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Corina Benavides Lopez, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor, Chicana/Chicano Studies

Department: Chicana/Chicano Studies
Office: LCH B-304
Phone Number: 3070
Email Address:


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CHS 100: The Americas: Cultural & Historical Synthesis (Spring 2014)

CHS 100: The Americas: Cultural & Historical Synthesis (Fall 2013)

CHS 212: Introduction to Comparative Ethnic and Global Studies (Spring 2014)

CHS 460: Las Chicanas (Spring 2014)

CHS 490: Theories and Methods (Fall 2013)

CHS 590: Graduate Seminar: Theory & Methods (Fall 2013)

CHS 460: Las Chicanas

Spring 2014.

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Textbooks/Resources Used

Gloria Anzald˙a Reader available to students free of charge.


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Gloria Anzald˙a Reader
Savings per student for this resource: $24.95
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Savings per student for this course: $24.95

Full Citations for Course Resources

Anzaldúa, Gloria, and AnaLouise Keating. The Gloria Anzaldúa Reader. Durham: Duke University Press, 2009. ISBN: 9780822391272.