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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: D1055 .B46 2006
Title: Without roots : the West, relativism, Christianity, Islam / Joseph Ratzinger now pope Benedict XVI, Marcello Pera foreword by George Weigel translated by Michael F. Moore.

Call Number: D1056 .L836 2005
Title: The immigrant threat : the integration of old and new migrants in western Europe since 1850 / Leo Lucassen.

Call Number: D1065.U5 K26 2003
Title: Of paradise and power : America and Europe in the new world order / Robert Kagan.

Call Number: D116 .B95 2005
Title: Thinking medieval : an introduction to the study of the Middle Ages / Marcus Bull.

Call Number: D13 .C5827 2004
Title: History, theory, text : historians and the linguistic turn / Elizabeth A. Clark.

Call Number: D13.5.E85 M39 2004
Title: History and memory in the Carolingian world / Rosamond McKitterick.

Call Number: D135 .G65 2006
Title: Barbarian tides : the migration age and the later Roman Empire / Walter Goffart.

Call Number: D15.B86 M35 2004
Title: Herbert Butterfield : historian as dissenter / C.T. McIntire.

Call Number: D152 .I2313 2006
Title: Kāmil fī al-tārīkh. English. Selections";"The chronicle of Ibn al-Athīr for the crusading period from al-Kāmil fīʼl-taʼrīkh / translated by D.S. Richards.

Call Number: D156.58 .P35 2005
Title: Palgrave advances in the Crusades / edited by Helen J. Nicholson.

Call Number: D157 .H67 2006
Title: Contesting the Crusades / Norman Housley.

Call Number: D16.14 .P66 1997
Title: The battle of Valle Giulia : oral history and the art of dialogue / Alessandro Portelli.

Call Number: D16.9 .M299 2007
Title: Historical knowledge, historical error : a contemporary guide to practice / Allan Megill with contributions by Steven Shepard and Phillip Honenberger.

Call Number: D208 .S57 2006
Title: Europe and the Americas : state formation, capitalism and civilizations in Atlantic modernity / by Jeremy Smith with an introduction by S.N. Eisenstadt.

Call Number: D210 .P72 2006
Title: Palgrave advances in intellectual history / edited by Richard Whatmore and Brian Young.

Call Number: D299 .R26 2005
Title: Nineteenth-century Europe / Michael Rapport.

Call Number: D511 .F746 2004
Title: Europe's last summer : who started the Great War in 1914? / David Fromkin.

Call Number: D531 .M63 2006
Title: Cross of iron : the rise and fall of the German war machine, 1918-1945 / John Mosier.

Call Number: D544 .G75 2005
Title: Victory through coalition : Britain and France during the First World War / Elizabeth Greenhalgh.

Call Number: D545.V3 F65 2005
Title: German strategy and the path to Verdun : Erich von Falkenhayn and the development of attrition, 1870-1916 / Robert T. Foley.

Call Number: D58.P8 C43 2004
Title: Cultural politics in Polybius's Histories / Craige B. Champion.

Call Number: D627.R8 R33 2002
Title: POWs and the Great War : captivity on the Eastern Front / Alon Rachamimov.

Call Number: D639.S8 Z4775 2007
Title: Femme fatale : love, lies, and the unknown life of Mata Hari / Pat Shipman.

Call Number: D726.5 .M34 2004
Title: Fascists / Michael Mann.

Call Number: D743.42 .S85 2006
Title: Crises of memory and the Second World War / Susan Rubin Suleiman.

Call Number: D744.4 .B45 2006
Title: Choices under fire : moral dimensions of World War II / Michael Bess.

Call Number: D744.7.U6 L43 2006
Title: Thanks for the memories : love, sex, and World War II / Jane Mersky Leder.

Call Number: D764 .M385 2006
Title: War of annihilation : combat and genocide on the Eastern Front, 1941 / Geoffrey P. Megargee.

Call Number: D764 .M395 2006
Title: Ivan's war : life and death in the Red Army, 1939-1945 / Catherine Merridale.

Call Number: D804.3 .C69 2003
Title: Contested memories : Poles and Jews during the Holocaust and its aftermath / edited by Joshua D. Zimmerman.

Call Number: D804.348 .M52 2003
Title: Holocaust historiography : a Jewish perspective : conceptualizations, terminology, approaches, and fundamental issues / Dan Michman.

Call Number: D804.348 .Z4713 2005
Title: Umah ṿeha-maṿet. English";"Israel's Holocaust and the politics of nationhood / Idith Zertal translated by Chaya Galai.

Call Number: D804.7.M67 R68 2005
Title: Ethics during and after the Holocaust : in the shadow of Birkenau / John K. Roth.

Call Number: D805.5.M67 H47 2006
Title: The women's camp in Moringen : a memoir of imprisonment in Germany, 1936-1937 / Gabriele Herz translated by Hildegard Herz and Howard Hartig edited and with an introduction by Jane Caplan.

Call Number: D810.A7 B73 2006
Title: Art or memorial? : the forgotten history of Canada's war art / Laura Brandon.

Call Number: D810.C698 T36 2002
Title: Japan's comfort women : sexual slavery and prostitution during World War II and the US occupation / Yuki Tanaka.

Call Number: D810.C88 C66 2006
Title: Colossus : the secrets of Bletchley Park's codebreaking computers / B. Jack Copeland and others edited by B. Jack Copeland.

Call Number: D810.P6 W43 2005
Title: Wearing propaganda : textiles on the home front in Japan, Britain, and the United States, 1931-1945 / John W. Dower ... [et al.] Jacqueline M. Atkins, editor.

Call Number: D810.P7 G337 2006
Title: The Jewish enemy : Nazi propaganda during World War II and the Holocaust / Jeffrey Herf.

Call Number: D810.S7 B336 2006
Title: The OSS and Ho Chi Minh : unexpected allies in the war against Japan / Dixee R. Bartholomew-Feis.

Call Number: D810.S8 F734 2007
Title: My father's secret war : a memoir / Lucinda Franks.

Call Number: D838.A86 R44 2004
Title: Bigger than Gallipoli : war, history, and memory in Australia / Liz Reed.

Call Number: D840 .P26 2006
Title: Palgrave advances in Cold War history / edited by Saki R. Dockrill and Geraint Hughes.

Call Number: D843 .G22 2005
Title: The Cold War : a new history / John Lewis Gaddis.

Call Number: D869 .I36 2003
Title: Empire lite : nation building in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan / Michael Ignatieff.

Call Number: D888.U6 S85 2004
Title: American adventurism abroad : 30 invasions, interventions, and regime changes since World War II / Michael J. Sullivan III.

Call Number: DA18 .P65 2004
Title: The absent-minded imperialists : empire, society, and culture in Britain / Bernard Porter.

Call Number: DA245 .R83 2005
Title: The hollow crown : a history of Britain in the late Middle Ages / Miri Rubin.

Call Number: DA335 .M66 2006
Title: The subject of Elizabeth : authority, gender, and representation / Louis Montrose.

Call Number: DA405 .R69 2004
Title: Civil War";"The British Civil War : the wars of the three kingdoms, 1638-1660 / Trevor Royle.

Call Number: DA47.9.K4 P47 2004
Title: Britain, Kenya, and the Cold War : imperial defence, colonial security, and decolonisation / David A. Percox.

Call Number: DA480 .J87 2006
Title: The governing of Britain, 1688-1848 : the executive, Parliament, and the people / Peter Jupp.

Call Number: DA566 .M66 2007
Title: Britain in the twentieth century / Charles More.

Call Number: DA566.9.B39 H69 2007
Title: Daughter of the desert";"Gertrude Bell : queen of the desert, shaper of nations / Georgina Howell.

Call Number: DA758.4 .B56 2006
Title: The biographical dictionary of Scottish women : from the earliest times to 2004 / editors: Elizabeth Ewan, Sue Innes, Siân Reynolds co-ordinating editor Rose Pipes.

Call Number: DA87.1.N4 K58 2005b
Title: The pursuit of victory : the life and achievement of Horatio Nelson / Roger Knight.

Call Number: DA931 .D5 2003
Title: Roman Ireland / Vittorio Di Martino.

Call Number: DA962 .T685 2006
Title: Easter 1916 : the Irish rebellion / Charles Townshend.

Call Number: DA995.B15 G53 2006
Title: The stars of Ballymenone / Henry Glassie photography, drawings, and design by the author compact disc, Stories and songs of South Fermanagh, Henry Glassie and Doug Boyd.

Call Number: DB2244 .R63 2005
Title: From Good King Wenceslas to the Good Soldier Švejk : a dictionary of Czech popular culture / by Andrew Roberts.

Call Number: DB955 .L67 2006
Title: Counter-revolutionary Hungary, 1920-1925 : István Bethlen and the politics of consolidation / Thomas Lorman.

Call Number: DC101.5.A2 C86 2005
Title: Agincourt : a new history / Anne Curry foreword by Philippe Contamine.

Call Number: DC137 .P75 2003
Title: Fall of the French monarchy";"The road from Versailles : Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and the fall of the French monarchy / Munro Price.

Call Number: DC226.3 .K34 2006
Title: The end of the old order : Napoleon and Europe, 1801-1805 / Frederick W. Kagan.

Call Number: DC29.3 .C6713 2007
Title: Autonautas de la cosmopista, o, Un viaje atemporal París-Marsella. English";"Autonauts of the cosmoroute, a timeless voyage from Paris to Marseilles / by Julio Cortázar & Carol Dunlop translated by Anne McLean with drawings by Stéphane Hébert.

Call Number: DC36.9 .D49 2006
Title: Lost Worlds : the emergence of French social history, 1815-1970 / Jonathan Dewald.

Call Number: DC373.D353 C36 2006
Title: Bad faith : a forgotten history of family, fatherland and Vichy France / Carmen Callil.

Call Number: DC397 .V56 2006
Title: The unfree French : life under the occupation / Richard Vinen.

Call Number: DC423 .B445 2005
Title: François Mitterrand : a political biography / David S. Bell.

Call Number: DD253.5 .K28 2004
Title: Hitler youth / Michael H. Kater

Call Number: DD257.4 .J3413 2006
Title: Umkehr. English";"After Hitler : recivilizing Germans, 1945-1995 / Konrad H. Jarausch translated by Brandon Hunziker.

Call Number: DD290.26 .G465 2006
Title: German memory contests : the quest for identity in literature, film, and discourse since 1990 / edited by Anne Fuchs, Mary Cosgrove, and Georg Grote.

Call Number: DD67 .G48 2002
Title: German culture and society : the essential glossary / edited by Holger Briel.

Call Number: DD86.7.S84 A3 2006
Title: Five Germanys I have known / Fritz Stern.

Call Number: DF221.T8 L27 2004
Title: Troia und Homer. English";"Troy and Homer : towards a solution of an old mystery / Joachim Latacz translated from the German by Kevin Windle and Rosh Ireland.

Call Number: DF229.T6 B75 2006
Title: Brill's companion to Thucydides / edited by Antonios Rengakos and Antonis Tsakmakis.

Call Number: DF231.32 .W37 2006
Title: Xenophon's retreat : Greece, Persia, and the end of the Golden Age / Robin Waterfield.

Call Number: DF727 .F4 2006
Title: Roumeli : travels in northern Greece / Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Patricia Storace.

Call Number: DF901.M34 F47 2006
Title: Mani : travels in the southern Peloponnese / Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Michael Gorra.

Call Number: DG203 .K43 2005
Title: Roman people / Robert B. Kebric.

Call Number: DG261 .G584 2006
Title: Caesar : life of a colossus / Adrian Goldsworthy.

Call Number: DG311 .F76 2006
Title: From Constantine to Charlemagne : an archaeology of Italy, AD 300-800 / Neil Christie.

Call Number: DG311 .W33 2005
Title: The fall of Rome : and the end of civilization / Bryan Ward-Perkins.

Call Number: DG540 .S734 2007
Title: Spain in Italy : politics, society, and religion 1500-1700 / edited by Thomas James Dandelet, John A. Marino in cooperation with The American Academy in Rome.

Call Number: DG638.3 .K57 2005
Title: Genoa and the sea : policy and power in an early modern maritime republic, 1559-1684 / Thomas Allison Kirk.

Call Number: DG70.P7 L56 2005
Title: Pompeii : history, life & afterlife / Roger Ling.

Call Number: DG737.4 .N35 2006
Title: A history of Florence 1200-1575 / John M. Najemy.

Call Number: DG83.5 .K45 2004
Title: Ruling the later Roman Empire / Christopher Kelly.

Call Number: DJK76.4 .F47 2005
Title: Between the woods and the water : on foot from Constantinople the Middle Danube to the Iron Gates / by Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Jan Morris.

Call Number: DK262 .H25 2005
Title: Russia's revolutionary experience, 1905-1917 : two essays / Leopold H. Haimson with an introduction by David McDonald.

Call Number: DK266.4 .B47 2004
Title: The Soviet mind : Russian culture under communism / Isaiah Berlin edited by Henry Hardy foreword by Strobe Talbott glossary by Helen Rappaport.

Call Number: DK268.S8 M574 2007
Title: Young Stalin / Simon Sebag Montefiore.

Call Number: DK288 .B763 2007
Title: Seven years that changed the world : perestroika in perspective / Archie Brown.

Call Number: DK4380 .D33 2004
Title: Commemorations and the shaping of modern Poland / Patrice M. Dabrowski.

Call Number: DK4410 .P73 2004
Title: Civil war in Poland, 1942-1948 / Anita J. Prażmowska.

Call Number: DK4442 .F76 2007
Title: From Solidarity to martial law : the Polish crisis of 1980-1981 : a documentary history / edited by Andrzej Paczkowski and Malcolm Byrne associate editors, Gregory F. Domber, Magdalena Klotzbach.

Call Number: DK508.848 .W54 2005
Title: Ukraine's Orange Revolution / Andrew Wilson.

Call Number: DK510.34 .H67 2006
Title: Rulers and victims : the Russians in the Soviet Union / Geoffrey Hosking.

Call Number: DK510.763 .P88 2003
Title: Putin's Russia : past imperfect, future uncertain / [edited by] Dale R. Herspring.

Call Number: DK510.763 .R474 2004
Title: Restructuring post-Communist Russia / edited by Yitzhak Brudny, Jonathan Frankel, Stefani Hoffman.

Call Number: DK510.764 .G65 2005
Title: Imitation in international relations : observational learning, analogies, and foreign policy in Russia and Ukraine / Benjamin E. Goldsmith.

Call Number: DK511.C2 H84 2007
Title: Chechnya : from nationalism to jihad / James Hughes.

Call Number: DK511.C37 C4859 2005
Title: Chechnya : from past to future / edited by Richard Sakwa.

Call Number: DK511.C37 G36 2006
Title: The lone wolf and the bear : three centuries of Chechen defiance of Russian rule / Moshe Gammer.

Call Number: DK511.T17 I2313 2005
Title: Kitāb ilá malik al-Ṣaqālibah. English";"Ibn Fadlan's journey to Russia : a tenth-century traveler from Baghad to the Volga River / translated with commentary by Richard N. Frye.

Call Number: DK771.D3 B59 2004
Title: The museum at the end of the world : encounters in the Russian Far East / Alexia Bloch and Laurel Kendall.

Call Number: DK907 .S34 2004
Title: Modern clan politics : the power of blood in Kazakhstan and beyond / Edward Schatz.

Call Number: DL65 .F67 2005
Title: Viking empires / Angelo Forte, Richard Oram and Frederik Pedersen.

Call Number: DP104 .P475 2005
Title: The handless maiden : Moriscos and the politics of religion in early modern Spain / Mary Elizabeth Perry.

Call Number: DP257 .S76 2005
Title: Spain, Portugal and the Great Powers, 1931-1941 / Glyn A. Stone.

Call Number: DP269 .D83 2007
Title: The Spanish Civil War / Andy Durgan.

Call Number: DR1445 .C67 2005
Title: Slovenia 1945 : memories of death and survival after World War II / John Corsellis and Marcus Ferrar.

Call Number: DR1523.5 .F56 2006
Title: When ethnicity did not matter in the Balkans : a study of identity in pre-nationalist Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia in the medieval and early-modern periods / John V.A. Fine.

Call Number: DR1835 .R63 2007
Title: Realm of the Black Mountain : a history of Montenegro / Elizabeth Roberts.

Call Number: DR262.A5 D45 2006
Title: Hitler's forgotten ally : Ion Antonescu and his regime, Romania 1940-44 / Dennis Deletant.

Call Number: DR269.2 .S55 2005
Title: The Romanian revolution of December 1989 / Peter Siani-Davies.

Call Number: DR435.G8 V78 2005
Title: The mechanism of catastrophe : the Turkish pogrom of September 6-7, 1955, and the destruction of the Greek community of Istanbul / Speros Vryonis.

Call Number: DR45 .L36 2006
Title: Balkans into southeastern Europe : a century of war and transition / John R. Lampe.

Call Number: DR479.I74 P37 2005
Title: Turkey's policy towards northern Iraq : problems and perspectives / Bill Park.

Call Number: DR486 .F56 2006
Title: Osman's dream : the story of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1923 / Caroline Finkel.

Call Number: DR486.E95 D36 2006
Title: An Ottoman mentality : the world of Evliya Çelebi / by Robert Dankoff with an afterword by Gottfried Hagen.

Call Number: DR576 .K35 2005
Title: Turkish dynamics : bridge across troubled lands / Ersin Kalaycıoğlu.

Call Number: DR592.I5 V36 2005
Title: The politics of Turkish democracy : Ismet Inönü and the formation of the multi-party system, 1938-1950 / John M. VanderLippe. [electronic resource]:

Call Number: DS113.6 .K365 2006
Title: The iron cage : the story of the Palestinian struggle for statehood / Rashid Khalidi.

Call Number: DS115.9.J6 F53 2005
Title: Flavius Josephus and Flavian Rome / edited by Jonathan Edmondson, Steve Mason, James Rives.

Call Number: DS119.7 .B3826 2006
Title: Scars of war, wounds of peace : the Israeli-Arab tragedy / Shlomo Ben-Ami.

Call Number: DS119.7 .H37625 2005
Title: The Palestine-Israel conflict : a basic introduction / Gregory Harms with Todd M. Ferry.

Call Number: DS119.7 .P28882 2006
Title: The ethnic cleansing of Palestine / Ilan Pappe.

Call Number: DS119.76 .A355 2006
Title: One country : a bold proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian impasse / Ali Abunimah.

Call Number: DS119.76 .M44413 2006
Title: Shalom shavur. English";"Peace in tatters : Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East / Yoram Meital.

Call Number: DS119.76 .R453 2006
Title: The road map to nowhere : Israel/Palestine since 2003 / Tanya Reinhart.

Call Number: DS119.76 .S6713 2006
Title: The Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, 1999-2001 : within reach / Gilead Sher.

Call Number: DS119.76 .S95 2004
Title: The truth about Camp David : the untold story about the collapse of the Middle East peace process / Clayton E. Swisher.

Call Number: DS125 .D47 2003
Title: The case for Israel / Alan Dershowitz.

Call Number: DS127 .S4413 2007
Title: 1967 : Israel, the war, and the year that transformed the Middle East / Tom Segev translated by Jessica Cohen.

Call Number: DS134.64 .A25 2007
Title: The zookeeper's wife / Diane Ackerman.

Call Number: DS135.G33 R54 2005
Title: Jewish scholarship and culture in nineteenth-century Germany : between history and faith / Nils H. Roemer.

Call Number: DS135.P62 L645313 2006
Title: Lodzsher geṭo. English";"Łódź Ghetto : a history / Isaiah Trunk translated and edited by Robert Moses Shapiro introduced by Israel Gutman.

Call Number: DS145 .L325 2006
Title: The changing face of antisemitism : from ancient times to the present day / Walter Laqueur.

Call Number: DS146.G4 B484 2007
Title: The crime of my very existence : Nazism and the myth of Jewish criminality / Michael Berkowitz.

Call Number: DS150.H4 S56 2006
Title: Hadassah and the Zionist project / Erica B. Simmons.

Call Number: DS175 .P26 2006
Title: The Armenians : from kings and priests to merchants and commissars / Razmik Panossian.

Call Number: DS215 .A385 2007
Title: Contesting the Saudi state : Islamic voices from a new generation / Madawi Al-Rasheed.

Call Number: DS244.52 .S28 2005
Title: Saudi Arabia in the balance : political economy, society, foreign affairs / Paul Aarts, Gerd Nonneman, editors.

Call Number: DS272 .C58 2005
Title: Eternal Iran : continuity and chaos / Patrick Clawson and Michael Rubin.

Call Number: DS294 .A99 2006
Title: Sword of Persia : Nader Shah, from tribal warrior to conquering tyrant / Michael Axworthy.

Call Number: DS318.825 .T355 2006
Title: Hidden Iran : paradox and power in the Islamic Republic / Ray Takeyh.

Call Number: DS371.413 .S36 2005
Title: First in : an insider's account of how the CIA spearheaded the war on terror in Afghanistan / Gary C. Schroen.

Call Number: DS427 .I59 2006
Title: India's Islamic traditions, 711-1750 / edited by Richard M. Eaton.

Call Number: DS428.2 .T46 2007
Title: The elephant, the tiger, and the cell phone : reflections on India, the emerging 21st-century power / Shashi Tharoor.

Call Number: DS475 .G55 2006
Title: The ruling caste : imperial lives in the Victorian Raj / David Gilmour.

Call Number: DS480.45 .W55 2006
Title: Shameful flight : the last years of the British Empire in India / Stanley Wolpert.

Call Number: DS480.842 .S26 2006
Title: The shadow of the great game : the untold story of India's partition / Narendra Singh Sarila.

Call Number: DS480.842 .V66 2007
Title: Indian summer : the secret history of the end of an empire / Alex von Tunzelmann.

Call Number: DS480.853 .S55 2005
Title: India divided : diversity and democracy under attack / Vandana Shiva.

Call Number: DS485.B493 S375 2005
Title: The Bengal borderland : beyond state and nation in South Asia / Willem van Schendel.

Call Number: DS485.K27 K3185 2006
Title: Kashmir : new voices, new approaches / edited by Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu, Bushra Asif, Cyrus Samii.

Call Number: DS526.7 .W44 2005
Title: International relations in Southeast Asia : the struggle for autonomy / Donald E. Weatherbee with Ralf Emmers, Mari Pangestu, and Leonard C. Sebastian.

Call Number: DS530 .T43 2006
Title: The river of lost footsteps : histories of Burma / Thant Myint-U.

Call Number: DS553.1 .F48 2007
Title: The first Vietnam War : colonial conflict and cold war crisis / edited by Mark Atwood Lawrence, Fredrik Logevall.

Call Number: DS556.58 .K46 2002
Title: Shadow of the dragon : Vietnam's continuing struggle with China and its implications for U.S. foreign policy / Henry J. Kenny.

Call Number: DS558 .E44 2002
Title: Secrets : a memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon papers / Daniel Ellsberg.

Call Number: DS559.46 .R68 2006
Title: Media and the politics of failure : great powers, communication strategies, and military defeats / Laura Roselle.

Call Number: DS560.72.T66 G54 2004
Title: Imagined ancestries of Vietnamese communism : Ton Duc Thang and the politics of history and memory / Christoph Giebel.

Call Number: DS586 .H36 2006
Title: The king never smiles : a biography of Thailand's Bhumibol Adulyadej / Paul M. Handley.

Call Number: DS586 .P37 2004
Title: Thaksin : the business of politics in Thailand / Pasuk Phongpaichit, Chris Baker.

Call Number: DS588.T45 S2713 2005
Title: Prawattisāt Lānnā. English";"History of Lan Na / Sarassawadee Ongsakul translated by Chitraporn Tanratanakul edited by Dolina W. Millar, Sandy Barron.

Call Number: DS61.6 .M534 2006
Title: Middle East historiographies : narrating the Twentieth Century / edited by Israel Gershoni, Amy Singer, Y. Hakan Erdem.

Call Number: DS61.85 .M35 2004
Title: Freedom and orthodoxy : Islam and difference in the post-Andalusian age / Anouar Majid.

Call Number: DS61.9.U6 K73 2001
Title: Ivory towers on sand : the failure of Middle Eastern studies in America / Martin Kramer.

Call Number: DS62.2 .A63 2006
Title: The ancient Near East : historical sources in translation / edited by Mark W. Chavalas.

Call Number: DS63.1 .J66 2007
Title: Negotiating change : the new politics of the Middle East / Jeremy Jones.

Call Number: DS63.18 .H347 2005
Title: The Middle East in international relations : power, politics and ideology / Fred Halliday.

Call Number: DS63.2.U5 H347 2005
Title: Crisis and crossfire : the United States and the Middle East since 1945 / Peter L. Hahn.

Call Number: DS63.2.U5 O54 2007
Title: Power, faith, and fantasy : America in the Middle East, 1776 to the present / Michael B. Oren.

Call Number: DS63.2.U5 R84 2006
Title: American encounters with Arabs : the soft power of U.S. public diplomacy in the Middle East / William A. Rugh.

Call Number: DS672.8 .A25 2005
Title: State and society in the Philippines / Patricio N. Abinales and Donna J Amoroso.

Call Number: DS706 .B716 2007
Title: Struggling giant : China in the 21st century / Kerry Brown foreword by Jonathan Fenby.

Call Number: DS706 .C51138 2007
Title: China's geography : globalization and the dynamics of political, economic, and social change / Gregory Veeck ... [et al.].

Call Number: DS740.5.V5 B44 2006
Title: Behind the bamboo curtain : China, Vietnam, and the world beyond Asia / edited by Priscilla Roberts.

Call Number: DS747 .L473 2006
Title: Landscape and power in early China : the crisis and fall of the Western Zhou, 1045-771 BC / Li Feng.

Call Number: DS749.5 .O9313 2004
Title: Wu dai shi ji. English";"Historical records of the five dynasties / Ouyang Xiu, translated with an introduction by Richard L. Davis.

Call Number: DS779.26 .C22 2006
Title: China's deep reform : Domestic politics in transition / edited by Lowell Dittmer and Guoli Liu.

Call Number: DS779.26 .C47285 2006
Title: China : the balance sheet : what the world needs to know now about the emerging superpower / C. Fred Bergsten ... [et al.].

Call Number: DS779.27 .G65 2005
Title: Rising to the challenge : China's grand strategy and international security / Avery Goldstein.

Call Number: DS779.46 .L35 2006
Title: Chinese politics in the Hu Jintao era : new leaders, new challenges / Willy Wo-Lap Lam.

Call Number: DS786 .K695 2005
Title: On the margins of Tibet : cultural survival on the Sino-Tibetan frontier / Ashild Kolas and Monika P. Thowsen.

Call Number: DS79.65 .D63 2005
Title: Iraq's future : the aftermath of regime change / Toby Dodge.

Call Number: DS79.76 .A53 2004
Title: The fall of Baghdad / Jon Lee Anderson.

Call Number: DS79.76 .C365 2004
Title: Crusade : chronicles of an unjust war / James Carroll.

Call Number: DS79.76 .G474 2007
Title: Reaching past the wire : a nurse at Abu Ghraib / Deanna Germain, with Connie Lounsbury.

Call Number: DS79.76 .H3758 2006
Title: Insurgency and counter-insurgency in Iraq / Ahmed S. Hashim.

Call Number: DS79.76 .H67 2007
Title: Hope is not a plan : the war in Iraq from inside the Green Zone / edited by Thomas Mowle foreword by Larry Diamond.

Call Number: DS79.76 .K73 2007
Title: Rule number two : lessons I learned in a combat hospital / Heidi Squier Kraft foreword by W.C. Gregson.

Call Number: DS79.76 .L34 2007
Title: Fear up harsh : an Army interrogator's dark journey through Iraq / Tony Lagouranis and Allen Mikaelian.

Call Number: DS79.76 .L66 2005
Title: The looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad : the lost legacy of ancient Mesopotamia / edited by Milbry Polk and Angela M.H. Schuster.

Call Number: DS79.76 .O634 2006
Title: Operation homecoming : Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front, in the words of U.S. troops and their families / edited by Andrew Carroll preface by Dana Gioia.

Call Number: DS79.76 .P33 2005
Title: The assassins' gate : America in Iraq / George Packer.

Call Number: DS79.76 .S322 2007
Title: Blackwater : the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army / Jeremy Scahill.

Call Number: DS79.76 .S698 2008
Title: The three trillion dollar war : the true cost of the Iraq Conflict / Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes.

Call Number: DS79.76 .U55 2006
Title: U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2003 : anthology and annotated bibliography / compiled by Christopher M. Kennedy ... [et al.].

Call Number: DS79.762 .G55 2007
Title: Whiskey tango foxtrot : a photographer's chronicle of the Iraq War / Ashley Gilbertson with an introduction by Dexter Filkins.

Call Number: DS79.9.H27 H55 2007
Title: A poisonous affair : America, Iraq, and the gassing of Halabja / Joost R. Hiltermann.

Call Number: DS797.86.D37 N67 2006
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