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George Jennings, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Mathematics

Department: Mathematics
Office: NSM A-122
Phone Extension: x3592
Email Username: gjennings


Affordable Learning Initiatives

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MAT 153: Precalculus (Spring 2012)

MAT 171: Survey of Calculus for Mathematics (Fall 2013)

MAT 191: Calculus I (Spring 2012)

MAT 331: Linear Algebra (Spring 2011)

MAT 401: Advanced Analysis (Fall 2012)

MAT 401-403: Advanced Analysis (Spring 2011)

MAT 403: Advanced Analysis II (Spring 2013)

MAT 401-403: Advanced Analysis

Spring 2011.

Student enrollment data not available for this course.

Textbooks/Resources Used

Real Analysis. available to (Dr. Jennings notes: "Click the version labeled "[TBB Elementary Real Analysis". The first edition was a regular commercial textbook. The second edition is electronic and also available in paperback form. It's a complete two-semester text with exercises etc.").

Student Savings

Real Analysis.
Savings per student for this resource: $30.25
List Price: $31.25
Price through $1.00

Savings per student for this course: $30.25

Full Citations for Course Resources

Thomson, Brian S., Judith B. Bruckner, and Andrew M. Bruckner. Real Analysis. [S.l.]:, 2008. ISBN: 1434844129.