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Charles Thomas, MBA, JD

Title: Assistant Professor, Business Law

Department: Business Law
Office: SBS C-334
Phone Extension: x2104
Email Username: cthomas


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LAW 240: Legal Environment of Business (Fall 2013)

LAW 240: Legal Environment of Business (Fall 2011)

LAW 340: Law of Business Organizations (Fall 2013)

LAW 342: Employment Law (Fall 2013)

LAW 240: Legal Environment of Business

Fall 2013.

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Additional notes: Legal Environment for Business - customized text
Full book, list price: $140.49 (per
Price through publisher's website: $32.15
Price through bookstore rental: $36.84
Price through bookstore, used: $55.50
Price through bookstore, new: $73.75
Price through Reserves Desk (2 copies available): $0.00

Textbooks/Resources Used

LAW 240 Custom Text available to studentsviaPublishers Website (Students can purchase book at the publisher's website ( by searching for the ISBN number: 9781121675469 ).

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LAW 240 Custom Text
Savings per student for this resource: $108.34
List Price: $140.49
Price through Publishers Website: $32.15

Savings per student for this course: $108.34

Full Citations for Course Resources

California State University-Dominguez Hills, LAW 340 (Business Administration) Custom Text, 2013, ISBN: 9781121675513.