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UNIVERSITY Library Code of Conduct

Help us keep the CSUDH library a pleasant place conducive to study. The following policies apply to library users in all public service areas:

    Cell Phones
  • Please do not use cell phones in the library, as they may distract other patrons. Cell phones can be used in the 2nd floor courtyard and outside the 2nd floor entrances.
  • Food and Drink
  • Please help us maintain a clean and healthy environment for yourself and others. Eating is not permitted in the library. Items may be brought into the library, but they must be in properly sealed containers (e.g. ziploc bags, lunch boxes) and must remain unopened in the building. Food and drink are prohibited at computer workstations. For more detail, see our extended food policy.
  • Noise
  • The library provides a number of study areas, ranging from conversation and collegial to quiet and solitary. Designated "silent areas" are available on the fourth floors of both library buildings. Although group work is allowed in other areas of the library, please keep noise at a quiet, conversational level. Students working in groups may also wish to check out a group study room through the laptop loan office. Excessive noise or any disturbance interfering with another person's use of the library is prohibited throughout the building.
  • Smoking
  • As part of the campus-wide no smoking policy, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the library, including its outside patio and courtyard.
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Please take care not to leave any valuables unattended while you use the library. The university library is not responsible for items left unattended. Any theft, abuse or misuse of State University property may result in disciplinary action enforceable under California Administrative Code, Title 5 and in criminal prosecution under Education Code 19910 and/or Penal Code 490.5.

We appreciate your cooperation in these matters. We hope you enjoy your visit to the library, but remember that it is a place where people come to study and do research. We ask that you please behave accordingly.