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How to Find a Specific Article on the CSUDH web site

Before you get started, make sure you have a full citation for your article. Without it, you will not be able to complete all the steps for this tutorial! If you do not know what a citation is, see our tutorial on citations.

If you do not have a full citation, try our Google Scholar tutorial, instead.

If you are not looking for a specific article, but just articles on a specific topic, please read our tutorial on how to find an article on a specific topic.

Figuring out if CSUDH Library has the Journal you Need | Accessing the Journal's Articles | Database Screenshots

Figuring out if CSUDH Library has the Journal you Need 

The first step in the process is to figure out if we have holdings for the journal in which your article was published. You can do this by clicking on the link on the library's home page titled "Journals by Title," or by clicking the identical link under the "Articles & eResources" tab, as shown below.

To access the 'Journals by Title' page, first select the link on the library's home page marked 'Articles & eResources.  Then, click the link titled 'Journals by Title'.  Alternately, you may bypass the tabbed searchbox and select the 'Journals by Title' link directly later on the page.

You will be directed to a screen with a search box and several different search options. By clicking the options under the "within" section, you can change whether you are searching by journal title, publisher name, ISSN (International Serial Serial Number) or subject. Note that you can not search by article title or article author from this stage.

This screen is only to help you figure out where a specific journal is located. It cannot search for specific journal articles. You will be able to search for articles later.

After you have selected which search method you want to use, type the relevant information in the search box and click "search". (e.g. if you have selected 'journal title' below, type in 'journal of advanced nursing'; if you have selected 'publisher name', type in 'oxford university press').

Accessing the Journal's Articles 

Once you have searched, you will see a screen that shows where the CSUDH library has access to the journal you have searched for, and how much of it we have access to.

Example showing the results screen for the journal title search

This results screen shows several details:

  • The name of the journal in large red type
  • The names of databases where the journal can be found in blue underlined type
  • The years of the journal available in each database
  • General publication information for the journal

First, check through the list to see if your journal is included. Sometimes there are several journals with similar names, so if you are not sure which you need, try to locate the ISSN for that journal. Once you have found your journal in the list, look at the databases it is available in. Note that not every database has the same years, so make sure that the issue you need is available from the database you select. When you have found a database that has the year you need access to, simply click the blue underlined text that shows the name of the database (e.g. Academic Search Premier).

After you click the database name, you will be redirect to one of the following two pages:

  • A screen asking you to log in using your MyCSUDH username and password
  • The journal's home page in the database you selected

The log-in screen looks something like this:

Current CSUDH Students, Staff & Faculty, please login to renew your books and view your library account:
         Your UserName (MyCSUDH Account): 
                 Your Password (MyCSUDH pw): 

For more information on how to log in, see our tutorial on Log-in Procedure.

Once you have logged in to most databases, you will see the home page for the journal in that particular database. Unfortunately, each database provider (EBSCO, JSTOR, Project Muse, etc.) formats their journal home pages slightly differently. Some do not have journal home pages, but will simply enter the journal name in the default search screen. However, in most cases, you should see the following information regardless of which database you have selected:

  • A list of issues by year
  • Publication about the journal (ISSN, Publisher, etc.)
  • Years of the journal that we have access to through this database
  • An area that allows you to search just this specific journal for articles

Here are the journal home pages of a few databases, with the important areas highlighted. Click each image to see it full size. 

EBSCO databases

screenshot showing EBSCO journal home page


screenshot showing JSTOR journal home page

Project MUSE

screenshot showing Project MUSE journal home page

ProQuest databases

screenshot showing ProQuest journal home page

Wiley databases

screenshot showing Wiley journal home page

The following database providers do not have journal home pages. If you select this database, simply type in the name of the article you are looking for and hit "search".

  • LexisNexis
  • WilsonWeb
  • Factiva
  • Science Direct

Locating and accessing your article

Please follow the directions in the "Is the Full Text Available?" section of the "Find Articles on a Specific Topic" tutorial.