F1465.2.C3 C36 2006
Title: Engendering Mayan history : Kaqchikel women as agents and conduits of the past, 1875-1970 / by David Carey, Jr.

Call Number: F1505.2.C3 J64 2007
Title: Diaspora conversions : Black Carib religion and the recovery of Africa / Paul Christopher Johnson.

Call Number: F189.R69 P75 1999
Title: Beloved sisters and loving friends : letters from Rebecca Primus of Royal Oak, Maryland and Addie Brown of Hartford, Connecticut, 1854-1868 / edited by Farah Jasmine Griffin.

Call Number: F1923 .G25 2006
Title: Before Haiti : race and citizenship in French Saint-Domingue / John D. Garrigus.

Call Number: F1923.T69 B45 2007
Title: Toussaint Louverture : a biography / Madison Smartt Bell.

Call Number: F209 .C597 2005
Title: Away down South : a history of Southern identity / James C. Cobb.

Call Number: F213 .F69 2005
Title: The mind of the master class : history and faith in the Southern slaveholders' worldview / Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Eugene D. Genovese.

Call Number: F216 .A85 2002
Title: A year in the South : four lives in 1865 / Stephen V. Ash.

Call Number: F220.S75 L37 2006
Title: Latinos in the new South : transformations of place / edited by Heather A. Smith and Owen J. Furuseth.

Call Number: F2230.2.K4 B88 2006
Title: Holy intoxication to drunken dissipation : alcohol among Quichua speakers in Otavalo, Ecuador / Barbara Y. Butler.

Call Number: F2273 .H94 2006
Title: Evil hour in Colombia / Forrest Hylton.

Call Number: F2276 .P2413 2006
Title: Entre la legitimidad y la violencia. English";"Between legitimacy and violence : a history of Colombia, 1875-2002 / Marco Palacios translated by Richard Stoller.

Call Number: F2520.1.K45 O35 2005
Title: I foresee my life : the ritual performance of autobiography in an Amazonian community / Suzanne Oakdale.

Call Number: F2526 .M48 2005
Title: Go-betweens and the colonization of Brazil, 1500-1600 / Alida C. Metcalf.

Call Number: F254 .E54 2006
Title: Encyclopedia of North Carolina / William S. Powell, editor Jay Mazzocchi, associate editor.

Call Number: F269 .S764 2006
Title: The South Carolina encyclopedia / edited by Walter Edgar.

Call Number: F274 .R83 2006
Title: South Carolina scalawags / Hyman Rubin III.

Call Number: F279.C453 .B35 2007
Title: The genetic strand : exploring a family history through DNA / Edward Ball.

Call Number: F2843 .M33 2006
Title: Argentina : what went wrong / Colin M. Maclachlan foreword by Douglas Brinkley.

Call Number: F292.H3 S385 2005
Title: The rural face of White supremacy : beyond Jim Crow / Mark Schultz.

Call Number: F294.A89 A26 2006
Title: Working-class white : the making and unmaking of race relations / Monica McDermott.

Call Number: F3100 .H385 2005
Title: The Nixon administration and the death of Allende's Chile : a case of assisted suicide / Jonathan Haslam.

Call Number: F3429 .M42 2006
Title: The Incas : new perspectives / Gordon F. McEwan.

Call Number: F3430.1.H83 P55 2005
Title: Pikillacta : the Wari Empire in Cuzco / edited by Gordon F. McEwan.

Call Number: F4 .V53 2005
Title: Young men and the sea : Yankee seafarers in the age of sail / Daniel Vickers with Vince Walsh.

Call Number: F442.2 .R87 2004
Title: Rural life and culture in the Upper Cumberland / edited by Michael E. Birdwell and W. Calvin Dickinson.

Call Number: F595 .L37 2004
Title: The children's blizzard / David Laskin.

Call Number: F68 .P44 2006
Title: Mayflower : a story of courage, community, and war / Nathaniel Philbrick.

Call Number: F69.B76 M36 2004
Title: James Bowdoin and the patriot philosophers / Frank E. Manuel and Fritzie P. Manuel.

Call Number: F74.P96 K73 2005
Title: Provincetown : from Pilgrim landing to gay resort / Karen Christel Krahulik.

Call Number: F851.7 .B43 2003
Title: Range of glaciers : the exploration and survey of the northern Cascade Range / Fred Beckey.

Call Number: F861 .S83 2005
Title: California : a history / Kevin Starr.

Call Number: F864 .T327 2006
Title: Testimonios : early California through the eyes of women, 1815-1848 / translated with introduction and commentary by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz.

Call Number: F89.P953 A2 2006
Title: Sons of Providence : the Brown brothers, the slave trade, and the American Revolution / Charles Rappleye.

Call Number: F904.6 .S56 2008
Title: The accidental explorer : wayfinding in Alaska / Sherry Simpson.