Affordable Learning Solutions at CSUDH

Resources for Faculty

We're glad you're interested in the ALS project. Here are some resources to help you get started selecting and creating low-cost or free alternatives to "traditional" textbooks.

Resources Available Through the CSUDH Library

  • ALS Resource Finder - See what other faculty members have used in the past for courses like yours. This search tool lets you find affordable course resources by subject area and price.
  • Library Databases - Find specific articles available for free to students and faculty. (See also our list of Ebook databases, below.)
  • ebrary Title Preview - Use this tool to find titles available for purchase in our ebrary database. The library may be able to purchase titles for your course.
  • Library E-journals - Search and browse journal titles available for free in the library.
  • Library e-reserves - This system will allow you to place articles and book chapters online for a semester for a specific course.

Ebook Databases Available Through the CSUDH Library

  • ebrary - The library provides access to ebrary, where you can find free ebooks to use as course textbooks or supplemental readings.
  • EBSCO Ebooks - Ebooks from EBSCOHOST, including all titles which used to be in the "NetLibrary" collection.
  • Safari Tech Books Online - Tech books from O'Reilly, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and other tech giants.
  • UC Press E-Books Collection (Formerly "eScholarship Editions") - Freely-available scholarly books by the UC Press. Titles date from 1982 to 2004.

Resource Lists by the Chancellor's Office

  • MERLOT - A leading edge, user-centered, collection of peer reviewed higher education, online learning materials, catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services.
  • Free Course Content - Freely available online course materials.
  • Free Textbooks - Freely available online textbooks.
  • Lower-cost Textbooks - How to find textbooks for cheaper.
  • Authoring Content - Guides and links on how to author your own content.

Resources Available Through the CSUDH Bookstore

Third-Party Resources

  • Flatworld - Free, Open-source college textbooks
  • CourseSmart - Low-cost e-textbooks
  • - Low-cost and rental textbooks, as well as e-textbooks
  • BigWords - A textbook meta-search. Finds cheap textbooks from a variety of other websites