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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: B1545.Z7 R37 2007
Title: The impartial spectator : Adam Smith's moral philosophy / D.D. Raphael.

Call Number: B2421 .S365 2006
Title: Twentieth-century French philosophy : key themes and thinkers / Alan D. Schrift.

Call Number: B2430.D454 H35 2006
Title: Out of this world : Deleuze and the philosophy of creation / Peter Hallward.

Call Number: B2430.F723 F3813 2003
Title: Il faut défendre la société. English";"Society must be defended : lectures at the Collège de France, 1975-76 / Michel Foucault edited by Mauro Bertani and Alessandro Fontana general editors, François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana translated by David Macey.

Call Number: B2430.F724 M393 2006
Title: The philosophy of Foucault / Todd May.

Call Number: B2430.F724 P35 2006
Title: Foucault 2.0 : beyond power and knowledge / Eric Paras.

Call Number: B2430.L1464 L33 2006
Title: Lacan's medievalism / Erin Felicia Labbie.

Call Number: B2430.L484 M3413 2006
Title: Emmanuel Lévinas. English";"Emmanuel Levinas : his life and legacy / Salomon Malka foreword by Philippe Nemo translated by Michael Kigel & Sonja M. Embree.

Call Number: B2430.N364 J36 2006
Title: The fragmentary demand : an introduction to the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy / Ian James.

Call Number: B2798 .C75 2006
Title: A companion to Kant / edited by Graham Bird.

Call Number: B2798 .G88 2006
Title: Kant / Paul Guyer.

Call Number: B3209.B584 L36 2005
Title: Reading Walter Benjamin : writing through the catastrophe / Richard J. Lane.

Call Number: B3279.H49 B3713 2006
Title: Dialogue avec Heidegger. English";"Dialogue with Heidegger : Greek philosophy / Jean Beaufret translated by Mark Sinclair.

Call Number: B3279.H49 C64 2005
Title: A companion to Heidegger / edited by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall.

Call Number: B3279.H49 L25313 2007
Title: Heidegger. English";"Heidegger and the politics of poetry / Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe translated and with an introduction by Jeff Fort.

Call Number: B3279.H49 S696 2006
Title: Transformations : thinking after Heidegger / Gail Stenstad.

Call Number: B3279.H94 B73 2004
Title: Edmund Husserl and Eugen Fink : beginnings and ends in phenomenology, 1928-1938 / Ronald Bruzina.

Call Number: B491.P8 K65 2006
Title: The emotions of the Ancient Greeks : studies in Aristotle and classical literature / David Konstan.

Call Number: B528 .B72 2005
Title: The Stoic life : emotions, duties, and fate / Tad Brennan.

Call Number: B765.T54 H45 2007
Title: Aquinas, ethics, and philosophy of religion : metaphysics and practice / Thomas Hibbs.

Call Number: B790 .O94 2005
Title: The Oxford handbook of contemporary philosophy / edited by Frank Jackson and Michael Smith.

Call Number: B818 .W665 2007
Title: Evolution for everyone : how Darwin's theory can change the way we think about our lives / David Sloan Wilson.

Call Number: B828.45 .N64 2004
Title: Action in perception / Alva Noë.

Call Number: B828.5 .B86 2006
Title: God and human dignity : the personalism, theology, and ethics of Martin Luther King, Jr. / Rufus Burrow, Jr. foreword by Lewis V. Baldwin and Walter G. Muelder.

Call Number: B831.2 .M633 2005
Title: Modernity and the problem of evil / edited by Alan D. Schrift.

Call Number: B832 .A55 2004
Title: Animal pragmatism : rethinking human-nonhuman relationships / edited by Erin McKenna and Andrew Light.

Call Number: B945.D384 L475 2007
Title: Donald Davidson's truth-theoretic semantics / Ernest Lepore, Kirk Ludwig.

Call Number: BC141 .A25 2004
Title: Chance : a guide to gambling, love, the stock market & just about everything else / Amir D. Aczel.

Call Number: BD111 .C6263 2005
Title: Riddles of existence : a guided tour of metaphysics / Earl Conee and Theodore Sider.

Call Number: BD221 .B64 2006
Title: Fear of knowledge : against relativism and constructivism / Paul A. Boghossian.

Call Number: BD418.3 .I56 2005
Title: The innate mind : structure and contents / edited by Peter Carruthers, Stephen Laurence, Stephen Stich.

Call Number: BD418.3 .W53 2006
Title: Wandering significance : an essay on conceptual behavior / Mark Wilson.

Call Number: BD435 .P47 2005
Title: The retreat of reason : a dilemma in the philosophy of life / Ingmar Persson.

Call Number: BD450 .F724 2007
Title: The human touch : our part in the creation of a universe / Michael Frayn.

Call Number: BD581 .H85 2006
Title: Infinite nature / R. Bruce Hull.

Call Number: BD581 .R53 2004
Title: Rethinking nature : essays in environmental philosophy / edited by Bruce V. Foltz and Robert Frodeman.

Call Number: BF105 .K34 2006
Title: An argument for mind / Jerome Kagan.

Call Number: BF109.F74 E36 2007
Title: The death of Sigmund Freud : the legacy of his last days / Mark Edmundson.

Call Number: BF109.H6 K57 2002
Title: A forgotten voice : the biography of Leta Stetter Hollingworth / Ann G. Klein.

Call Number: BF1407 .D529 2006
Title: Dictionary of gnosis & Western esotericism / edited by Wouter J. Hanegraaff in collaboration with Antoine Faivre, Roelof van den Broek, Jean-Pierre Brach.

Call Number: BF1611 .L435 2007
Title: The occult mind : magic in theory and practice / Christopher I. Lehrich.

Call Number: BF173 .J28 2006
Title: Jacques Lacan and the Other side of psychoanalysis : reflections on Seminar XVII / Justin Clemens and Russell Grigg, editors.

Call Number: BF2050 .C56 2005
Title: Abducted : how people come to believe they were kidnapped by aliens / Susan A. Clancy.

Call Number: BF2050 .M532 2007
Title: Contact with alien civilizations : our hopes and fears about encountering extraterrestrials / Michael A.G. Michaud.

Call Number: BF233 .W75 2006
Title: The senses in late medieval England / C.M. Woolgar.

Call Number: BF311 .H64 2007
Title: I am a strange loop / Douglas R. Hofstadter.

Call Number: BF311 .T416 2006
Title: Hot thought : mechanisms and applications of emotional cognition / Paul Thagard in collaboration with Fred Kroon ... [et al.].

Call Number: BF337.C63 T38 2007
Title: Mistakes were made (but not by me) : why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts / Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.

Call Number: BF378.A87 D7313 2004
Title: Waarom het leven sneller gaat als je alder wordt. English";"Why life speeds up as you get older : how memory shapes our past / Douwe Draaisma translated by Arnold and Erica Pomerans.

Call Number: BF408 .G563 2007
Title: The plenitude : creativity, innovation, and making stuff / Rich Gold.

Call Number: BF431 .M825 2007
Title: IQ : a smart history of a failed idea / Stephen Murdoch.

Call Number: BF444 .M56 2006
Title: The emotion machine : commensense thinking, artificial intelligence, and the future of the human mind / Marvin Minsky.

Call Number: BF51 .P735 2006
Title: The psychologies in religion : working with the religious client / edited by E. Thomas Dowd, Stevan Lars Nielsen.

Call Number: BF531 .G76 2006
Title: The secret history of emotion : from Aristotle's rhetoric to modern brain science / Daniel M. Gross.

Call Number: BF575.A86 A38 2004
Title: Adult attachment : theory, research, and clinical implications / edited by W. Steven Rholes, Jeffry A. Simpson.

Call Number: BF575.D4 I78 2006
Title: On desire : why we want what we want / William B. Irvine.

Call Number: BF575.G7 S63 2006
Title: Vigilant memory : Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust, and the unjust death / R. Clifton Spargo.

Call Number: BF575.H27 G55 2006
Title: Stumbling on happiness / Daniel Gilbert.

Call Number: BF575.H85 L56 2006
Title: Making enemies : humiliation and international conflict / Evelin Lindner foreword by Morton Deutsch.

Call Number: BF575.L3 M35 2007
Title: The psychology of humor : an integrative approach / Rod A. Martin.

Call Number: BF575.T7 D57 2004
Title: Distrust / Russell Hardin, editor.

Call Number: BF637.C6 F576 2007
Title: Becoming culturally oriented : practical advice for psychologists and educators / Nadya A. Fouad and Patricia Arredondo.

Call Number: BF637.N66 S24 2006
Title: The SAGE handbook of nonverbal communication / editors, Valerie Manusov & Miles L. Patterson.

Call Number: BF697 .I3492 2006
Title: Identity and story : creating self in narrative / edited by Dan P. McAdams, Ruthellen Josselson, and Amia Lieblich.

Call Number: BF697.5.B63 W42 2006
Title: Getting under the skin : the body and media theory / Bernadette Wegenstein.

Call Number: BF697.5.S427 W37 2007
Title: A lifetime of secrets : a PostSecret book / Frank Warren.

Call Number: BF697.5.S65 S45 2006
Title: Self and relationships : connecting intrapersonal and interpersonal processes / edited by Kathleen D. Vohs, Eli J. Finkel.

Call Number: BF698 .H3343 2006
Title: Handbook of personality development / edited by Daniel K. Mroczek and Todd D. Little.

Call Number: BF698 .N393 2007
Title: Personality : what makes you the way you are / Daniel Nettle.

Call Number: BF698.95 .H36 2005
Title: The handbook of evolutionary psychology / edited by David M. Buss.

Call Number: BF720.A85 G39 2007
Title: Gaze-following : its development and significance / edited by Ross Flom, Kang Lee, and Darwin Muir.

Call Number: BF723.M54 C45 2005
Title: Character psychology and character education / edited by Daniel K. Lapsley and F. Clark Power.

Call Number: BF723.S6 C37 2006
Title: How children develop social understanding / Jeremy Carpendale and Charlie Lewis.

Call Number: BF723.S6 L44 2005
Title: Infants' sense of people : precursors to a theory of mind / Maria Legerstee.

Call Number: BF724 .B487 2003
Title: Blackwell handbook of adolescence / edited by Gerald R. Adams and Michael D. Berzonsky.

Call Number: BF724.2 .E67 2007
Title: The case against adolescence : rediscovering the adult in every teen / Robert Epstein.

Call Number: BF789.E94 Z56 2007
Title: The Lucifer effect : understanding how good people turn evil / Philip Zimbardo.

Call Number: BH301.J8 L67 2005
Title: Sight and sensibility : evaluating pictures / Dominic McIver Lopes.

Call Number: BH301.M54 B34 2007
Title: Weimar on the Pacific : German exile culture in Los Angeles and the crisis of modernism / Ehrhard Bahr.

Call Number: BH301.N3 E36 2007
Title: Patterns of the Earth / Bernhard Edmaier with commentaries by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Call Number: BJ1012 .B535 2001
Title: Being good : an introduction to ethics / Simon Blackburn.

Call Number: BJ1012 .H348 2006
Title: Moral minds : how nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong / Marc D. Hauser.

Call Number: BJ1401 .C58 2006
Title: The myth of evil : demonizing the enemy / Phillip Cole.

Call Number: BJ1498 .H66 2005
Title: In praise of slowness : challenging the cult of speed / Carl Honoré.

Call Number: BJ1838 .R44 2007
Title: In praise of flattery / Willis Goth Regier.

Call Number: BJ45.5 .T36 2005
Title: Hardwired behavior : what neuroscience reveals about morality / Laurence R. Tancredi.

Call Number: BL1055 .S63 2006
Title: The self possessed : deity and spirit possession in South Asian literature and civilization / Frederick M. Smith.

Call Number: BL1283.847 .F56 2006
Title: The tantric body : the secret tradition of Hindu religion / Gavin Flood.

Call Number: BL1284.54 .M36 2005
Title: Reconstructing tradition : Advaita Ācārya and Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavism at the cusp of the twentieth century / Rebecca J. Manring.

Call Number: BL1285.83 .H367 2007
Title: The Hare Krishna movement : forty years of chant and change / edited by Graham Dwyer and Richard J. Cole.

Call Number: BL1585 .B44 2006
Title: The religion of the Mithras cult in the Roman Empire : mysteries of the unconquered sun / Roger Beck.

Call Number: BL1941 .F4513 2004
Title: The Daoist monastic manual : a translation of the Fengdao kejie / [edited] Livia Kohn.

Call Number: BL2112 .S56 2006
Title: Riots, pogroms, jihad : religious violence in Indonesia / John T. Sidel.

Call Number: BL2270 .K47 2006
Title: The fire, the star, and the cross : minority religions in medieval and early modern Iran / Aptin Khanbaghi.

Call Number: BL2525 .A435 2007
Title: A republic of mind and spirit : a cultural history of American metaphysical religion / Catherine L. Albanese.

Call Number: BL2525 .E47 2006
Title: People of the dream : multiracial congregations in the United States / Michael O. Emerson with Rodney M. Woo.

Call Number: BL2525 .L484 2007
Title: God needs no passport : immigrants and the changing American religious landscape / Peggy Levitt.

Call Number: BL2532.S3 C77 2006
Title: Worldview, the orichas, and Santería : Africa to Cuba and beyond / Mercedes Cros Sandoval.

Call Number: BL2580 .G65 2004
Title: Cubeo Hehénewa religious thought : metaphysics of a northwestern Amazonian people / Irving Goldman edited by Peter J. Wilson.

Call Number: BL2747.8 .T39 2007
Title: A secular age / Charles Taylor.

Call Number: BL2775.3 .D46 2006
Title: Breaking the spell : religion as a natural phenomenon / Daniel C. Dennett.

Call Number: BL2775.3 .H58 2007
Title: God is not great : how religion poisons everything / Christopher Hitchens.

Call Number: BL410 .K37 2007
Title: Peace be upon you : the story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish coexistence / Zachary Karabell.

Call Number: BL410 .M97 2005
Title: The myth of religious superiority : multifaith explorations of religious pluralism / edited by Paul F. Knitter.

Call Number: BL48 .B53 2006
Title: The Blackwell companion to the study of religion / edited by Robert A. Segal.

Call Number: BL51 .S426 2005
Title: Prolegomena to a philosophy of religion / J.L. Schellenberg.

Call Number: BL53 .F57 2003
Title: Psychology, religion, and spirituality / David Fontana.

Call Number: BL540 .S23 2006
Title: Mapping paradise : a history of heaven on earth / Alessandro Scafi.

Call Number: BL60 .D296 2007
Title: The sociology of religion / Grace Davie.

Call Number: BL60 .H266 2005
Title: Handbook of religion and social institutions / edited by Helen Rose Ebaugh.

Call Number: BL627 .K325 2005
Title: Coming to our senses : healing ourselves and the world through mindfulness / Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Call Number: BL65.C45 B35 2006
Title: Literature suppressed on religious grounds / Margaret Bald.

Call Number: BL65.C75 H65 2005
Title: Holy tears : weeping in the religious imagination / edited by Kimberley Christine Patton and John Stratton Hawley.

Call Number: BL65.G55 R39 2005
Title: Religion in global civil society / edited by Mark Juergensmeyer.

Call Number: BL65.I55 F69 2004
Title: Bringing religion into international relations / Jonathan Fox and Shmuel Sandler.

Call Number: BL65.P7 G69 2007
Title: Black mass : apocalyptic religion and the death of utopia / John Gray.

Call Number: BL65.P7 L55 2007
Title: The stillborn God : religion, politics, and the modern West / Mark Lilla.

Call Number: BL795.P6 N35 2006
Title: Ancient supplication / F.S. Naiden.

Call Number: BL795.W65 L44 2007
Title: Women in Greek myth / Mary R. Lefkowitz.

Call Number: BL803 .R58 2007
Title: Religion in the Roman Empire / James B. Rives.

Call Number: BM487 .V27 2002
Title: The meaning of the Dead Sea scrolls : their significance for understanding the Bible, Judaism, Jesus, and Christianity / James C. VanderKam and Peter Flint.

Call Number: BM657.H3 J48 2004
Title: Five centuries of Hanukkah lamps from the Jewish Museum : a catalogue raisonné / Susan L. Braunstein.

Call Number: BP130.4 .B57 2006
Title: The Blackwell companion to the Qurʼān / edited by Andrew Rippin.

Call Number: BP161.3 .M85 2005
Title: Muslim networks from Hajj to hip hop / edited by Miriam Cooke & Bruce B. Lawrence.

Call Number: BP173.7 .A26513 2004
Title: Réseaux islamiques. English";"Islamist networks : the Afghan-Pakistan connection / by Mariam Abou Zahab and Olivier Roy translated from the French by John King.

Call Number: BP182 .L48 2003
Title: The crisis of Islam : holy war and unholy terror / Bernard Lewis.

Call Number: BP190.5.V56 M55 2006
Title: Islam and violence in the modern era / Beverley Milton-Edwards.

Call Number: BP194.9.G68 T25 2006
Title: The heirs of the prophet : charisma and religious authority in Shi'ite Islam / Liyakat N. Takim.

Call Number: BP605.N48 P56 2006
Title: 2012 : the return of Quetzalcoatl / Daniel Pinchbeck.

Call Number: BP75 .W45 2006
Title: Muhammad / Eliot Weinberger.

Call Number: BQ1172.E5 S43 2006
Title: Buddhist meditation : an anthology of texts from the Pāli canon / [selected and translated by] Sarah Shaw.

Call Number: BQ394 .L48 2005
Title: Rebuilding Buddhism : the Theravada movement in twentieth-century Nepal / Sarah LeVine and David N. Gellner.

Call Number: BQ4630 .S43 2006
Title: Buddhist goddesses of India / Miranda Shaw.

Call Number: BQ5680.S45 B46 2007
Title: Burning for the Buddha : self-immolation in Chinese Buddhism / James A. Benn.

Call Number: BQ7455.D483 L67 2006
Title: The madman's middle way : reflections on reality of the Tibetan monk Gendun Chopel / Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

Call Number: BQ7612 .D38 2005
Title: Tibetan renaissance : Tantric Buddhism in the rebirth of Tibetan culture / Ronald M. Davidson.

Call Number: BQ9449.D657 K563 2007
Title: Dōgen on meditation and thinking : a reflection on his view of Zen / Hee-Jin Kim.

Call Number: BR115.C8 A57 2006
Title: The anthropology of Christianity / edited by Fenella Cannell.

Call Number: BR115.C8 M2398 2005
Title: A mosaic of believers : diversity and innovation in a multiethnic church / Gerardo Marti.

Call Number: BR115.H6 C63 2006
Title: God hates fags : the rhetorics of religious violence / Michael Cobb.

Call Number: BR115.I7 A53 2005
Title: Biblical interpretation and Middle East policy : the promised land, America, and Israel, 1917-2002 / Irvine H. Anderson.

Call Number: BR115.P7 G315 2005
Title: Politics as a Christian vocation : faith and democracy today / Franklin I. Gamwell.

Call Number: BR1317.U22 H68 2005
Title: Japan's modern prophet : Uchimura Kanzō, 1861-1930 / John F. Howes.

Call Number: BR1495.N5 R63 2003
Title: Becoming sinners : Christianity and moral torment in a Papua New Guinea society / by Joel Robbins.

Call Number: BR1641.J83 W43 2004
Title: On the road to Armageddon : how evangelicals became Israel's best friend / Timothy P. Weber.

Call Number: BR165 .C527 2005
Title: Christian origins / Richard A. Horsley, editor.

Call Number: BR195.C5 L27 2005
Title: Late ancient Christianity / Virginia Burrus, editor.

Call Number: BR515 .W58 2007
Title: A city upon a hill : how sermons changed the course of American history / Larry Witham.

Call Number: BR530 .W45 2005
Title: Early New England : a covenanted society / David A. Weir.

Call Number: BR555.N78 C66 2006
Title: A coat of many colors : religion and society along the Cape Fear River of North Carolina / Walter H. Conser, Jr.

Call Number: BR563.H57 B33 2006
Title: Latinos and the new immigrant church / David A. Badillo.

Call Number: BR563.N4 L64 2004
Title: Long march ahead : African American churches and public policy in post-civil rights America / edited by R. Drew Smith.

Call Number: BR67 .C25 2004
Title: The Cambridge history of early Christian literature / edited by Frances Young, Lewis Ayres, Andrew Louth.

Call Number: BS2341.52 .T78 2007
Title: True to our native land : an African American New Testament commentary / Brian K. Blount, general editor Cain Hope Felder, Clarice J. Martin, & Emerson B. Powery, associate editors.

Call Number: BS455 .K73 2006
Title: Choosing a Bible : for worship, teaching, preaching, study, and prayer / Donald Kraus.

Call Number: BS521.7 .K38 2004
Title: Biblical narrative and the death of the rhapsode / Robert S. Kawashima.

Call Number: BS580.J3 K84 2006
Title: The ladder of Jacob : ancient interpretations of the biblical story of Jacob and his children / James L. Kugel.

Call Number: BS651 .S3167 2007
Title: Doubting Darwin? : creationist designs on evolution / Sahotra Sarkar.

Call Number: BS652 .M33 2006
Title: The creationist debate : the encounter between the Bible and the historical mind / Arthur McCalla.

Call Number: BS680.E9 H86 2003
Title: The miracles of Exodus : a scientist's discovery of the extraordinary natural causes of the biblical stories / Colin J. Humphreys.

Call Number: BT1319 .W55 2004
Title: Leaving the fold : apostates and defectors in antiquity / Stephen G. Wilson.

Call Number: BT198 .H86 2005
Title: How on earth did Jesus become a god? : historical questions about earliest devotion to Jesus / Larry W. Hurtado.

Call Number: BT734 .K53 2006
Title: The forging of races : race and scripture in the Protestant Atlantic world, 1600-2000 / Colin Kidd.

Call Number: BT771.3 .C66 2004
Title: John Henry Newman : a view of Catholic faith for the new millennium / John R. Connolly.

Call Number: BT82.7 .H655 2005
Title: Being human : race, culture, and religion / Dwight N. Hopkins.

Call Number: BT83.595 .D44 2006
Title: The trial of the witnesses : the rise and decline of postliberal theology / Paul J. DeHart.

Call Number: BT846.3 .R87 2006
Title: Paradise mislaid : how we lost heaven--and how we can regain it / Jeffrey Burton Russell.

Call Number: BV2210 .D38 2006
Title: An empire divided : religion, republicanism, and the making of French colonialism, 1880-1914 / J.P. Daughton.

Call Number: BV3777.N56 E46 2004
Title: Embodying the Spirit : new perspectives on North American revivalism / edited by Michael J. McClymond.

Call Number: BV4468.2.M48 T74 2006
Title: The church in the barrio : Mexican American ethno-Catholicism in Houston / Roberto R. Treviño.

Call Number: BV4627.P7 D97 2006
Title: Pride : the seven deadly sins / Michael Eric Dyson.

Call Number: BX1406.3 .W66 2004
Title: The church confronts modernity : Catholic intellectuals and the progressive era / Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Call Number: BX1422.Q8 G38 2005
Title: The Catholic origins of Quebec's Quiet Revolution, 1931-1970 / Michael Gauvreau.

Call Number: BX1543 .B55 2004
Title: Church, religion, and society in early modern Italy / Christopher F. Black.

Call Number: BX1912.9 .C49 2006
Title: Church ethics and its organizational context : learning from the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church / edited by Jean M. Bartunek, Mary Ann Hinsdale, and James F. Keenan.

Call Number: BX1912.9 .F74 2007
Title: Perversion of power : sexual abuse in the Catholic Church / Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea.

Call Number: BX2435 .F43 2007
Title: A time to keep silence / Patrick Leigh Fermor introduction by Karen Armstrong drawings by John Craxton.

Call Number: BX300 .B99 2006
Title: Byzantine Christianity / Derek Krueger, editor.

Call Number: BX4700.F6 S6555 2002
Title: Reluctant saint : the life of Francis of Assisi / Donald Spoto.

Call Number: BX4705.G419 G653 2007
Title: The art of political murder : who killed the Bishop? / Francisco Goldman.

Call Number: BX4901.3 .R49 2002
Title: The Lollards / Richard Rex.

Call Number: BX6153.2 .B85 2007
Title: Seeking a sanctuary : seventh-day Adventism and the American dream / Malcolm Bull and Keith Lockhart.

Call Number: BX6995 .G68 2006
Title: Rolling away the stone : Mary Baker Eddy's challenge to materialism / Stephen Gottschalk.

Call Number: BX810.H57 M43 2005
Title: Las Hermanas : Chicana/Latina religious-political activism in the U.S. Catholic Church / Lara Medina.

Call Number: BX8129.A5 M27 2007
Title: Plain secrets : an outsider among the Amish / Joe Mackall.

Call Number: BX8231 .C73 2005
Title: An introduction to world Methodism / Kenneth Cracknell and Susan J. White.

Call Number: BX830 1962 .A55 2006
Title: Breve storia del Concilio Vaticano II. English";"A brief history of Vatican II / Giuseppe Alberigo translated by Matthew Sherry.

Call Number: BX8611 .M665 2006
Title: The Mormon history association's Tanner lectures : the first twenty years / edited by Dean L. May and Reid L. Neilson with Richard Lyman Bushman, Jan Shipps, and Thomas G. Alexander.

Call Number: BX8643.A35 B57 2004
Title: Black and Mormon / edited by Newell G. Bringhurst and Darron T. Smith.

Call Number: BX8695.S6 B875 2005
Title: Joseph Smith : rough stone rolling / Richard Lyman Bushman, with the assistance of Jed Woodworth.

Call Number: BX9339.G54 M34 2004
Title: George Gifford and the Reformation of the common sort : Puritan priorities in Elizabethan religious life / Timothy Scott McGinnis.

Call Number: BX946 .N66 2005
Title: A church that can and cannot change : the development of Catholic moral teaching / John T. Noonan, Jr.