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ScienceDirect® is the premier electronic information service for the interdisciplinary research needs of academic, corporate and educational institutions, offering comprehensive coverage of literature across all fields of science. Designed to serve needs of the researcher, ScienceDirect is the unsurpassed single source for scientific, technical and medical information on the Internet. Researchers can access a critical mass of the world's STM journal titles and full-text articles (today over 1.5 million articles), search the leading STM abstract and indexing databases (providing coverage of over 30 million records) and link out to articles from an array of STM publishers - all through a variety of platforms.

More Choice in Content
ScienceDirect offers access to the Elsevier Science journal collection (over 1,200 titles), along with journals from a host of prestigious societies and STM publishers. The full text collection of over 1.5 million articles from 1995 to present covers a wide variety of subject areas and disciplines, including:

Biological Sciences
Business & Management Science
Clinical Medicine
Earth Sciences
Engineering & Technology
Environmental Science
Materials Science
Mathematics & Computer science
Microbiology & Immunology
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Social Sciences