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Thomas Norman, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor, Management

Department: Management
Office: SBS A-309
Phone Extension: x2146
Email Username: tnorman



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HRM 313: Human Resource Management (Spring 2011)

HRM 313: Human Resource Management (Fall 2010)

HRM 425: Seminar in Strategic HRM (Fall 2011)

HRM 313: Human Resource Management

Spring 2011.

41 Students were enrolled in this course.

Additional notes: A note from Dr. Thomas Norman:

"This initative pushed me to experiment with eBooks sooner than I would have otherwise. I have learned that most students prefer this option if it saves them money which in the case of my classes it typically does.  Switching books also led to me exploring how valuable the online assessment tools are for our students.  I now firmly believe that our population needs to work with the material in my classes for 1-2 hours per week outside of class.  Doing so is increasing the overall final exam scores and the increase in pre-test to final scores.  Publishers are happy because it requires all students to purchase the text so they earn more money per class while charging $100-150 less per book.  This seems like a win-win-win to me- student, university, publisher."

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Managing Human Resources. available to

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Managing Human Resources.
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Savings per student for this course: $167.75

Full Citations for Course Resources

Bohlander, George W., Scott Snell, and Arthur W. Sherman. Managing Human Resources. Cincinnati, OH: South-Western College Pub., 2010. ISBN: 9870538786706.